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  1. Based on his recent track record of what I say vs. what I do... he wants to rebuild the Soviet Union.

  2. There's a great quote at the end of the mini-series Chernobyl:

  3. Was that a Red Bull that guy was drinking?

  4. Putin and his regime of corrupt Nazi fucks are the real betrayal to the Russian people

  5. Have some facts or blabla? Nazis have killed 27 mil of soviets.

  6. Putin and holodomir? R U ok? U just forgot to say Putin also killed Kennedy.

  7. Do you not know how words work, Orc? When the fuck in my sentence did I say Putin?? It plainly says "since the beginning of the 20th century"

  8. Bro, the error bars are bigger than the actual result. I'm no expert in medicine but I understand statistics and error bars.

  9. all thought all these Gopnik were all about the Z

  10. So now that Germany doesnt have to play this.. "i need gas game"... can they send in the tanks now?

  11. well.. one person cares about this war. Putin. The little ex-KGB shit had been waiting for the day to rebuild "the glorious soviet empire!" He doesn't care how many he sends to their deaths. Life is cheap to Russians.

  12. It's nice to know we live rent free in their brains...

  13. Funny how these people were all "Z" when it didn't personally affect them.

  14. What’s the mixer below your hi hat? Is that for your ears?

  15. Yes - it's my android tablet. We use a Mackie wireless mixer. I downloaded the Mackie app to the tablet, and I can control my own mix from there.

  16. MSOE is a very good engineering school in the Midwest that practically no one has heard of

  17. not sure if it's at a bar or if there's alcohol there. But, I learned early on save the booze for after the show

  18. Russia has been murdering and bombing innocent civilians since the start of this war. And now they cry because two people died in a missile strike inside occupied Ukrainian territory?

  19. Last time I checked Hunter Biden wasn't an elected official or has held any position of public trust. Not sure why Trumptards have such a lil chubby boner for this guy.

  20. This is what happens when you let congress decide how rockets are built.

  21. Part of NASA’s existence is as high tech jobs program- spreading the wealth and benefits across the country.

  22. While I don't disagree, I DO disagree when Congress is the ones calling the shots on who gets contracts and what parts are being used. Those decisions should be left to the engineers and scientists in program development.

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