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  1. ACX would work fine for our use case, our config is pretty basic at the moment. I work in a public sector where our number of sites is pretty much always static so the only thing that grows is our bandwidth needs.

  2. If you don’t need SP features and you’re not looking to expand on the features you’re using on your EX4300s then you might look at the EX4400. What transceiver types are you using E-W on the ring today and do you have any shot distances over 10 km?

  3. An EX4650 is more expensive than an ACX7024. Even more so if you need BGP, which is unclear from the details given so far.

  4. Yep-in order. One of the first things newish or recovering should consider is scaling a rep scheme. So if the 55 is too much-ask a coach if a 20/20 would work for them and you. Programming should have an intended stimulus-ie-there’s a reason behind the movements, order and volume. Welcome to the cult!

  5. This, so much this. No single workout no matter how hard and high volume will improve your fitness. It’s only showing up day after day after month that moves the needle. So while you’re getting started, your goal should be doing enough work to get a sweat and move like the coach says so you can come in and do it again tomorrow. Not going so hard that you can’t come in the next day because you’re exhausted or worse. Congrats on your start!

  6. It’s not only unsupported, Junos won’t form the VC in the first place.

  7. Then don’t go that day, go for a walk ride a bike. Not every wod every day is going to appease you. -love a 220lb dude who hates running wods.

  8. Stu Brauer said something in one of his podcasts and it applies to the OP and Terrible’s comment. Group classes are like throwing a dinner party for 20 people. You’re not going to make everyone happy or satisfy their wants with the food on the table. Maybe you only eat sides but can have a good time with the people there.

  9. Honestly, you’re just setting yourself up for more support tickets. Ensuring compatibility with all the random transceivers out there is a nightmare.

  10. Warning: SRX4K doesn’t support ethernet switching or IRBs.

  11. Correct, think of the SRX4K as an MX router that can firewall.

  12. More like a hypervisor pizza box with an integrated SRX VM. But they have those too, SRX5Ks. :-D

  13. I've had a coach who started sending me links to videos about aliens having built the pyramids and stuff like that...

  14. Those aliens woulda had to have done Crossfit to build the pyramids, just saying.

  15. Every time I see these videos I hear the windows XP shutting down sound when they lights out and the mac startup chime when they boot back up

  16. Sounds good - I am looking at the MC-LAG configuration:

  17. Follow the packets, think about failures. If you’re going to need packets to go between switches when there’s a failure then you need the link. I would look into using MC-LAG on those switches.

  18. Getting rid of the guy that was hoping to bang one of his employees after her deployed husband was KIA or setting the corp WiFi password to “wetp***y” is woke now?

  19. Did HQ forget to uncheck the “Tech Bro” box in the CEO search filter? This guy isn’t even an L1 much less an affiliate owner. He hasn’t done the open since 2019 and didn’t start until 16. This isn’t a good hire for affiliates or the community.

  20. Have you scanned the air for frequency distribution? I live in a dense apartment building but it turns out that most of the Comcast and AT&T provided routers don’t use any of the u-nii-2 band frequencies so I limit my channels to them and it works great.

  21. This can be fine, but be wary of radar, or DFS will make your life difficult.

  22. True, I catch radar once a day. Multiple APs mitigates the issue for me.

  23. Costs $70 to buy where I am. Is it worth it?

  24. Ouch. I preordered it for $30 but probably wouldn’t have paid $70.

  25. After reading the rest of the thread, might need to sequentially change the conditions to get a better idea of the problem. Based on the inconsistency you report, first thing I’d do is reprogram the scope for an affected vlan to use the last server in your usual server list. That is if you always program your list A,B,C program one with just C (assuming that C reliably resolves queries). It almost sounds like you actually have a poorly performing dns server.

  26. Check if your phone has MDM or EMM software on it ... I assume it is, since it has a company VPN profile (I assume it is pushed by the company). That software has policies that will enforce what VPN can be active ...

  27. Oh it absolutely does. But there’s nothing that I can see from the profile contents to indicate that it should override.

  28. Just a side effect of the receive position. We don’t partial squat as a primary exercise, not foundational in crossfit parlance. Note there’s no depth standard for a partial squat. For GPP CrossFit classes the HSPU has no value. Indeed look at the outright sloppy HSPUs you see in a class. Hands out at snatch width, feet just as wide, backs arched and heads slamming into the floor. Not to mention it turns into a crux and takes away the metcon intensity - reps fail followed by long breaks. Now watch someone push pressing with a bar. Hands are just outside shoulders, feet under hips. It’s what a HSPU should almost look like, just flipped 180. Just train full RoM.

  29. The only HSPU standard is that there’s a new one every year.

  30. What in the heck are you doing that you need 3 Firewallas?

  31. Sure you are, but I also get to criticize it. See how that free country, free market thing works? I don’t tune in to a crossfit show to hear random off topic anti-trans/vaxx rants. And based on the reaction and body language of his guests when he does, they don’t enjoy it either. You ever wonder what happened to Josh and Mat? They were clearly and regularly put off by his comments and that show is no more.

  32. He’s a great interviewer. He’s not the type of person whose opinion I hold in high regard. I disagree with 80% of his views.

  33. Yes and no. His problem is that he chooses to inject his opinions about stuff like vaccines and LGBTQ when no one asked. He also inexplicably asks about womens periods and the like, A LOT.

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