1. Congrats! I hope eventually I’ll have enough points to draw a bighorn.

  2. So sad what the bourbon game has become in Texas. Was in CA last week and, while bourbon seems to have grown in popularity, regular old buffalo trace was at every grocery store I went into; buy as many as you want and you even get a discount for 6+ bottles.

  3. Curious, if you had no intention of picking up Blanton’s, why didn’t you mark it “no thanks” in your selection?

  4. When my Grandpa went on safari he got all excited and got a Custom gun chambered in .458 Lott. When he got to Africa they all laughed and they handed him a 30-06. He took all the animals he got with it. The only thing you really need the big stuff on is the endangered species or self defense from them, everything else is down with a standard 30-06

  5. Just want to comment on the “endangered species.” Africa is a huge continent and, as a whole, many of their iconic species (lion, elephant, leopard, rhino) are “endangered.” Within various countries, many of those species are stable or improving due to good game management. Good game management allows for the legal hunting of those species without a negative impact on the population. The money generated provides incentive to local populations to conserve those animals versus senselessly snaring and shooting them to eat and/sell them for parts.

  6. So a stock, barrel, muzzle device/suppressor, scope, trigger are all something you could add to a rifle. At what point do you move away from factory offerings and consider a custom build on a high dollar action? Vs building something off a factory actin?

  7. I’ve built several lightweight “sheep” rifles. It’s fun and there is the pride in having something that is “yours,” but costs can add up quick. The rule of thumb someone told me, which I find to hold pretty true, is factor $100/ounce of weight saved.

  8. I think your logic is good with the 308. Lots of available ammo and lots of it available for cheap. If you don’t reload, access to cheap ammo is essential so you can afford to practice. You can get pickier with ammo as you get your fundamentals down and stretch your range further.

  9. Curious, did you win anything in the spring raffle? I’m wondering if this is leftovers people didn’t claim and they’re trying to pass out to those who didn’t win in the spring raffle.

  10. Holy Grail! It’s a bar, but has good food and a nice selection of whiskey.

  11. Damn you guys and your internet skills....haha I didnt know Altus had Bighorns in stock. I haven't used one. What do you think of them? I've heard defiance is the way to go but I dont want to wait that long

  12. Love mine, prefer over the two defiance actions I have.

  13. I haven’t heard of a single person winning anything.

  14. Does seem suspiciously dry this year. I recall a decent number of folks winning last year.

  15. Interesting boots. What purpose does that "netting" material serve?

  16. It’s pirarucu skin (a type of fish).

  17. M70 is a great action, but not lightweight by any means. The only thing that makes a winchester a “featherweight” is the barrel. The actions all weigh the same.

  18. How are they at tracking, etc.? Obviously it has the retriever genes. :-)

  19. Poodle is also a hunting dog, so would think you should be good.

  20. Black Label makes some great cigars. Really been enjoying them lately.

  21. If you can work a torque wrench, fairly easy. You will need some tools; torque wrench, barrel vice, action wrench, some anti-seize, and something to secure the barrel vice to.

  22. That series has some great writing, IMO. Lots of running gags.

  23. Yeah totally agreed- the issues from this guys videos is that they say they’ll let him know if they need to open it, then never do and end up cutting his locks

  24. Leave a replacement set of locks in the case and a note to use them if the primary locks are cut.

  25. The rifle is great, but that 6 burner and hood vent got my attention. I have serious kitchen envy.

  26. Do you have to have a membership to shop at the liquor section?

  27. You don’t need to be a member to buy liquor at the California stores either. Just say, “here for the liquor” and walk on in.

  28. Not sure “dedication” is the word I would have used.

  29. I like it, nothing overly special, but a reasonably priced daily.

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