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  1. i feel like drew barrymore gives me Y2K vibes. it feels like a coming of age movie.

  2. quicksand, drew barrymore, good days, garden, and tbh that whole soundcloud dump with i hate u, nightbird, and joni

  3. raven lenae – deep in the world sza – 20 something

  4. moisture milk from muji is one of my grails

  5. ravyn lenae and kelela (hype for her comeback!)

  6. I can’t get past how they cgied over her eyebrows with fake eyebrows to match the cgi hair. It makes her at best look like she has really messy brows and at worse like she has really bad scarring

  7. I came to japan right when I turned 27. No regrets.

  8. thank you so much. there was a song playing in game that i really liked and i found it here! I really wish they displayed track info in game.

  9. will gladly accept those crumbs lol 😩

  10. I love Donki but it's sensory overload for me. Always have my noise-cancelling headphones in.

  11. In what sense? Not usable to charge? You can't add it to apple wallet (sad) but you should be able to use it as a payment method in the mobile suica app when you click the 'charge' button there's an option to "register credit card" on the left.

  12. That’s what I’d expect! I haven’t received mine yet, but I’ve heard from Japanese users on Twitter that it’s not compatible with the mobile Suica app. Have you gotten it to register?

  13. welp, you're right. Just tried adding it, and it greets me with an error message that the card cannot be confirmed. What a fucking bummer. Apparently it does have some variant of 3D secure because when you login to the vpass site, you can specify a custom message for Visa Secure, which is usually the thing that shows up, but there's nothing else to configure (like the password?) so I'm not sure how that's supposed to work.

  14. Damn.. thanks for confirming that. So annoying how complicated/fragmented cards are here. If they’re gonna replace an existing service, it should offer the same functions or better. Oh well, hoping my Sony Bank app goes through.

  15. do you people not understand angles and very high waisted jeans or what? there's no distortion and you have a second angle to look at.

  16. bruv if she's shopped that side of her hip she's taken like two inches off of an already tiny 23 inch waist. yall need to chill.

  17. exactly, so why bother? it’s just sad to see ppl feel the need to do this

  18. Same with Colleen Ballinger and Scott Hoying!

  19. Mejiro Sola in Shinjuku. English-friendly doctors and reception.

  20. Lucy’s Bakery in Yokohama might be worth the trip.

  21. borrowed melody from elliot smith - angeles for sure, which is cool

  22. What? You mean the strong urges didn’t do anything?

  23. I can’t get enough of Who is She? and Nothing Good!

  24. Damn, the My Life as a Teenage Robot theme song was suuuch a slapper. I still know it by heart. Pepper Ann and the Weekenders too!!

  25. Started my first job out of teaching and getting ready to move out of ye olde Leo Palace! Also getting my first shot this weekend.

  26. the beat on this one! also digging all the adlibs sprinkled throughout. have we had a rapper as vocally capable as doja??

  27. I was really hoping clairo would step into the rock direction it seemed she was starting to head in with immunity. I think she is going down a folky vibe.

  28. have to say i much prefer the entirety of immunity to this new direction. i was never a fan of jack antonoff so this isn’t great news for me.

  29. Me niether but I’m trying to be positive 😭 clairo is so sparce with her music releases. If i dont like this album it’ll be a long time until a new clairo project comes around again.

  30. at least we have shelly 😭 steeeam has been on repeat

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