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  1. Caroline Flack. She started getting death threats and they split. She ended up killing herself due to the abuse Dan Wooten constantly bombarded her with.

  2. She was abused herself; what did Dan Wooten do to her?? Still, doesn't excuse her from dating/grooming a 17 year old.

  3. Oh definitely not. I just knew who the commenter was talking about with the 17/31 age difference and commented. Styles also dated Nicole Scherzinger. She was the one who put One Direction together. She was 35 to his 19. Wooten is a tabloid "journalist". He's the British Tucker Carlson on a much smaller scale. Just constantly targeting her relentlessly, non stop writing about her and after her death promised to never go after someone like that again and claimed we all should be much kinder to people as we don't know what they are going through. That lasted all of a week? 6 days maybe? Until he found his next target.

  4. Why do women keep having babies with this guy and is he really being a father to all his kids?

  5. He's not. One of the baby mommas just defended not asking him to provide financially for his child by saying he's not her "sugar daddy". But he "is* that babys daddy and he's not even doing the bare minimum.

  6. Ain't no way he's rich enough to afford all that child support, bros got his own TV show and probly lives in a van down by the river

  7. One of his baby mommas was just on Instagram talking about how exhausted she was with a newborn and insinuating heavily she was a single mom and someone suggested she hire a night nurse. She said she couldn't afford it and people were like "Nick has money?!?" and she went on this rant about how he's not a sugar daddy and she's not asking for anything. Because it's just unfathomable a man would provide for his children.

  8. My husband asks me which candidates best and votes for the ones I tell him lol.

  9. We have a neighborhood cat who would run into our glass door head first just to fuck with our cats. One of them managed to get out months of this going on and we didn't notice for a few hours until we heard squalling. Ran outside to see our cat and it spinning in the air fighting. Haven't seen that cat since.

  10. Whoever in the library of Congress had this idea needs a raise because it's gotten a lot of people interested in this and other things they preserve. They did a Twitter thread and posted some other stuff they have preserved and one of them was the contents of Lincoln's pockets when he was assassinated. The collection has over 170,000 items. It's actually amazing. I had no idea.

  11. I just watched a video on YouTube of a movie coming to Netflix in October about this exact scenario. It starts one of the Wayans brothers and is a comedy/drama I think. More comedy probably.

  12. I work in a hospital. I’m required to ask every patient if they are being harmed/abused at home, if they feel safe at home. It’s almost always older men that chuckle and say something mean about their wives. I intentionally take their comments as truth and state that they are now in a safe environment and I can contact a social worker and/or police for them. When they say it’s just a joke, i say “no actually domestic violence is not a joke. Many people suffer in silence, hoping that someone will throw them a lifeline.”

  13. I truly hope that has made many of them think about what they say instead of what they think would be a light hearted joke when you're being completely serious.

  14. I've tried that, doesn't work. They usually say something along the lines of "Don't worry, we're secure in our marriage". and then grumble something about how couples these days fall out over the smallest things.

  15. Hit em with that pity look that says you know they are just trying to save face and you feel sorry for them.

  16. Sure, buzzwords person building numerous successful businesses.

  17. He's smart enough and rich enough to hire the right people and buy already established companies. Every powerful man throughout history knew this. Running your ideas by the smart people you hired and listening to them and being the public face of the company is a brilliant business model because their success is attributed to him. He's got enough sense to usually listen to those smart people and it's done him well.

  18. I wonder if the can was used to move her to wherever she was buried. A 145 pound dead woman in a trash can for 3 days makes no sense and never finding her where she most likely would hayge ended up, the dump. Perhaps they had others help in disposing of the body and that's all they really knew: they put her in the can, dragged it to where it was found and left it for someone else to dispose of. But 16 year olds aren't that brilliant. There's definitely more to it. Someone older with more sense has to have helped them if it was in fact the son and daughter who got rid of the body.

  19. I had a Yorkie who had a smaller than usual esophagus and would do this quite often. It worsened as she aged. I got her when she was 6 years old. I'd massage her hips and back of her neck close to her shoulders and it would ease up and stop but there wasn't anything else I could do according to the vet.

