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  1. I was once where you are, these are very new age ideas which are positive and uplifting which is why they are attractive. However truth is it’s own thing, positive or negative can’t describe it. Truth just IS.

  2. I actually agree with everything you just said. You are exactly right. I think we understand very little about what is actually going on down here… what is your plan to escape this? How do you plan on not coming back? I agree with you… I just refuse to live in fear and negativity … the reality is … no matter what we are… we are here till we die so might as well make the best of it… what we do when we die is another story .

  3. My plan is to become as sovereign and strong-willed in this life to make sure I can withstand any offers to come back. I lean toward a lot of the gnostic texts because I think there is a lot of truth to those (just as you can find pieces of truth in everything). One of the basic guidelines the character Jesus said in those texts is “don’t lie and don’t do what you don’t like”. To me this is saying be true to yourself. In a world that wants your attention and energy constantly, we have to take back the reigns and become sovereign again. It is the world of lies also. If we lie, how different are we from it?

  4. It’s hard to know what it will be like when we die or how coherent we will even be. I plan to do the same… I’m curious if you have children? The only thing I think we disagree with is the detachment.. I never knew what true unconditional love was until I had my kids.. there is no way I could detach myself from that love nor would I want to.. it is a gift that I cherish…. But I do realize that when my time comes , that love would be the one thing that could be used to bring me back… so at that time I realize I would need to detach myself from that love and let it go … becasue after all it’s an illusion… but it’s one hell of a strong one

  5. The general gist of it if I remember correctly was that she tried dmt and realized that all the constructs she believed in are bullshit, that she no longer understands the nature of who she is, and that her perspective since her experience makes day to day life in modern society untenable. I stopped watching after that cause I didn’t want it to influence any of my experiences. Bad vibes all around.

  6. Yea but she did it like 45 times in a month

  7. They do it to rub our faces In it… these people aren’t stupid…. They are mocking us…and we keep electing these narrascistic fucks

  8. Look up the law of one . It answers all those questions if you believe what it says.

  9. A large percentage of the New Age community has done no shadow work, so they all have unresolved anger issues, and they use the love and light idea to cover over all of their anger. It’s there though. If you challenge anyone of them too much, you will see it come out.

  10. I love the place, the atmosphere, and the energy, but there’s a lot of false teachings there now. A lot of airy fairy, New Age people who don’t like to be asked questions that challenge the narrative.

  11. Yea that’s what I worry about. Thanks

  12. Looks like we are really being taken seriously . What a joke

  13. Shit man doesn’t your airport lead to underground bases . Start there. Also I think mount shasta has an entrance. But I’d say that this is a bad idea in the first place

  14. Wow… does look remarkably similar to what is happening with us … let’s hope so

  15. Wasn’t there a video from some TA guy saying we were going to 60 something .. but we were gonna touch 35 first? Well I’ll be damned…. Let’s roll

  16. That was a great last season.. really hit me… we get bored in heaven because everything perfect all the time for eternity gets old. We come Here to just get a break and appreciate the perfection again… very interesting concept that I think a lot of DMT users get from entities as well

  17. We all need to come together and agree that we are way more similar than different. If people didn’t listen to the Lies the media tell about Donald trump most people would like him and agree with what he said. It’s the media spin people hate. Is Donald trump a brash asshole?? Yea probably .. but it takes someone like that to withstand the onslaught he faces everyday… and most his mean tweets were in response to lies and mean tweets his way. The media divides us ..

  18. Great post my friend . We have to stop looking at evil as something external . “Evil and good”is inside all of us. Archons do not feed on our negative energy. They ARE our negative energy. There is only two things in this life . Service to ourselves and service to others. The devil we meet at the end of this world is all the energy we put into self serving, it’s not right or wrong, it’s just a choice. But to move on to the 5th density .. or out of this “ prison planet “ as people here like to say. You have to squash out all the self serving energy it has no right to exist and does not exist past this 3rd demension.. you have to defeat yourself In order to move on….. it is your own self keeping you here.

  19. Skate fish liver oil was the only thing thats worked for me. You start to dream vividly and see the beauty in the sky, nature, etc. Rather than looking at things through a depressing gray filter.

  20. Skate fish is not the same as rat fish. You need rat fish liver oil. They often are confused

  21. I’ve also been having alot more dreams since I started taking rat fish liver oil and it’s only been a couple weeks

  22. Look up rat fish liver oil… also iodine helps

  23. Im also scared that i will lose my individuality when I die. I do not want that, its scary.

  24. You aren’t an individual. Your fear is what makes you think you are. Individualism is an illusion.

  25. I understand that terrible things happen in this world. I’m not making light of that. The whole point is if we all saw each other as ourselves we wouldn’t hurt each other . Because why would you steal from yourself ?

