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  1. For an episode that was designed as a replacement pilot it had a difficult job to introduce the characters to the audience. And those single quotable lines from each character really give perfect insight into them. Especially the one at the end from Mal, "I don't believe he does."

  2. And, while I do think Serenity is a superior pilot in every way, I think the presence of The Train Job as episode three acting as another pilot really helps us get in deep with the characters as quickly as we do. Like, the first three solid hours of the show are fully dedicated to making sure we know exactly who every one of the crew is. How else (besides the fact that they are generally well written and executed hours) can we get so attached to so many characters so quickly?

  3. Every friend group will be different and should make choices that are best suited to the circumstances of the people in the group.

  4. I live on a farm. The horses are going a bit stir crazy. Also, being in so much means mucking stalls essentially on a continuous loop. Over it!

  5. Down the road, my teaching buddy did his Master's in Physics Education online through WGU and was satisfied with it. He was alternate route and taught for several years before attending. Rutgers has a phenomenal in-person Physics Education Masters, if you are local enough to take advantage of it.

  6. Pay bump! To go from a having a BA to an MA in my district is a $5k per year increase in pay.

  7. I mean the 90s was wild but it was not that wild were anyone would allow kids to cosplay slavery.. jesse jackson would of been in Louisiana so fast

  8. In the 90s my high school still held "slave auction" fundraisers where you could purchase a senior for a day. So.... Yeah.

  9. It's not just the turn, it's also the streamline into and away from the wall. It is definitely faster. Honestly, the easiest reality check for this is that everyone does it this way when they are trying to be fast. If there were a different, faster, more efficient way of turning, then that would become the standard way of doing things.

  10. Every kid gets a charger with their Chromebook and is responsible for bringing it to school charged every day.

  11. Hey, longtime swim instructor here. I go into swim lessons with adults expecting class to include some level of mental and emotional hurdles that will need to be addressed. It's simply par for the course. So, don't feel bad for the instructor!

  12. I very distinctly remember working in Home Depot and texting with my phone in my apron without looking

  13. I stuck with Blackberry phones for a looooong time because I loved having a physical keyboard.

  14. That's interesting. My understanding is NJ is generally considered a good state to teach in because of relatively high salaries, pretty good school funding and good union rights. Do you agree with that?

  15. Yes, all those things are true. We have good union protections at the state level and the local level where I am. Where I am is also well paid. We start at just over $67k for a BA step 1. We generally fill openings quickly and tenured teachers tend not to leave very often.

  16. $67k is starting, with just a BA and teaching credential? Do you have health insurance covered and if so what percentage? Thanks for answering all this. I'm curious how the states compare.

  17. And yes that starting salary is for starting with a BA and a teaching credential. The guide moves columns for a BA + 30, a master's, Masters plus 30, and doctorate. I think the jump is like $3, 000, 2,000, 3,000, 2,000.

  18. Stupid or evil - always an interesting question. But with the behaviour we’ve seen from police now that private citizens can document it - I gotta say “why not both?”

  19. I like this definition of evil: Actions that intentionally or recklessly increase suffering. Evil done through recklessness is not any more excusable than that done through intention, IMO.

  20. Also, priests are supposed to be poor. As in they often take a vow of poverty. They should not have that much money, which means they are almost certainly stealing from the collection basket.

  21. I believe the priest at my old family church was investigated and charged by the IRS for tax fraud. Whoopsies.

  22. I read the advice more as "don't internalize someone else's emotions as my responsibility". Like, of course, I'm going to care about the happiness and well-being of the people around me, and consider if my actions are impacting them, and do what I can to help if there is something I could do to help. And as a boss or person in a leadership capacity, I may see myself as playing a more active role, but that's not the same thing as me being responsible for their mental or emotional state. I can't process their emotions for them, I can just provide support and resources.

  23. Teachers in good districts with awesome administration are the apples. Teachers in undeserved communities working with admin that are products of the undeserved community are oranges. You can't compare apples to oranges. I am currently an apple. But, I've been an orange. My advice is this: find a better district and don't feel guilt about leaving a district that needs good Teachers. The system is so broken you might as well find a place where you can be happy. I lOVE my job ... now.

