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  1. They don't let poor people daytrade but will let them baghold a shit stock until it delists.

  2. I'm just saying they shouldn't limit someone from buying and selling the same day because they don't have 25k.

  3. Never really dug into it. Been thinking about it.

  4. Please check above my last post. I added some more information it might help you to understand things better. Cheers

  5. Still or became? Man, we all have to learn but learn faster

  6. Most of them only hype up what they own and bash what they don't. They don't know what's going to happen.

  7. I think this is a safe play. Most other companies mentioned on here are trash.

  8. Hope in one hand and poop in the other, then slap yourself in the face with both hands!

  9. the f did envb come from, haven't seen a post about that.

  10. No reason to mention it unless you're a bagholder 😂

  11. Definitely set a stop loss but it doesn't work anyways if they pull the rug after hours.

  12. Remember "it's just the beginning" means it's close to the end lol.

  13. I said lose or gain. I only bag hold good companies.

  14. I would feel good about holding bags of DTC. I can't imagine getting stuck holding bags like BBBY and APRN.

  15. Yee ol’ Pumper Dumper. Have your limits set boys $1-$2.50

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