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  1. Heizungsdrehregler ganz nach Rechts drehen hat geholfen. Jetzt wird’s warm. 🙂

  2. Danke ich werds ausprobieren. Klasse, danke für die schnelle Antwort.

  3. So what you’re describing sounds like orthostatic hypotension. It’s basically a change in blood pressure resulting from a person changing from a sitting position to standing.

  4. Thanks for your reply. I have the feeling that the Ritalin is messing too much with my blood pressure and general cardio vascular system. I will test it now by not using it for 4 days and see if I get better.

  5. Glückwunsch! It was such a relief to get the diagnosis and very emotional for me as well. First day I took 20mg at around 7pm and was awake until 4AM. Big mistake lol. Now I take 20mg in the morning, 10mg at lunch and 10mg in the afternoon. Perfect schedule for me. (Medikinet Retard). Alles Gute.

  6. How do they manage to be in the same lobby with two teams? Is there any trick to it?

  7. Not Asana but we use Jira for planning and work items.

  8. Same here. Jira is also used in non-IT projects.

  9. Yes, do multiple tests to get a better picture. But if they are all in this range and you feel symptoms talk to a doc about TRT. I was same all tests slightly below or above the threshold. Don’t let the docs tell you all is good, because it isn’t. Test level this low is not good. You will feel the difference on e you start TRT. I started TRT at 34 and wish I would have done it way earlier.

  10. Thanks, what is TRT like? To be honest, I would want to try to increase my test naturally first and go the pharmaceutical route afterwards

  11. Overall just better quality of life.

  12. I didn’t have a Libido for almost 2 years, so the immediate effect after the first shot was my Libido came back to life. Immediate = after 7 days. Then over time my energy came back, increased recovery, better sleep, more stress resistant.

  13. I’m exactly the same, always have been. When I meet people again after a while and say “I missed you”, what I really mean is “I’m happy right this moment that I’m seeing you again”. But when I wasn’t seeing them I wasn’t feeling bad. If I don’t see people all the time I forget they exist. For me it’s nice cause I don’t need to upkeep relationships on my end - I can pick up after a long time as if nothing happened. Lots of NT people are not like this though and they just think I’m a bad friend…

  14. This. I left Europe and lived in South East Asia for 5 years never missed no one. When I came back I thought my old friends were still my friends. Nope they weren’t.

  15. This is me. I moved countries for a few years expecting things to be where I left them when I came back. Nope. Lots of unanswered texts, a girlfriend who dumped me, weddings I wasn't invited to.

  16. It is what it is. I don’t particularly feel bad about it. Somehow it’s always been like that. I were never able to keep friends for more than a couple years. I think it also has to do with our stimulation and change of interest. I remember when I was younger I always hyper focused on different hobbies. Going to church, Football, skateboarding, playing guitar, clubbing and drinking lol, they all came with different groups of friends but never at the same time. Could always focus on only one thing. Then came bodybuilding and with it no more friends. Did that for almost 10 years. Then came covid, I lost interest and now There is only work left….

  17. I have the same. The worst is when I have some important presentation or meeting at work in the afternoon then I don’t get anything done in the morning…

  18. What I also noticed: My memory works very well in regards to music. I will listen to a song, lookup the artist and then 20 years later I can still recall it.

  19. Every damn day. I’ll also get hyper focused on one song and listen to it 50 times in a week. And then I’ll never listen to it again.

  20. Can you share how you got these records? Did you just call the school and ask? What is the process like? Tysm

  21. In Germany they are written on the transcript that you get at the end of the term.

  22. "Ninn would be getting all 100s if she paid attention in class and applied herself". "Ninn is an excellent reader and speller. But because she forgot to turn in her homework all quarter she only gets a C." "Ninn is a pleasure to have in class, and if she turned in her term paper on time she would be passing with flying colors."

  23. I think it was around 8th grade when my teacher called in my dad and told him that if I would only give 30 percent of effort I would be one of the best in class. According to him I gave it only 10%.

  24. Do you do any kind of sports or workout? Ritalin is suppressing my appetite as well but when I workout I still get super hungry. Exercise can really help with appetite.