  24. I'm a teacher in a state with a strong union, in a district with a strong local union. Not only is education generally well-funded in my state (by comparison, certainly), I'm in an area that has a tax base that can support decent school funding.

  25. Yeah, I am a veteran. But I also did not stand for the pledge in High school.

  26. If we, as Americans, are willing to take a step back and have an honest look at ourselves, having kids pledge allegiance to the flag every morning is fucking weird and we should acknowledge that about ourselves.

  27. Some of them are more sensitive to the bugs. And some of them destroy any sheet you put them in.

  28. My horse mostly hates wearing sheets and blankets and will pitch a fit when asked to wear one...unless he decides he wants one, in which case he practically asks for it and wears it contentedly. I swear, I need to enroll him in one of those studies where they prove horses can communicate their needs by indicating pictures.

  29. Trafficking is obviously bad but can someone explain something to me. Is it not better for these refugees to be somewhere they’ll be treated with dignity and care? They’re coming in to Texas and Florida where the elected leaders don’t care about them. Wont they be treated better in a sanctuary state? Like, how they got there is F’ed but now that they’re there isn’t that better for them? Why not have it be the policy that shit states spend their money to get migrants to somewhere that will value and respect them?

  30. People seeking asylum don't generally spend much time in the border states, necessarily. They get processed and get sent on their way (with family connections in the US sending money or with the assistance of the charities that operate in the area but with essentially no government assistance) with a notice to appear in an immigration court nearest whatever address they give as their destination. Of the busiest immigration courts in the US, most aren't near the southern border.

  31. Route 46 X Route 80 X Route 23 X local road is where the young ones test their mettle where I grew up

  32. I once had some asshole in a little red car blow around me illegally on an on ramp there....I passed him a few minutes later smashed up on the side of 46.

  33. Identical twins named things like Jeff and Geoff, Ashley and Ashlyn, etc.

  34. My aunt and uncle were twins (born in the mid-1940s). It took me a very long time to fully appreciate that Uncle Bob and Aunt Roberta, being twins, were actually named Robert and Roberta. Then again, that was before you generally knew you were getting a 2-for-1 deal, so I guess my grandparents only had one name picked out and decided to go with it...

  35. Most people are indoctrinated into their family's religion from the day they're born (I was one of those). And many churches teach you about the importance of believing every word of their leaders without question, yet don't harp too much on actually reading the book, because ultimately, they don't really want you thinking too hard about it yourself. They certainly don't want you to find out about the parts they conveniently skip over. They want to do all the thinking for you, don't want you to learn to think for yourself, all with the purpose of having ultimate control over their congregation and leading them in the specific direction they want. Most Christians have never read their Bible front to back. Most have only every read whatever was assigned to them for Bible study/Sunday school/etc. It's exactly why we have a horde of mislead "Christians" pushing to reduce our (U.S.) freedoms and turn our country into a theocracy. The Jesus they claim to believe in wouldn't be ok with any of it, and they'd know that if they read their own Bible and thought for themselves. It's the result of many generations of brainwashing and misinformation applied to people who are too afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and think for themselves. Even among those who question it, many are too afraid to actually speak up and will continue to just follow along. The promise of the pain of hell if you leave your religion ensures that it's that much more terrifying as well. It's almost never about compassion or love. It's all about controlling as much of the population as you can. They're all cults.

  36. I just saw on Twitter someone saying that someone they knew referred to Evangelical Christians as "people without questions". Makes a lot of sense, actually!

  37. To be fair, it’s tough to find attorneys familiar with navigating the American legal system to defend a former president being investigated of insurrection, espionage, tax evasion, witness tampering, interstate commerce fraud, election rigging, embezzlement, sexual assault, conspiracy, etc.

  38. If tfg were a better client (and by that, I mean paid his bills, adhered to the advice of his lawyers, and didn't cause them to need their own criminal defense lawyers) there would be plenty of $$$ white shoe law firm lawyers lining up to defend him for the prestige.

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