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  1. I currently use HubSpot’s CRM with Stripe linked for payments through our website and invoicing. Stripe does have reporting; I don’t process enough invoices to bother with analyzing data. (But this is available I believe)

  2. are your users on a subscription plan that you need to keep track of?

  3. I got my first contract on Upwork for $25/hour right away. We negotiated a monthly fee of $1,000 so I would just enter in 10 hours per week. I've had a handful of clients and now charge $75/hour and get multiple invitations to interview each week. I have to turn down most of them because I only work very part time. I still have that initial client!!

  4. How did you set up your profile? Was it public and did you bid on a lot of jobs? How do you get jobs with no reviews?

  5. My profile is only available to Upwork users and I didn't really bid on a lot of jobs. I'm was strategic about what I bid on, didn't do any that felt like would be wasting my time. I focused on putting together my profile and customizing the letter to sell myself. I did the $25/job and asked them to write a review for me, otherwise I don't do any low paying jobs.

  6. I interviewed with them for tax prep and it was pretty easy. They'll do a couple zoom interviews and give you a portal for verification of education and a w-9. The interviewers are not accountants, they just have a checklist to see if you qualify.

  7. What’s the pay like and how do you get work? Can it be done on the side?

  8. Pay is what you want it to be, but keep in mind they are going to double it and that's what's presented to potential clients as the billing rate. So if you go too high you may not get clients.

  9. What did you end up seeing and how did you like it?

  10. We ended up seeing beetle juice and loved it!

  11. Being a public company doesn’t change how the company files tax returns. Assuming both entities are C corps, if the parent owns 80% or more of the sub, they file a single, consolidated return per IRC 1502. If the parent owns 40% of the sub, separate returns are filed.

  12. So if you own 79% you get to deduct 65% of the dividends from taxable income. Would this mean the other 35% is still triple taxed?

  13. Thank you. On the triple taxation thing: if the sub pays dividend to the parent is it taxed? Will it be taxes again if the parent then gives its shareholders those dividends?

  14. Engage a public accounting advisory group

  15. honest question, what's the point of having a controller if you have to engage outside accounting for all your technical needs? this is a genuine questions cause I feel like it's my job to figure out all the technical accounting stuff since I was hired for knowing this stuff

  16. the upgrades are mostly staff costs. Since we expense all of it, I dont do anything special when the software is upgraded. Should I be treating these costs differently?

  17. hahaha perfect, I was typing out the same thing above. Now is there an ASC I should look at to write this memo? I'm assuming its 805

  18. This does not change anything on the subsidiary financials. The holding companies CONSOLIDATED financials will not change, as it consolidates company A. The standalone holding company will have the following items on their BS: Investment in Sub (Equity to equity in the child) and Equity. For subsequent events to equity, you need to think about what happens. If HoldCo gets money from it's members, you debit cash credit equity. If HoldCo sends that money to the child, they debit investment in sub credit cash. The child debits cash credits equity. What Kickingassets said was correct, I just don't consider that a topside adjustment.

  19. Would a controller with no team be able to make 200k? HCOL start up with no revenues but a lot of work to be done

  20. What range would you recommend I go for? I’m aiming for 225k.

  21. Damn. Didn’t know Roman was staking that much

  22. Yep, he has changed it to his name, but he changed it in 2019, I guess u didn't notice coz in videos, he still introduces himself as MKBHD...... "Hey guys, MKBHD here"

  23. Wow. I can’t believe I didn’t notice until now. 😭

  24. Wish we handled the end of the last drive better but other than that, great half

  25. Unpopular opinion: I can honestly say I went from hating her to pretty much thinking she’s okay. I respect her at least and she does have good connections to the league.

  26. I remember 2 years ago when she reported the offense was struggling in mini camp and people got on her. She was right

  27. Whenever I’m enjoying myself, I imagine someone classifying it as being wasteful

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