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  1. A group of Russian soldiers tried to cross the Dnipro river by ferry but were hit by the Ukrainians. The Russian soldier recording the video seems to be in shock. Go home Russians, you don’t want to end your days like this in Ukraine.


  3. It's not up to me to decide who should or should not flee, I can't speak for other people.

  4. I live in a country that's being attacked by Russia assisted by Belarus. But that's irrelevant, and I'm not going to shut up either way;)

  5. They literally knew what was coming the whole time lol. The Nazis made it very explicit that they were out to kill every single commie. Please think.

  6. And the Soviets were on board until June 22, 1941. There's nothing to think about here – these are well known facts.

  7. I'm not calling it whatever I want, but you seem to be. Which is revisionism and blatant calculated ignorance.

  8. Western countries get a lot of shit for their appeasement policies, and rightfully so. Their failure doesn't make USSR's alliance with the Nazis any better; they started the war together and were in the same boat for the first two years of it.

  9. Mate there are millions of Russian descendants in Germany and a few thousand are numbnuts. It is quite in line with what you quoted.

  10. That's not how it works. For everyone who attended this proptest there are hundreds who think the same, but don't bother to take it the streets.

  11. Have you read the tweet? Not really useful to have a washing machine if there is no running water

  12. Uurgh, a bit cringe. They could maybe have played the phobia = irrational fear angle. The fear of Russian aggression exists , but quite rationally.

  13. And even if you feel it's not rational enough, you can always fix it.

  14. Is it true that they are pretending to have found a flaw and nord stream won’t be online tomorrow?

  15. True, but I will be online tomorrow instead, and I'm better than both Nord Streams combined. While I don't have the gas, you can 100% rely on me not having it and not lying to you about it.

  16. What kind of question is this even? Why on Earth would I consider myself Russian? To hell with Ruzzia, lol.

  17. Email from the consulate is the offical statement from Polish government. Recruiters in Poland and Russia from several companies contacted the consulates too. They got the same answer. That is why this visa ban is so shady. It tries to paint a picture of not wanting Russians to have a vacation in Europe while Ukranians suffer under bombs. It sounds good and justifiable until you know that they also banned all the other visas and refuse to give living permits in Poland for the workers. The real reason why it gets passed is that it gives easy points for polititians in some countries.

  18. Who they? Did you forget to switch accounts?:)

  19. And you are taking this risk to achieve what? Do you seriously believe visa bans help Ukraine or indeed do anything apart from allowing some people to virtue-signal and feel smug?

  20. I'm taking this risk to isolate Russia as much as possible and make some of them feel that there's, in fact, a war going on. Judging by all the whining and moaning coming from them these days, it really hits home.

  21. Then I do not understand this zeal. Most people in the West (unfortunately) aren't going to draw fine distinctions, you are as Russian to them as Putin himself.

  22. This is a risk I'm willing to take and a sacrifice I'm willing to make if it comes to this. Also, I think you're exaggerating.

  23. I don't know... I've never witnessed these countries heroizing Ruzzia, quite the contrary.

  24. Mariupol journalist citing city morgues reports at least 113,750 residents died during Russia’s assault, siege and ghettoisation of the Ukrainian city. A horrific figure many times higher than previous estimates.

  25. That would make higher death rate for the city than for russians in WWII, wouldn't it?

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