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  1. I saw that too, must’ve been a bored whale or someone who wanted a specific number. I know the Avo Cato was bought up by the whale who swept the floor on a few collections the other day, he either has too much ETH or just wanted a specific number.

  2. I keep forgetting about the numbers. They could have been a very low mint number. But Khoikhoi bought a random avocato in the morning for almost .5 eth as well.

  3. When you look at things through ETH rather than fiat and you’re sitting on a few thousand ETH, 0.5 tends to be chump change.

  4. I anoint you in the milk of the great cone. Cone of us!

  5. Nice, now that you have some realized gains I suggest you hold the others for dear life or grab a few others you like on OpenSea. You won’t regret holding one or two for the foreseeable future.

  6. Got a 1.8 ETH ($2450) offer on my The Mouths #74, thinking of selling it for 2.2 ETH or best offer. What do you think? Not an NFT guy.

  7. It’s all up to you, but there’s still a lot of unrealized potential imo. In the end you do what’s best for you. Any ETH is better than no ETH. If you’re happy with your gains then pull out now, but if you feel like you’ll regret selling down the line then hold buddy. I hated NFTs until a gut feeling told me to buy Reddits NFTs…couldn’t be happier.

  8. Ya and the floor is what people pay for it which right now is .5 no one should be selling for anything less than that.

  9. Ya, I reevaluated a lot of my collection and pushed my prices up. The floors on most collections will be at 1 ETH before Christmas is my guess.

  10. Christmas? Christmas? Hahahahahah this guy!! you’ll be lucky if you can get a sandro for under 2 eth by holloween. Hahahahahahahah

  11. Well finger my a$$ and call me Cinderella, I’m delisting a few of mine 🤦‍♂️

  12. That collection is going to hit a 1-1.5 ETH floor tonight just watch

  13. I will sell all my avatars and keep the cone. We are the 608!

  14. Did he face plant into Mouse au Chocolat’s dookie?

  15. Hindsight is 20/20. I bought a lot of them from the begging, I just refused to buy the ones I didn’t like the art on. Low and behold, they happen to be the highest grossing ones. Life is full of opportunities, you’ll find your next profitable venture soon enough.

  16. No, but in disbelief with how far it went (and going). I just woke up with 1.5 ETH in my wallet, feels good to know that I can afford my wedding now and still be sitting on a bunch of avatars I love.

  17. wait, how much is your wedding and how are you doing it? asking because i’m planning to get married in the next few months haha

  18. Me and the misses are frugal, we like to put most of our income into investments and memories (e.g. travel). So we’re totally okay forgoing a “grandiose” wedding for a much simpler one. It’s a matter of opinion (totally respect if you think otherwise), but spending anything over $10k for a wedding is just plain idiotic to us. We’d rather take that money and put it as a down payment for property, add to a dividend portfolio, buy more BTC, or even buy some gold to hedge against inflation down the line.

  19. Back down cause some folks are impatient and decided to drop their prices to sell quicker 🤦‍♂️

  20. Ya I don’t get it, definitely weird. It is what it is I guess.

  21. I have one, it’s valuable to me. Some folks like low mints, some like triples or angel numbers (333 or 777), and others like consecutive (123 or 567). Just a matter of preference and how much the individual is willing to pay for them.

  22. Same applies, just a matter of preference and whether one is willing to pay the price you set for it.

  23. Going to right click my ETH right into a new car and home while my fellow Buttcoiner wipes his ass with recycled Costco cardboard boxes 💋

  24. Whomever sold me Mio for 0.19 2 days ago, I salute you and I apologize in advance.

  25. I manged to gran both for about what I would have paid for a Rainbow Foustling. I'm pretty confident these to will bring more value than a single Rainbow Foustling. We shall see

  26. I see both collections shooting to the moon, each with their own unique art. That’s why I have both.

  27. I hadn’t purchased any NFT before Reddit’s, something just clicked in my head and I had a gut feeling…couldn’t be happier going balls deep and buying 60+ lol

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