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  1. BMW: "why yes you can just subscribe to heated seats during the winter months!"

  2. To be a little bit fair, my understanding in the case of the heated seats thing for BMW is that you could outright buy it or get it via the subscription. Maybe it's just a way of inching towards subscription only, or maybe a creative way to keep the status quo while opening up new revenue opportunities. But at least you have the option to fully purchase if you want.

  3. Wow. Mother’s Day is for YOUR MOTHER, not your wife.

  4. I mean, (as a guy) I consider it my responsibility to do mother's day stuff for my wife because it's not like our kid has money or the ability to go out and get stuff to prepare for it.

  5. These vending machines are so crap. Had one in the mall out in town and it never worked right.

  6. I just dont get why they were made or actually made it to market. It seems like an overly complicated design that is more expensive to produce, more prone to failures, and more expensive to maintain, with the added benefit of... nothing? (Other than giving us videos like this).

  7. Seeing a car that intends (if using proper lane rules) to cross over your lane starting to move would be a sign they might cross in front of you, and slowing down would be defensive if you aren't sure one way or the other what they will do.

  8. Yo for real that’s my first question. Don’t they make you throw out all liquids after a certain amount?

  9. That's at security check. The shops after security sell food and drinks, which are allowed on the planes. Can't recall if I've seen much bigger than a standard 20 oz bottle, but you can definitely at least get that.

  10. That’s good and all but nobodies talking and mental illness incase you missed the context they said “you can’t properly parent when your kid is as big as you”. You’ve completely missed the point and made up your own.

  11. I like that you stated the context then ignored it lol. Even if the kid was mental don’t you think she would say “hey my kid is a mental case”. Don’t know why it’s so hard for you to grasp what context is. Just like your name says not as relevant.

  12. The context is that we heard like 15 seconds of a call in which she says her daughter is out of control and she can't control her because she is the same size.

  13. Hope no one innocent was hurt or killed. As for the racers, I honestly couldn't care less.

  14. According to comments of the guy driving the camera car (not the owner, a friend), he was the only one significantly injured. The STI driver had minor scratches and such, and no one else was injured.

  15. Seems it was a friend driving the camera car, not the owner, but the owner is the one who posted the video.

  16. Eh. Not sure how I feel. I liked some of the call backs with the hospital and the glass breaking.

  17. The new type of walkers thing felt a bit forced for me too. Even knowing it might get used more in the spin-offs, it felt like it was thrown in not for this show but for the spin-offs.

  18. He had basically one hit song that did quite well almost 6 years ago.

  19. Only thing that can be said is maybe being a little more cautious when approaching crossings at night, like just as a general safety thing?

  20. I have never had any sort of judgment from my doctor, who prescribes the medication, nor either of the pharmacies I have had fill the prescription.

  21. I'm not on any regular medication so it's not like I have first hand experience, but that story just sounds weird to me.

  22. Would’ve been nice for Honda to not have cancelled the Fit. My next car will be either a Corolla or Civic but even those are like $22,000 MSRP without ADM.

  23. They still make it for other markets, so seems the demand was just too low in North America to justify sales there.

  24. The official statement used the phrasing "how the driver lost control", so it seems like they are leaning towards it being an accident (as in unintentional), but maybe it was something like negligence.

  25. The mark of good ramen is how well the egg is done. Should be firm on the outside with a jelly center. That looks like good ramen.

  26. How is his comment not applicable to the image? There is literally a giant bowl of ramen in it? It’s actually refreshing to see a different comment rather than everyone arguing about racism.

  27. I was just commenting on how he goes from saying the egg is the mark of good ramen to saying this ramen looks good, even though it doesn't have an egg.

  28. Seems like middle of the year (at least for Western cultures) would maybe be the best time, but before the holidays is maybe in some ways better than after.

  29. Still odd for them to begin laying off before the holidays. They must be expecting a lot less in sales this year from Black Friday and Christmas.

  30. Sounds like it's corporate roles, HR and some of their device teams (like maybe people doing development of new features/products?).

  31. They are called ‘Artist’s Assistants’ and you should look up how someone like Dale Chihuly works… “No longer able to hold the glassblowing pipe, he hired others to do the work.”

