1. If the page fully prints and toner is still not fused to the page your fuser is bad. As a band-aid you can set the printer to heavy weight paper when using plain paper. This will increase the fuser temp.

  2. Where does the jam happen? That's where the problem is. "Floss" the printer by cutting a Manila file folder to Size and push it through the paper path. Guess is you have a torn piece stuck in there and this will get it out.

  3. That series had many printhead issues which sounds like what your problem is. You can find replacements online last I remember around $70.

  4. That is not what I wanna hear. 😂

  5. Unfortunately they were very hit or miss. I sold over 100 of those machines. Some went to 100,000 pages before going out which amazed me. Others had 5 printheads replaced under the 1 year warranty. By far the most problematic machine I've ever delt with.

  6. If you print the same picture on 20lb copy paper do you have the same issue?

  7. Of course a commercial laser is going to print better than a home use inkjet. Your not even comparing apples to apples here. Your printer is like a Toyota Corolla and the commercial printer is a Tesla. Two different classes of printers.

  8. Depends on humidity, amount of breeze in the room and wether you turn the printer off when it's not going to be used for awhile. Typically you should be fine for at least a few weeks.

  9. Just a bad screen HP screens are notorious for this the past few years. Order new screen simple replacement.

  10. I don’t think so, laptops don’t usually open up in that area when the battery swells.

  11. Not true at all batteries on dells are in the palm rest area if they swell this exact thing can and will happen.

  12. Dell Latitude 5000 series best bang for the buck, very well built and parts are readily available and affordable if needed.

  13. Lenovo is the last thing I'd buy. Replacement parts are hard to find and if you do might as well buy a new pc for the price.

  14. You must of forgot it was a Republican who started that dossier. And as time goes on more and more of it is turning out to be true.

  15. Please enlighten me what has been proven true. Because 4 years of investigating and $40 million later nothing was proven true.

  16. While it saddens me we will never see the pee tape, the connections to Russian agents by Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Trump Jr, General Flynn and the subsequent releases of classified documents by Russian agents to Wilki Leaks was proven. But hey, when you can pardon everyone why worry? And while Steele's source was a likely Russian agent that should have been disclosed to the FISA court by the FBI, it will likely have not made a difference in the issuing of FISA warrants for those few people involved. (And again there would be no FISA without Republicans, the Patriot act was rammed through by the Bush administration).

  17. It's clear you got your info from Rachel Maddow I can only assume you too cried when nothing came from this. This would also explain why you are ignorant of just how much was proven false. Steeles primary "source" for the dossier was arrested for lying to the FBI and steele himself admitted it was all fake. Of course you don't know this despite left wing sources like the New York times reporting on it.

  18. Tesla also runs off Nuclear energy and Hydro power as well as Solar.

  19. Gotta start somewhere. It's better than directly injecting gasoline into it once a week.

  20. Nuclear would fix most problems but there's no money in it for special interest groups that own politicians so that's a no go unfortunately.

  21. HP 9015 under $300 and is cheaper to run than the HP M479 a $750 color laser.

  22. While the cartridge may fit the drum that doesn't mean the cartridge will fit into the printer my guess is it's too tall or won't recognize. Try it and let me know I'd be interested to find out.

  23. There should be a class action lawsuit against HP with the absolute shit quality of these specific fusers.

  24. I do have the manuals and screen replacement is an easy 10 minute job. What part are you looking for a part number on just the screen?

  25. I haven't had any issues with the 428's screens yet but I've had many fail on the 426 and if I cross reference it I'd bet it's the same screen. One customer has gone through 5 screens on 3 different printers last one lasting a day. At this point I can't help but wonder if it's a power issue on the outlet or network.

  26. Typically on the lower end brother lasers I see 3-4 years or 80k pages for a life span whichever comes first. You just got unlucky.

  27. I thought i did enough research on here and everyone was ranting and raving about Brother but apparently not everything in their line is good quality I guess.

  28. 10 years is definitely pushing it on a printer especially if you expect to get there with replacing any parts along the way. I always tell people if they buy the right size machine for what they need expect around 3-4 years. This is usually fine for most bc by then they want a new feature or faster machine anyways.

  29. Look at the black toner cartridge on the lip by the roller does it appear to have a build up of toner? Does the black drum still have a layer of toner on it after printing? One of those is the likely problem.

  30. A fold on the top edge of the page is easily understandable - there is something catching the page, likely as the rollers pull it in. Should be detectable by looking into the paper tray. If not there, then somewhere else in the paper path - but you should be able to locate the issue by opening up other covers and examining the full paper path. Follow the instructions given for a paper jam. Look for a spring or a guide that has been pushed out of place.

  31. Agreed on all points but bottom corner bend would make sense if printing duplex.

  32. Look at the transfer roller on the toner cartridge. It should be the solid color. If you see lines in it like on your page it's a bad toner if not check you drums for faded lines that's the next likely culprit.

  33. I'm willing to bet you will have to pay for missed months since you didn't call to cancel. Wether you printed or not is irrelevant to them. I'd recommend only hooking it up usb hopefully this will render them unable to communicate with the printer. Anytime I've had a customer have a card decline while they were on hp instant ink their machine was locked by hp and rendered unusable.

  34. Printhead issue. You can find some on ebay that are ok or order from hp who only gives 14 day warranty. I recommend the hp 9015 great direct replacement to the 8720.

  35. Looks like a portfolio I'd expect from beginning investor looking at reddit for advice. You're new to the game you will see many more big ups and downs as long as the company is solid ride it out and maybe consider buying the dips. But KNOW THE NUMBERS not what some fans boys on reddit tell you.

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