  26. But analyzing that concept through just the most minimal logic would yield that there would be cases, even if only a few but potentially many, of people choosing to stay in that other place (I suppose people who choose to stay there would manifest here as a DMT overdose death, and we know those are practically nonexistent). The fact that everybody comes back would indicate that the choice of whether to stay or come back is a false choice. And that can take us toward the idea of determinism and whether we actually have free will or not. Many people believe that free will itself is an illusion, but that's a whole other discussion! 😂

  27. It’s hard to explain what I’m saying . Because everything we view is external to us. It’s hard to wrap you’re head around literally being everything . And it all being in your head. I have thought this too, wouldn’t your physical body be dead if you went home? But that’s assuming that we actually have physical bodies , which we don’t. Hard to grasp, and I obviously can’t grasp it all yet. Just interesting to think about

  28. Is this solipsism then? If this entire reality is in your head then everyone is a character of your creation?

  29. Yea this is the only thing I don’t know how it fits . I don’t believe everyone is in my head . This world is beyond our ability to comprehend I think.

  30. I don’t get how folks always have to be “detached” from everything, including desire. What’s wrong to say I love or care deeply about X or Y.

  31. I think because it feels materialistic to want something. At least that’s how I feel when I’m trying to ask for things. I fee Guilty for wanting material things

  32. For the last 8 years neuroscience has been showing us that every psychedelic severely lowers your brain activity. They’re the closest (safe) simulation of death we have. That’s where the psychedelic experience comes from. How can it be inside our “head” if our brains are half dead during the experience?

  33. My opinion is… kidneys are filters. Livers are filters…. Brain is likely the most complex filter in our body. When taking psychedelics they slow down the brain function so the filter isn’t working and we see a lot more of what really is around us at all times that we usually just see due to us having 5 senses

  34. Ahhhhh yes . The old I don’t trust the media unless they are saying something I like play!

  35. I’m pretty sure it says King… he’s wearing Elvis clothes and the caption at the top says the king

  36. You know I’m a smooth brain so… At least that led me somewhere 😂

  37. I think you conclusion is still probably accurate. Ring or King doesn’t really change anything .

  38. Ha yea I guess that was a little aggressive.. I apologize . But damn .. 2 years of this shit gets old.

  39. Why make a post about this? This makes me think there will be so many people paperhanding when the squeeze starts if you already get excited about this non movement.

  40. How many fucking useless posts like this have I seen in the last 2 years…. It’s beyond annoying at this point… any time the prices moves straight up for a second or you have the price mysteriously jump up high and come down then you have 20 idiots take a screen grab and say… what just happened!!??? … the fucking answer is for the thousandth time … we don’t know.. and who cares… what’s the fucking point of this post ?

  41. Ah yes, this is a common dilemma faced by truth seekers. Here, this will help:

  42. Thanks.I just bought the book on audible and am going to listen. I definetly take anything anyone says with a grain of salt. Especially random internet people. But some people tend to make more sense to me than others. Thanks for the info I’ll check this out and see if it resonates .

  43. What happened with them, I dunno, but it is a weird one. They're obviously part of the cult, and a lot of members seem to be a bit sus, when it comes to male, female, look at Melinda gates, that's a man, same with Michelle Obama, that's a man, 100%. Some think that it's connected to Baphomet being an androgynous creature, i also heard that in the masonic rites, the females are not allowed, so that's why they "marry" converted males. I dunno, but the whole things is weird, gives me the creeps. Interestingly, I find that the quality of their movies decreased since. Take the newest matrix for example, not only the plot was really bad, but the way its been shot, very poor. Amateur like, where the first matrix was meticulously crafted to perfection the way they shot it. As if they lost something within.

  44. Interesting.. I just wonder if once these people get to a certain level of power and fame if they are either influenced or taken over by something.. it’s just weird how so many celebrities and powerful people are like this… totally agree on the matrix movies.. the first one was as perfect as a movie can get… and the sequels were all bad… especially the last one which is a huge pile of garbage.. they have tainted the legacy.

  45. 👏 talking 👏 like 👏 this 👏 doesn't 👏 help 👏 your 👏 cause 👏 whatsoever 👏

  46. Thank you… what a joke these people are…

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