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  1. I was waiting for someone to file a lawsuit. Way to go, and thanks on behalf of all of us.. I'm outside the US so I can't take part, but rooting fo you

  2. I grew up watching the rock, stone cold, hhh, benoit, eddie, kurt angle, etc. I never felt anyone was shoved down the audience's throats... But i still feel Roman's being pushed even if he isn't on their level, but that's just my 2 cents

  3. There's a plugin that's causing the problem, you can start WordPress in i think it's called safe mode... Then turn the plugin off then exit that mode and it'll be solved

  4. Please do not take my comment the wrong way, but... :)

  5. Got it, 50k in profit thing helps understand the cost... Hopefully one day I'll see you in the program :)

  6. Hou can try They're relatively new but you can negotiate their pricing... Though they're already cheap

  7. You can try They are quiet new so you should even be able to negotiate their price

  8. somebody needs to tell mox that if nobody wants to take the elevated ddt the way it was intended (like a fucking ddt), that he should just do the regular ddt rather than the butterfly suplex that looks like hot garbage

  9. Yeah, he slowly transitioned it into butterfly suplex. I personally prefer it as DDT as it looks more impactful.

  10. I think he's phenomenal and I'd love to see him get a main event run using the wrestling machine type archetype.

  11. He can always use that gimmick because he has the talent, just needs the right program

  12. Got permanently banned from advertising on Facebook recently, though hadn't run any ads for months.. I say fuck them

  13. If you are an admin of the page you can identify yourself

  14. I would suggest ICICI, i have accounts in sbi, hdfc and icici... Sbi is great as we always like to keep money in a bank that's "too big to fail"

  15. I also got an email after which my ad account got reinstated but then after a few hours it was again restricted... This was for a client's account... After a week, my Facebook profile gor restricted from running ads because of inauthentic behavior and what not... Meta just wants to die faster i think

  16. Hey brother where do you buy / rent accounts from?

  17. I haven't bought/rented any yet, was advised against it, but I'm seriously considering it given I don't have much choice now

  18. Bro: business, by it's purest definition, is strategically building an ongoing, somewhat predictable revenue stream.

  19. A business Page I own has been restricted for absolutely no reason, I have never had any rejected ads or done anything that might be close to guideline violations, Got banned, talked to support and they refused to give me an answer why, told me there was nothing that could be done. Nearly all of our sales are done through Facebook sales funnel I am furious.

  20. I'm thinking, because so many people are getting banned for absolutely no reason, they will flock to some other platforms to advertise

  21. Yes but we have been using Ads for a few years now, Have gained loyal customers I have a great remarketing funnel, and nearly all of our sales were made through Facebook. Years of work and customer searching is lost.

  22. Then you should look into buying/renting accounts OR just ask your friend or family member to let you use their account for creating a bm, ad account, etc.

  23. Even with all of that, you'll still get banned. Just be prepared

  24. Go to the apps section and create an app, and then come back here, you'll get the verification option

  25. I also got my account permanently banned recently, they rejected the ad, then accepted it, then rejected it again and banned the account... Some people are saying there's a ban wave going on... I've also the read the article shared here, and it's a great step by step process... But what does one do if they want to start advertising immediately, everyone can't wait for months toh gradually start ads after gaining fb's trust... Maybe advertisers will start flocking to other platforms if this persists (just like normal people have)

  26. I've been reading that many people create pages consistently warming up and use a network for "business partner" accounts to scale up when they hit some traction with one of their seed pages.

  27. This!! Knowledge you give away for free, but you charge for the application of that knowledge

  28. Same thing happened with me, I think they are on a banning spree... Because most accounts are getting banned for no reason whatsoever... I'm thinking about just staying put for a while, and when things calm down then I'll start advertising again

  29. Just had 2 separate accounts banned in 2 months... For one account they reinstated it for a day telling me they were wrong and then permanently banning it... I can't believe they banned an account for running an ad they accepted... Fb is shit

  30. Make a new page. It’ll probably get restricted too, but send an appeal in again

  31. This happened to me a few days ago, i got my ad account restricted on day 1, i filed a review the same day, on day 2 while my account was still restricted my ad got approved, on day 3 my account got reinstated with fb mailing me that they made a mistake... The ad ran for a few hours and then got rejected, the account got permanently restricted with the same reasons as OP

  32. Pay 6-8% of your ad spend to rent out an ad account + Facebook page and never worry about this again

  33. That's a great suggestion, thanks. Can you please tell me some of the services who provide that?

  34. This happens to most people who advertise on Facebook, however we usually get our accounts back after a human review. ( Facebook is mostly ran by bots )

  35. Something similar happened with me, i didn't you can't create a new account for 2-3 months, thanks for telling that, will help me out in figuring how to do things

  36. He knows Facebook is gonna be dead soon, so he bought instagram and is trying to turn it into tiktok... Maybe he's just so blinded by his ambition to create this metaverse, he'll end up losing on all fronts

  37. And card you added was credit or debit ? And was it fueled before running the campaign?

  38. It was a debit card and it was postpaid...i tried to go the prepaid route but there was no option

  39. So for a card that is debit, it is post paid and all your platforms are new and you have directly ran into going for ads. That might conveyed the facebook a bit doubtful. So, when you put all things right on the run time fb might have accepted it but when the FB started running ads and their AI learned all about you. They caused you trouble in that one. I guess now you should wait on facebook to put a head on your query or you can try asking your friend to do the job for you.

  40. Ok got it, that might have been it....thanks a lot for your help

  41. I am trying to build up my business in SMMA should I use Facebook ads to run my clients ads now? Or should try to migrate over to google, TikTok, Instagram, etc?

  42. Man i have a business in SMMA and I've been doing this for a few years. Earlier you could make mistakes and learn, but these days you get restricted even when Facebook has sent you an email that you didn't do anything wrong... I'm making my way to other platforms now and my opinion is Facebook isn't the place to advertise anymore

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