1. Do your rasboras seem to school? I got some recently that shoal more than school. Any conditions that impact this?

  2. What year did “most people” read for leisure? I think there was a very small window when average reading comprehension was high enough and before other leisure activities like the internet took over.

  3. Is that bacopa in the back? Because I can’t get mine to grow taller for anything.

  4. Do you mean to say you’ll occasionally share insights from your daily scripture study or that you will share insights from your scripture study daily?

  5. Your family will probably be annoyed, but will ultimately support you if they’re good people. They probably want to be a part of this event and others are probably planning around it too.

  6. If 18 foreign profiles liked you within one day of getting the app, and no one local or within a day’s drive did, I would be very suspicious. Same thing happens on other dating apps. You get a dozen “likes” but you can’t see them until you upgrade, and then surprise, they only live forever away. Sounds like you don’t have to pay to see these likes (or do you?), but also keep in mind you don’t have to go through a temple recommend interview or some other verification process to prove you’re LDS or have some honest intent. Dating apps are rife with scams. One marketed to church members is no different.

  7. There’s one in Panama City this upcoming weekend

  8. I’d like to point out that getting baptized does not get someone to the Celestial Kingdom. The ordinance is meant to be an outward sign of an inward commitment. People who accept Christ’s sacrifice with gratitude and intent to do good qualify for the celestial kingdom. Anyone can get baptized. In fact through proxy, everyone will be baptized. Only changed people qualify for the celestial kingdom.

  9. Bad things happen. They aren’t usually tests, just bad luck. If a someone who gets a dream job, it is almost never because they won God’s approval. There are enough trials in the world that God does not need to throw you more. Satan does not have power to ruin people’s lives through misfortune.

  10. Nah, babies will typically sleep through it. Bringing your elementary school kid to a violent movie or one with sexual content, especially if you can’t keep them quiet, makes you a bad person.

  11. Actually, if you look at the new For the Strength of Youth, it isn’t as particular about any of those things anymore. Instead, it allows youth to make their own choices based on their spiritual communing with God. Sure, all of these things are still discouraged, but it’s up to them.

  12. They look like those paintings you can hang up that are two canvases, each with part of the picture. This is really cool.

  13. Nerrite snail eggs. They will lay them all over but can only hatch in brackish water.

  14. Seems like President Nelson is quoted as much as any prophet in my 40 ish years of watching conference.

  15. You’re not wrong. I did an informal but fairly thorough analysis last conference and more people quoted him than didn’t. I think it’s an intentional and not coincidental move from leadership to get people to value the words of a living prophet more.

  16. I would say that some substances that are relatively local may be asked in an interview. The reason members in Kansas aren’t asked about kava or khat is because they probably don’t know what they are or would even have access to them. The principles of the word of wisdom are constant, but local culture may emphasize substances that are more relevant.

  17. Very excited about the new youth booklet!

  18. The Florida bill is specifically aimed at teaching that "is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate." The intent of the bill is not to marginalize LGBTQ individuals.

  19. The issue is that the law doesn’t provide any guidance on what is appropriate and leaves it up to the parents to tell the school what is, which is fine when consensus, compromise, and research is incorporated and not the loudest individuals’ unyielding beliefs. I also don’t think we have to teach what intercourse is to first graders, but to refuse to acknowledge that a teacher has a same gender spouse or that a kid’s parents are gay seems ridiculous.

  20. I wouldn’t worry about trying to make the live event more rewarding with kids. Until a certain age or unless they have a certain temperament, it just may not happen. Instead, rewatch or read the talks on your own when they get published online. I know this sounds like a cop out, but really, it can be more rewarding. Like you said, there are a lot of distractions. And even if there isn’t, the cadence and tone of speaker after speaker can leave even the most diligent listener falling asleep. Digest it on your own time and part of your gospel study. The Spirit will still testify and confirm truth whether or not we watch the live event.

  21. I don’t see anything wrong with speculating about when the Second Coming will be, as long as it doesn’t become your thing, like Heartland modelers or dry food canners.

  22. Counter: marriage isn’t hard even if you don’t live together prior. It’s only difficult if you’re poor at communicating and have unrealistic expectations for your partner. Life can be hard. Marriage should objectively make life easier.

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