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  1. Yeah, people are really weird about being afraid if they send their 7 year old to school they won’t come home. Seriously? I can’t have any kind of productive conversation with someone who truly and honestly believes that the solution to mass shootings, ISNT to have less guns. I swear, I hate this country and it’s absolute boneheaded, murderous refusal to say, “oh yeah, look, these other countries took care of the problem. Maybe they’re right.” And every single one of those countries did it by getting rid of and severely limiting guns.

  2. I literally said in my post we need less guns. Again no one listens it’s astounding people love to create enemies/conflict.

  3. You have your head so far up your own ass in thinking you’re right that you have not listened to a single person who has commented so whatever. Every single comment all you’ve had to say is that no one is listening to YOU.

  4. Yes because I said in my post we need better gun laws and you say “with someone who truly and honestly believes the solution to mass shootings, ISNT to have less guns” When I literally said in the first few sentences we need better gun laws to solve the problem. I was getting at a deeper point in my post honestly about the root of violence but everyone jumped to conclusions due to the title. I also don’t think i’m right or wrong at all my mind is always open to being changed.

  5. Restart your game if it’s longer than a minute or two

  6. Break up with her my man, I know it’ll hurt and you’ll continue to be sad but it’s worth it in the end. If she broke your trust once, you forgive her, what’s going to stop her from doing it again? Leave that insecure girl alone and find inner happiness/self love first before even dating again. Much love bri

  7. I don’t think anyone who can critically think genuinely thinks this is a good idea tbh.

  8. And btw the buddhist approach to dealing with suffering is meditation, mindfulness, community and the eight fold path.

  9. You didn’t mess up a friendship he was being disrespectful and breaking your boundaries so good job. I know it hurts but it is what it is.

  10. That's a great point; I hadn't thought of it like that. And I think I, like many people, generally think of depression and anxiety when I think of mental health, but there really is so much more, which is less evident to the person experiencing it. Even with depression and anxiety, sometimes things just "feel off," and people should start seeking help then, instead of waiting for that "aha" moment or a crisis.

  11. I appreciate you for being able to critically think and change your mind. It’s nice to see no offense btw

  12. Check out Hovvdy True Love it’s one of my fav albums

  13. Exactly bro people no longer have empathy and they just wanna avoid those tough emotions. We all have weaknesses and strengths so we should help people become stronger not bring them down so we feel better.

  14. A legislative bill isn’t going to solve the problem though in my opinion. The root of the issue is the mental health epidemic not guns being available lol

  15. We need both. Comprehensive gun reform AND comprehensive health reform.

  16. I agree but in my opinion the root of the issue stems from mental health. You can try to control people by limiting gun access but that intention to harm will come out in another way. The harsh truth is that U.S society/capitalism isn’t a suitable for environment for people to be mentally healthy.

  17. Check out buddhism it’s very scientific in its approach to life and a tool to help you feel internal peace.

  18. Meditation/buddhism has really been the key for me. I’m young so my brain still has neuroplasticity but it’s allowed me to see myself as more then just what I think I am. It’s changed the way I see the world and other people also. Whether or not you believe in the spiritual aspects it’s definitely a tool for inner peace. If you need resources just ask

  19. Exercise, eating right, being in nature, and Buddhism.

  20. Yeah I mean I’ve been through the same thing and I think the longing for death comes because you want to understand it too. I don’t even believe in death anymore though because I understand we were never really born. The ideas that you come into being and then into non being is just a notion we believe in. What I mean is that your life is just a continuation of the people before you. People live and die but their actions, behaviors, all of it lives on, the same thing is seen in nature. We don’t really die or live, we kind of just are. This perspective is hard to accept for most though because it forces you to take responsibility in every situation.

  21. Nah the effects are definitely noticeable right away for lots of people. I think it depends, people with anxiety disorders or depression probably feel it right away. I stopped taking ash tho just because it made me feel weird.

  22. Thank you. I’m sorry I was disrespectful in my response. I recognize and appreciate you’re trying to help, so thank you for that. My frustration comes from being told by countless people over many years that I need to try natural treatments, I know everyone is just trying to help, but I guess I’m just tired. I want something that helps for real, and the lack of peace in my mind for so many years is wearing me down. Again though, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them.

  23. I completely understand and no offense was taken by your words. I get that they’re out of suffering/pain they don’t really have to do with me. All you can do now is learn from it and accept that you have a weak point that needs to be strengthened. There is a way to cope with this suffering and I’ll just share what has helped me best. I don’t have all the answers and again this is just what has helped me. Watch this video and give it a shot, worse case scenario you end up back at the starting line.

  24. You don’t know shit about me. I’m not asking what other ideas people have to help. I’m asking about TMS and anxiety and that’s it. You have no idea what I’ve been through and what I’ve tried. Do you really think I just jumped straight to some of the most extreme treatments? Like this is all just fun for me? I’ve tried everything you mentioned and way more in so many different ways for well over a decade. Nature and meditation aren’t going to fix this. Fuck off and stop acting like you know anything about me.

  25. I see that you’re suffering my friend and dealing with strong emotions. You’re not alone, I deal with these feelings too and this is only what has helped me. You’re right, I know nothing about you but my intention was/is only to help. I hope you find a way to have peace in your life and find a way to cope with this pain. Much love for you

  26. Learn to worry about what you can control. What you need to do when an anxious or concerned thought pops up like this is ask. “Is this something I can control or not control?” If it’s something you can control, take the best course of action. If you can’t control it, let it go. I also want you to know that you’re really young and you’ll make mistakes. You have weaknesses but also strengths. Choose to strengthen your weaknesses.

  27. Congratulations on the pregnancy although this seems like something you feel shame over. I want you to know that it’s ok and this is nothing to feel bad about. No offense by this but you don’t have to live your life by a book written by some old white men thousands of years ago who changed it to control fearful people. I do not mean to criticize or belittle you because I understand you’re suffering and that christianity is your way of coping with life. I just think that you should really question what you’re believing in. Truthfully and with an open mind. The bible talks about how the Christian faith should be centered around love but yet they judge if someone has a baby without being legally bound first or if someone happens to be gay. Love your neighbor as yourself, unless they’re homosexual or have a baby before marriage. They also use your fear mechanisms to control your action/thinking. If you don’t do what this book says you will suffer eternally which is every living beings worst fear. Would a loving god do that? Really?

  28. When I was around 8 or 9 I went on a road trip to Florida with my family. Now I decided to eat like 5 of those uncrustable sandwiches. Awhile later I had to shit really bad and couldn’t hold it. My mom tried to find a gas station but it was too late. The smell, I’ll never forget that gross peanut butter smell and it was all up the back of the seat. It was a rental too and it smelt the entire time it was so bad. I think it was traumatic and my mind decided to forget most of it tbh

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