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  1. Most people aren’t wearing masks. It’s very weird given how it’s supposed to be required.

  2. I was willing to try a large con again but damn, 200,000 unmasked people.

  3. I'm going today and finding out a lot of people are not masking and it's not being enforced is making me nervous.

  4. You read my mind. I already have tickets for Pax Unplugged and I was now wondering if they enforced masks. I'm glad to hear they have. Although I still may not go because it's the week after a holiday and that's usually spike time.

  5. For some reason, I thought the picture Josh took was a proof pic to his Intelligencia buddies. Like "Hey guys, I really got her blood. Here's the proof." and nothing more. Was genuinely shocked when this happened.

  6. I'm really surprised that Intelligencias big play is to ... slut shame She-Hulk? That is really going to end horribly for them.

  7. And I'm sure all those enhanced senses allowing him to know exactly who is attracted to him helps alot.

  8. While annoying, this is something I understand. I would rather my best friend was single forever than dating a person who they find unattractive just so they can date someone.

  9. With some introspection he could maybe reprogram his brain a little.

  10. This was my ex-wife's excuse. Then she proceeded to spend the next ten years accusing me of cheating on her and telling all of her family and friends that I was a cheater. Her constant mental, emotional, and later; physical abuse over these accusations nearly broke me.

  11. She said she called me to see if I was awake, her ex was hanging out and her roommate told me the phone went to voicemail and she Immediately went to her room with him. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. She was calling to break up over the phone before she physically cheated. She had already made the decision.

  13. Ooh I just finished 'A Soul to Keep' recently and it is has some weird explicitly-not-a-demon-but-not-far-off genitals with claspers AND tentacles AND body morphing to fit cause it's huge. The beginning of the book is somewhat clunky but I enjoyed it enough that I'm actively waiting on the sequel to come out in 6 days.

  14. I also want to know… I asked my husband to Google it so I don’t have to but he refused 😂

  15. I got brave. It's weird dick stuff. Find this on wiki.

  16. I just heard a comedian describe this as "tatty fucking her ass cheeks" and it's quite a visual.

  17. No I'm talking about the fact that whole GoT they talked about how Targaryens married in family, so it's not a big surprise that in HoD (a show about said family) has incest. Viserys and Aemma were cousins. Viserys's father was married to his sister. Laena and Laenor are cousins with Targaryens as their mother is first cousin of Viserys and she is Targaryen herself therefore.

  18. I think it's the age difference that makes this one especially bad for me. And knowing relatives marry each other and seeing a much older uncle try to fuck his pubescent niece in a whore house is quite another thing.

  19. Where can I buy this shirt? I'd be glad to wear it all 4 days!

  20. Please shower, change into clean clothes, and wear deodorant every day.

  21. Not to ruin the positive vibe of your comment, but I think the transition from the Obama years to the next guy's made it that much harder to stomach.

  22. You wouldn’t have to do something you hate?

  23. She choose to do this for him. And that is her choice to make.

  24. My wife rarely eats fruit and she has always had a nice taste, if its tangy she probably hasn't cleaned well after urinating

  25. I’ve been on Reddit for a while and the thing that worries me is that it seems to be getting worse. Like typical incel/MRA talking points and vocabulary in „normal“ subreddits. It’s so prevalent and visible now. i don’t think it was that extreme when I joined and it really concerns me. Guys who seem totally normal and fine all of a sudden parrot these bullshit talking points. Folks always say, „yeah, don’t worry, it’s only on the internet“. But it’s not. The same guys could be my co-worker or a neighbor or even family or friends who got sucked into that.

  26. Reddit shut down the incel subreddits so they spread to more mainstream subreddits. They're now more visible.

  27. That last line really is the chef kiss of grossness here

  28. He insults her, then expects her to feel bad for him. He wants her to do the emotional work for him while telling her she's not good enough.

