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  1. Born in Canada, just North of Hell, Bucket lived a comfortable life in the polite land. However, during her 15th birthday, Muricans invaded. The Muricans came from the South, otherwise known as hell, and attacked and took over. Now, her and her broom, possessed by her best friend, fight back against the Muricans in an attempt to restore the polite land. She also has the power of wing adjustments

  2. … I could make a joke cus of what she says but I’m not going to lol

  3. I was too, but then i realized that would probably be innapropriate

  4. I cant decide between 1 and 4rrrrrrrr Im going with 4 i think

  5. Mmmmm my favorite song changes alot because of ahem possible neurodivergence, so heres a list of ones i like rn and why-

  6. Yknow i have a character with the most complex and fked up backstory ever but its hard to make an oc of him soooo

  7. Sorry i didnt reply until now (i just wokr up) ill check it out, thanks!

  8. I think it’s perfectly fine and there’s no need to overthink it. At the end of the day you are a queer person, so there’s nothing wrong about you experiencing your sexuality in a queer way, whoever you are with. I say just go with it and enjoy it

  9. Okay okay, i just made this up, but i think it would be really good for you — - Avet. Ay-vit.

  10. It's just associated with transfems more cus "tehee, girl like soft baby" But Blahaj is friend for all. Blahaj is friend shaped.

  11. “Friend shaped” lmao, thanks. You just made my day

  12. Blahaj is for everyone. Blahaj being a Transfem thing is a misconception.

  13. Great joy to you on this day of aging, woman girl sis, girl.

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