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  1. Just wait till Thanksgiving break is done in the states. All the little kiddies will go back to school effectively bringing back low pops.

  2. Yes, they’re powered by the hopes and dreams of little loot goblins who get too excited and run into trap bases before thinking.

  3. You’re never truly gone until the last story about you is told, until the last person that remembers you has passed. I forget who said that, but I feel like it resonates here.

  4. As the patient laid on the chair, dazed from the novocaine, they looked up and said… “That’s weird, I don’t remember eating noodles last night.”

  5. And they just keep going like it didn't happen, for the sake of fuck.

  6. Attacking fists with faces! I think everyone will be doing it in the future.

  7. Good stuff, anybody else think the scientist was gonna piece him up? 😂

  8. Cripplingly disorganized movie studio loses money.

  9. Valid point. Like when people say you can’t smell your own stink but then get a whiff of yourself and even say.. “yeah, that stinks.”

  10. I had step grandparents who were born in 1901 and 1905, they died in the early 90's. I was always amazed at how much civilization had changed in their lifetimes. horse and buggy to the space shuttle.

  11. Honestly in these kind of cases I’m for the death sentence. He will cost tax payers money for rest of his life now. Where a 1 dollar bullet would solve the issue.

  12. You’re paying way to much for your bullets. Who’s your bullet guy?

  13. So I had a similar idea as a kid when I’d go hunting with my dad. I eventually made a prototype and have used it frequently while camping. 10/10 a wonderful wilderness pooping experience.

  14. Minus the one time the strap broke and you fell in your own nature.

  15. Did you really just assumed that she cheated based on a name in her phone ? You didn't even read the text or ask for explication and just made assumptions on your own ? I believe that no woman cheating would name her cheating partner "sexy ass John" in her phone.

  16. Don’t worry. This lifetime movie of a scenario, with back and forth plot twists, is only to keep the sub interesting.

  17. Probably some Japanese mom back in the day telling lil ugly orochimaru this when no girl would go out with him.

  18. I raid these bases. Used to be surprised when some would turn out to be poor. Good farm spots will get you this in no time.

  19. It’s literally never been an issue. Pull back for half a second on your joystick and it’s disabled. Either drill it into your play style or disable it.

  20. or u can just kill door campers from shooting floor peeks

  21. Can’t camp a door when there are none. Boom! Doorless base.

  22. Not insane. Craven, opportunistic and morally bankrupt.

  23. The difference between being insane and being eccentric are the amount of zeros found in one’s bank account.

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