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  1. Sounds like their company, their problem. Two weeks is a good notice. A lot of people who leave this time a year just leave for the rest of the year to celebrate the holidays then start the new gig.

  2. Anyone that performs like that that gets to be 50-60 or better won't last unless they eat right and pretty much stay in the gym.

  3. Did you tell her to "pluck deeze nuts" 🎸🎸🎸🌰🌰

  4. They showed up at my new place the first month. Scared me cause I barely told anyone where it was.

  5. Iv smoked redwood reserves CBD for a few months and definitely feel chill even when my water heater broke and washer wouldn't start and needed repair lol

  6. Join a gym, volunteer somewhere, find a local club of a hobby you enjoy. Socialization on your own terms

  7. Right now we are mainly windows with some mac's getting introduced. probably 2k workers at various sites desktops/laptops. Honestly just getting a fell for what's out there.

  8. I can do hot takes based on what I've used.

  9. See if a place will get it playable/ fix it up. Hang it up and remember Grandma Everytime you look at it ☺️ it might cost a little but you will thank yourself even if you don't play.

  10. I figured you'd know why my cheap ass Bluetooth mouse makes my computer crash

  11. I definitely have a buying problem. It's manifesting itself this year. Iv bought 5 guitars after playing the same 3 for over a decade lol

  12. Always have to give love to the guitars of this era. That’s a beautiful guitar!

  13. Gaaaah! That is a beaut! Thank you for sharing this unique guitar! I love the wood grain!

  14. If you get services through your county board of DD they can hook you up with a job coach. They would probably have some partnerships of local employers who will allow you to work enough not to affect your income limit to test the waters.

  15. Blink 182, Metallica, Nirvana, Green Day, Korn, Limp Bizkit (that late 90s, life)

  16. Lol all tires have sipes… this is not like a commerical truck tire that may hold stone and cause stone drilling. I think you have bad luck

  17. Luck /lack there of is definitely part of it but as iv read more seems like they are prone to picking up stuff instead of deflecting it.

  18. Based on the sidewall It looks like you drove on the tire flat as well so who knows with your judgement 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. Le sigh, did you come here to start personal attacks about a tire or say anything productive

  20. My car came with geo tour tires and they aren’t very good plus it keeps needing to be patched cause it get punctured by by trash left on the freeway too easily. The tires don’t grip very well. It just doesn’t feel like it sticks well.

  21. Same here! Had the car less than two years and they have all been patched 🙄 they pick up nails

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