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When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. Is the test looking specifically for kratom? I believe most drug tests don't check for that

  2. I do about 10g twice a day. It’s the perfect dose for what I need

  3. Do you notice issues with withdrawal if you skip, with that amount?

  4. I could have blissfully gone my whole life without hearing about the adventures of butthole girl

  5. Yes!! (Sorry if someone said this already, I didn't read all comments) But books, shows and movies about an apocalypse/severe emergency situation love to throw in a pregnancy (or multiple). I hate it!

  6. I didnt realize people liked her so much. For me she was just alright. Kinda boring even. I mean she would make an awesome girlfriend or friend in the real world but i like my chaotic characters for TV lol

  7. I think Joe felt the same way lol

  8. For a second i was thinking that someone must have shitted so much that they had to throw the mattress away but now looking at it again it might be from a crime scene that have mostly a few months ago from what i can say

  9. I should have gotten a better picture, but whatever it is it's covering at least half that mattress. It's a huge volume of whatever it is

  10. Half of you guys are like "that's just shit stain or period blood stoopid" but the ones actually saying they've seen something similar are saying "yeah that looks like the mattress from my friend that died".

  11. This is all valid and honestly responsible of you. My sister is severely autistic and though I love her I always knew I couldn't handle my own disabled child. My one brother was the first of me and my siblings to have a child and his son, my nephew, is also autistic. I knew I could never put myself in that position. There was a time when I thought I would adopt, and as I've gotten older I've realized I don't want children at all, and have gotten sterilization surgery. This is something that even people who want kids (as well as those who simply don't use birth control/protection) a lot of the time don't even think about. A lot of people assume they will have a "healthy" baby and don't even consider any kind of alternative.

  12. Did it resolve after Covid? I’m scared I’m Covid positive and noticed I’m peeing a lot.

  13. For me yeah it did stop after I started to feel better

  14. This sounds like someone who seriously just wants a reason to sue a company. What in the actual hell.

  15. I loved her attitude. She was positive and funny. It seemed like the Dr. was pushing her to be more dramatic lol

  16. I wish this would replace the mini libraries. I love a mini library, but I’d get more use out of a puzzle exchange like this! I also take small issue with the “must have all pieces”. I can get enjoyment and fulfillment from a puzzle missing some pieces.

  17. You can't see it in the picture but it's actually right next to a mini library too. And I know! The puzzles just make sense to me, because personally I enjoy doing them but don't want to redo them after

  18. I fear some masochist will intentionally put in puzzles with a piece or two missing.

  19. I know! The ones I put in I put a sticky note on the box saying all pieces are here - so no one has to wonder

  20. There will definitely be someone who loves your nose and dark circles, go find him as soon as you dump this chump

  21. I agree. Between this and the fact that he could have answered a multitude of different ways, and still found a way to compliment you and make you feel attractive. Don't settle for someone who will make you feel like that.

  22. I had a career oriented female sim have one baby, and I decided on just one more. She went and had triplets ! Without me using any cheats or anything. But your situation is pretty funny lol yes please update us

  23. Your first completed puzzle here! Welcome ☺️

  24. Thank you! I've enjoyed seeing everyone else's too ☺️

  25. Holy shit that induced a roller coaster of emotions

  26. I don't remember ever seeing a cell phone in person until the '00s. I was a kid in the 90s though, so it's possible I just wasn't paying attention

  27. I'm starting to think it was the same for me !

  28. If her baby was so sick then maybe she shouldn't be casually shopping for shoes and ignoring it's cries. Don't feel bad - woman sounds like either a liar or a drama queen, and even if she's neither and it's true, you were just doing your job

  29. And started an Only Fans for him

  30. My situation is kind of similar. I was diagnosed with hsv1g in the summer of 2013. Never had another ob until now - almost 9 years later! - after having Covid. I think it must really mess with our immune systems. I wasn't sure either because my two were very different so I went to the Dr for confirmation. I suggest you do the same. If it's any consolation, the fact that we both had years between obs means that pattern will probably continue, and our bodies seem to mostly have a good handle on it. Hang in there

  31. that's what really scared me the two ob look so so different. Because I had covid no dr office, planned parenthood, or urgent care could see me so I went to the ER as per the dr on call's recommendation. I had spiked a fever while there and waited for 5 hours in a nightgown and two sheets shaking. They didn't bring me water either and wouldn't give me advil for the fever until I was examined which took 9.5 hours of agony from the fever and pain from the unusual ob. The pain took my breath away.

  32. Oh right you said you currently have Covid so being seen is difficult - forgot that. Mine started a week or so after covid. I'm sorry you're going through this - as if one or the other wasn't bad enough. Sounds like the ER didn't treat you well either. But remember what I said before, if you've already gone years between obs before you'll likely continue that pattern. Just try to get feeling better. It'll be alright

  33. If there's one thing I've learned about this, it's that it's not as bad as it seems right now! I promise. You'll be ok.

  34. Black bear and cub in Moose River plains

  35. I watched one climb a tree in Wanakena last week! The size of a big raccoon and could climb a tree! I was amazed

  36. Are you a Ranger School student or alumni?? (Because you mentioned Wanakena :)

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