  32. Not that I care all that much, but the same concept is common and accepted in other fields of arts.

  33. It's written $280.00 - Yen doesn't have anything like cents, so you never have decimals (in normal shopping at least) because 1 yen is the smallest unit of currency.

  34. They even have a Hot Wheels collection of cars from his garage.

  35. I know it's a problem on florida. Snake Discovery covered the topic too. But i don't see proof that it IS florida

  36. Googled the name in the user ID on the video. It's the lady who is cutting open the snake, who is a scientist (and also a bikini model) who is doing research on the pythons which are captured/euthanized in Florida.

  37. She appears to be what you say and where, though i don't see how you figured she did the cutting, but it is indeed likely that this is in florida given the facts presented

  38. One or 2 of the articles suggested she was the one doing the cutting, but maybe she was the one in charge for research purposes (or maybe the articles just generally overstated the whole thing) and someone else actually did the cutting.

  39. These companies are all crooks. Just because profits peaked and they didnt hit ridiculous year over year projected increases, it means the business is failing and need to freeze hiring and layoff? The parks have never been busier. Demand is through the roof and people cant get in without a reservation. Let's cut cast members. Makes sense.

  40. Did you read the article? Some units are operating at a loss, like over $1 billion. Their parks unit significantly missed targets (though it was profitable).

  41. The reservation system at Disney doesn't reflect how busy it actually is there. Over booked restaurant reservations everyday this season. They purposefully open reservations up to overbook during this time to suck every bit of money they can.

  42. Based on the flow of his post, he says "parks have never been busier" followed by "people can't get in without a reservation."

  43. What's worse is Rent is more than a mortgage.

  44. As someone living overseas with limited access to loans, it's crazy when I estimated mortgages versus rent. I could live in a very nice and quite expensive place for half of what I pay in rent.

  45. time... it's not a money tax but a life tax. If you don't have the money for a car but you spend your time waiting for the bus or other transport and (at least where I live) public transport takes a lot longer than a car. We live a 10-15 minutes drive from my husbands work. But if he were to take public transport it would take 2 hrs each way because there isn't a decent bus line near us. Those without money spend a lot more time waiting and/ or spending their time taking care of others.

  46. I live in a place with really good public transportation and it's still only sightly better. I mean, cars are way more convenient thanks to the fact that public transportation is good, but still. Generally, an hour long trip via train ends up being 15 minutes or so faster by car, sometimes more. Total it's maybe 30-40 minutes faster round trip. Even if there's the cost of parking, the cost is often easily offset because round trip on trains for 2 people is the cost of like 2-4 hours of parking, more if parking can be validated by a shop or something.

  47. It’s a great question and one i wrestle with and talk to other teachers and administrators about. I think a big part of classroom management is ‘choosing your battles.’ And part of the problem with the zero tolerance approach, is it becomes this ongoing battle of going around and making sure the students don’t have their phones out after I’ve made that clear expectation. Its almost like a game and students push it to see what they can get away with. Maybe i don’t even want to ask Johnny to put his phone away, because i know he won’t, and I’ll have to kick him out of class, it becomes a bigger ordeal and losses the focus of the entire group or period. I’d rather establish this environment where students just know when they can use them, and when they should be put away, and maybe i have to make my rounds and just give some reminders, versus starting a ‘fight.’

  48. As one of those nervous kids, it was the thought of them paying attention to me that made me nervous. Haha.

  49. Worrying about things out of my control. Hate being an over-thinker.

  50. I was going to say thinking in general. There's those worries you mentioned, but also thinking about all the stuff you need to do, planning things out in your mind for things coming up, the things after that, thinking about finances, etc.

  51. Again because criminals know they can get away with it. Worst they stay in mental hospital for rest of their life

  52. Sentencing in the US is hardly light, but it can be a bit of a case by case thing.

  53. The flip side of that is that it opens up a lot of room for abuse of the system - Innocent people getting beaten up, seriously injured or killed for stuff they didn't even do. Or it becomes a defense for someone covering up their own assault of someone they just didn't like or whatever - "I didn't just randomly beat him up, I had a good reason!"

  54. Does he have a PR team? He tends to get rid of those at companies he runs.

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