  25. Hey that's great! Since there are generics for Ritalin it's probably cheaper so if it's working for you stick with it!

  26. Thanks for your post. I’m 34 male and can relate to it. It feels good to finally start to understand what’s going on, and to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The depression got so severe in the last years that I had to finally open up to someone. Otherwise it would have been the end of it. I’m glad that I did. There is an emergency hotline in Germany that you can call and speak to someone. That’s what I did - spoke to a total stranger and the lady on the other side pointed me to the right direction. I don’t understand why we as men have such difficulties to speak to someone but it really helps and saves life.

  27. Wow that's great that you made that phone call and got the help you needed! I agree about the challenges men have opening up. Glad ur still with us and seeing improvement!

  28. Thanks my friend. I wish you all the best as well. :)

  29. I’m on 40mg Metylphenidate (Medikinet Adult) per day. It helps me tremendously with focus, energy level and calmness. I’m ADHD inattentive (so no hyperactivity). My psychiatrist gave me the choice to go for an anti depressant (don’t remember the name) or stimulant (Ritalin). Since I had already tried Ritalin before and didn’t want to do any experiment, I opted for the stimulant.

  30. I’m on 40mg Ritalin ( split up into two doses at breakfast and afternoon). I don’t feel tired at all, before medication I was drained and lethargic. Now I can make it through the day without napping. First day I took 20mg at 7pm - big mistake, I was awake until 4am, which super weird for me because in general it takes me only 1min to fall asleep no matter what time of the day or night.

  31. Generally I can't fall asleep at anytime, I wake up early and go to bed super later...like I have to exhausted myself during the day or I won't sleep much..I wonder if it's just calming/slowing me down and that's what I'm noticing? Certainly not a common reaction.

  32. Were you able to fall asleep before medication? It has it always been like this?

  33. I do notice the calming effect as you mentioned. This helps me as well with my impulsivity. Before medication I would snap immediately whenever someone (read: mostly my wife) would ask me something. I’m ashamed how much pain my impulsive reactions have caused my wife. But in the last weeks before the medication I was a wreck it took all my energy to stay focused on a thought, that I got super aggressive when something interrupted me.

  34. I'm probably going to be in a similar situation to an extent. I have no plans to tell anyone. They may notice a change and then ask about it and you can tell them then, but personally I see no need to tell anyone unless it directly impacts how I communicate with people and if it's a negative. If it impacts negatively you can see it as something to look into with your medication, if it doesn't impact and actually improves your interactions, I'd just embrace the positives.

  35. It impacts me a lot, since it leads to depression and anxiety. Medication (Ritalin) helps tremendously. The anxiety, I feel, stems from the low self confidence that builds up, because of the difficulties of ADD. When the work load and responsibility becomes too much, it will show. I guess everyone has a limit where we can cope with our life and tasks but once we reach the limit all goes to shit.

  36. Tell them! Transparency helps people understand you. Sounds like they will understand because of their background.

  37. Hope you don’t mind me asking. Were there any particular life events that lead to the diagnosis? How was your life up until now? For me, when I look back, I see the pattern now and understand why I struggled in certain aspects of life and that I always had it plus the depression. However, I still managed to get my high school diploma and bachelor and master degree. But then when I started working in 2017 it slowly became unbearable and I started to really struggle in life. Work and the responsibility attached to it became so tense that I had no other option than to go and seek for help.

  38. I’m in no position to tell you what to do or to give any recommendation. I can only tell what I did. I was also reading up on ADHD and the symptoms and could relate to most of them except for the hyperactivity. I did some tests which were positive. Since I’m my country it takes many months to get an appointment with a psychologist, I medicated myself with Ritalin. I took 10mg to see how it works and boy did it work. It was the first time that I understood how my brain was supposed to work. Then I went on to see an adhd consultant who did a test with me as well. It was the OPATUS CPTA test which was positive as well. Through the consultants recommendation I got an appointment at a psychologist and now since this week I was officially diagnosed with ADD and got prescribed Ritalin adult.

  39. I was diagnosed today as well. What a relief to finally start to understand… I’m 34

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