  29. The scene was also lauded because they were looking at what comic Bruce went through in his life (which yeah that definitely would have been justified) but the show did away with his comic origin and Bruce just had a happy sitcom life. So yeah that scene in the show works but people don't want to accept that because WoMeN! (though doesn't really explain why Bruce has so much anger then lol)

  30. I don't even think it's a comparison of how angry either one is. It's about how they've dealt with their anger. Yes Jen has anger, which she has addressed regularly and finds a way through it. Bruce has anger too, but hasn't always been able to deal with it in a healthy way.

  31. I agree but before the episode that showed Bruce's past came out I did agree that between him and her comic wise (which we had no knowledge of his childhood before this show as far as I remember) it would be her dismissing someone that went through A LOT of trauma and saying that her being a woman trumps that which would have been legit horrible and I agree with the people upset by that BUT when we saw the next episode (I believe it was the next one) that whole thing went out the window and there was really no reason for Bruce's anger at all so then that scene was fine. They should have done the childhood reveal before that imo and it wouldn't have been AS BIG a deal (it would have only been the misogynists upset instead of them and others).

  32. I hear they changed the order of the season around quite a bit.

  33. PSA time! Uh-oh, vaccines were mentioned! Just want to let you all know that you have the misfortune of being in a subreddit with a moderator who has degrees and a professional background in immunology, virology and scientific research. As such, I take medical misinformation and anti-vaccine sentiments very seriously. Many have already been removed, hence the reason for this comment.

  34. You do realize that people have multiple accounts, right?

  35. That was my assumption as well. Or that plumber is seen as more "blue collar" and therefore looked down upon. I'm aware that it makes more money but some people definitely look down on anyone who comes to their house to do dirty work. This is not my view but it's my guess of OP's view.

  36. also if she feels she has been out of school for too long or that she can't pass the GED many places in the US have the literacy project or similar programs designed to help study for the GED for free or relatively cheap. the literacy project is the only reason I passed the math section of the GED and they were super helpful getting me into a community college nearby! She will not be out of place in these classes either because in my seven person night class there were people from the age of 16-57 all there for different reasons.

  37. The GED course I used was part of the adult learning annex of my community College. That was back when I was a teenage drop out. Two years ago I graduated from nursing school (associates in applied science) with honors.

  38. I didn't even recognize Minthe in the recent comics. She was lean and mean, the opposite of Persephone in every way. Now she's a soft curvy girl with big boobs? I'm ALL for body positivity but damn, everyone doesn't have to look the same.

  39. Yep, White Christian Nationalism is now something that politicians openly endorse, based on recent (very ignorant) comments by Boebert and MTG. She'll probably be on the stage at a Trump rally this fall, along with other racism filth who've recently outed themselves and lost their jobs.

  40. Yep. My husband disagrees almost all the time… hes a devils advocate if not just completely adversarial… drives me nuts but i wouldn’t have married some yes man.

  41. For a lot of women it now comes down to abortion rights. It doesn't matter for what other reasons someone votes conservative, nowadays it's also a vote for her potential death in the case of pregnancy complications. I know a lot of women that otherwise have quite conservative views who will absolutely refuse to sleep with men who are okay with preventable death being a possible outcome of that and I can't blame them.

  42. I'd never love someone who would actively vote against my Trans child being a citizen with equal rights.

  43. During this scene Dwight was a little bit attractive and I don't know why!

  44. Obviously I am going to get that stuff for you....

  45. This is my favorite way they showed the genuine affection they have for each other.

  46. I noticed this too. But both groups don't know what they're doing but want to be independent while making huge mistakes and they don't want to take responsibility.

  47. Dude. They legit say this shit and look to me for approval while I'm sitting there trying not to gouge my eyes out. I left a customer frowning when I told him renewables were the future and that the failure was our old ass outdated, ill-repaired infrastructure along with politicians and companies putting profit over people. Walked away and he looked like he ate some expired lemons.

  48. C'mon! Only The Jews have that kind of money and control!

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