  20. Its sociologically amazing watching the public flip on someone just instantly. Yesterday, beautiful influential inspirational guitarist, dedicated to his art, we all miss him. Today, a wordless stunt during a song recording that no one even listens to unless you're being forced to at a public event, now he's a piece of shit.

  21. Wasn't this the height of his beef with the record company? In context, it makes complete sense. Taylor Swift is doing something similar right now and everyone is rooting for her. An artist's art should belong to them more than others.

  22. This is the same woman who has no problem parking in spots designated for disabled people. She doesn't think of anyone but herself at all times, even events that aren't about her. Because everything is about her.

  23. My personal theory is kratos died in ragnarok and the next game, we play as atreus and journey back to sparta to spread kratos’s ashes

  24. It was an interesting theory when 2018 first came out. Just because if you listen to how he speaks about Odin, Thor, Baldur, etc, he's very empathetic and in awe of Odin. He never said one bad thing about him. He talks shit about Thor and his sons and sounds regretful about tying Freya to Odin. He definitely still respects and fears Odin so it made sense then but now? Idk. He did hang himself for a week and Mimir makes us remember that Odin would do anything to preserve his rule, no matter what lengths he needs to go. It wouldn't surprise me if somehow, Mimir and Odin are connected in some way but I can't see Mimir being Odin simply because too many people have already theorised it and imagine the god of the 9 realms staying as a severed head for 3 years simply to guide Kratos and Atreus? Doesn't make much sense in the long run.

  25. Of all the crazy that ensued, I will never understand treating your child, your 2 year old, like a random child you didn't raise their entire life just cause your family happens to have boys more than girls.

  26. Your sister is a monster. She had to have told her "friends" a very twisted version of events to make them say anything to you. She sounds incredibly entitled and spoiled. Stay far away from her. This will only get worse.

  27. I think I was maybe 13 when I realized teachers also have their own lives and the younger ones get out and live them. Sounds like a teenager just discovered that themselves and came up with this nlog teacher story.

  28. The only kids I knew who took it had their parents selling it or taking it themselves. The kids ended up going without. The adults they became did so without the meds prescribed so turned to other things to deal with the chaos they constantly felt in their heads.

  29. You're using a bullshit report from a guy who filed for bankruptcy to get out of paying rent 3 years ago (BotSentinel) as your source? He runs a one man operation that's methods are smoke and mirrors at best.

  30. So I've heard every internet creator call it "creating content" and also I'm best friends with a former SW and I've never once heard her say she's "creating content" even when she was completely relying on SW as income. What a bizarre story.

  31. How much money did she donate to it? I'm guessing zero?

  32. Does this mean that Zym is the Jesus Christ of this show or something since we use that as our timeline in real life? XD

  33. It really came off that way reading this.

  34. If that’s an issue, why wouldn’t she just make her account private so only people who follow her see her content?

  35. No one has ever accused her of being logical.

  36. Yeah goddess forbid you make some rapist uncomfortable. Your friend is kinda dumb?

  37. I just don’t understand why people make fake videos to tell the world they’re slobbering morons. It doesn’t make sense. None of this makes any sense!

  38. People will comment on it because of how obviously stupid it is, it will get into the algorithms that people are interacting with the post and it gets even more likes and comments. It's like that one account "bananaforyou" or however it's spelled.. The woman does incredibly terrible and stupid things to frustrate others and gets thousands of comments calling her stupid.

  39. What an odd post calling out Affleck and Damon. All of Hollywood knew about this monster, and instead of doing anthing they just kind of did the whole "Harvey is Harvey" excuse, because EVERY SINGLE ONE of them knew what he was doing. And there are many in Hollywood who had a lot more power than two up and coming actors/screenwriters. Tarantino comes to mind. All of his films were produced by Weinstein. If not all of his films, then it was many. I even recall Courtney Love on the red carpet and when asked if she had any advice for young women trying to become actors she said, "Don't go to a hotel room with Harvey Weinstein.

  40. But then he worked with Weinstein again while married to Angelina Jolie. She says they got into an argument because she was also harassed by Weinstein and Brad dismissed her. So he did something once then just was like "eh, business is business."

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