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  1. I would love this. I know I’m on the younger side but I’ve never had a girlfriend ever so I’ve never had this happen and want to know what it would feel like

  2. I used that a lot in high school. Problem is this is proofs-based math so there’s not much I can study. It’s really more about being able to solve problems and really be able to think under pressure

  3. Ohh good luck then with that lol maybe things that help with problem solving ect so it keeps you sharp

  4. Thank you! It’s just more nerves than anything. Not a great test taker. But I’ll do a lot of practice before-hand

  5. Because she knows kinky fuckers like me have a mommy kink

  6. I have a mommy kink. Check my username. But these just come off as creepy. Like she’s taking to her “actual kid” and it’s not two consenting adults who are into that.

  7. Yeah, it’s very pretty. I really like belly button piercings to be honest 🥺

  8. I remember when she had a joke OnlyFans command on her stream. Now we have this

  9. Very much the gentle nurturing. I really just want to be cuddled and told I’m a good boy. And I’m happy to follow Mommy’s orders 😊

  10. I’ve watched enough Scooby Doo to know that this is actually pretty frequent

  11. Doctor strange? I see Elizabeth Olson stars in that movie? ❤️

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