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  1. Maybe the WE M712 with a short mag the SRU parts kit.

  2. I know, let’s binge watch Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

  3. Don’t use a leatherman for 40k minis, I tried doing that with a gerber and it didn’t work out so well (not saying that gerbers are better than leatherman btw)

  4. Geez, and I thought seeing maintainers with admech tattoos was bad enough. Then again, a lot of the old timers do believe there is a machine spirit in some of our vehicles thanks to them.

  5. As a loggie myself, you watch your mouth bout my maintainers. Machine spirit in that wrecker gets mighty testy. Who knows where that crane will swing to

  6. Try having a LAV that refuses to run unless there’s a shovel strapped on the inside side of the engine panel. That LAV has introduced more people into 40k than any demo game could.

  7. Would made more sense if the dude is Kiritsugu Emiya, I mean he put his bone in her every single time being used.

  8. I remember a high school math teacher giving them a test question involving the world record sniper shot asking for the adjustments needed to take the shot. Needless to say, all those kids were shocked about how much math is needed to be a sniper and not like in cod.

  9. If “I’m not like the other girls” were in airsoft form

  10. What's up with all recent memes of Americans wanting T90s? Isn't T90 pretty well studied and known at this point?

  11. They still want an example to study and place in a museum like the MI-24 hind they stole earlier

  12. What is this, the 40k version of Caustic?

  13. That’s awesome. I made a piloted redemptor dread as well for my deathwatch since they can deep strike them. So now every time I deploy a dread in deep strike, I just imagine them dropping in like in titanfall

  14. This is actually a warsuit! Pretty glad it’s giving off a dreadnaught vibe as I was going for that heavy armour feel.

  15. Just swap the guns and you got yourself a working dreadnought.

  16. is anyone old enough to remember when this meme was just the left panel and it was against tau?

  17. I do and iirc correctly, Bond’s tau army is red, which means they’re farsight enclave which gives them massive bonuses against orks

  18. As long as you don’t put your dick into a garand action, you’ll be fine

  19. Just like the Rocinante being legitimate salvage

  20. Thar familiar looks like a kid that just got told no.

  21. Well there was a cf-18 pilot that got the callsign ‘Rambo’ because he was ex-infantry and everyone in the air force thought he was an untrained ape because of it.

  22. I don't think junya is made of stuffing, otherwise what sort of components is soppo salvaging from her enemies to make this plushie.

  23. Than can make a good heavy weapons platform.

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