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  1. So I could manage a 4000-5000 spend in 10 minutes. So maybe 3000 spend in 5 min. At this percentage the savings are 1200. So at 75 gems a net saving of 450 energy. Not great.

  2. Especially since you can trade 50 rubies for 500 energy.

  3. Just take the first prize if you can afford to get there. I got there for free. Does anyone even know if you can take home the main prize without completing the whole reward track?

  4. I doubt it. They usually put a lot of the items you need farther inside. Like those big oaks, I made it a little past the first honey tree and there are only three oaks available to me.

  5. I would have had 17 cheese right now but I made like 3-4 Cheesecakes towards fixing the first and only first beehive or whatever but worth because I got to haul the first prize. So I guess it's a wrap for me till an easier island comes around. Guess I'll just be crafting basically about 100+ cheeses, even if an easier island comes around. The best way to stack tons of free energy till you hit whatever your max energy cap is.

  6. Blue ore is good to get over there. Pretty sure I got ripped off on some clay, though.

  7. The merchant wants palm leaves sometimes.

  8. Tub is dry. Clothes are on. Sit in tub. Do homework. Take picture.

  9. Or maybe I see child molesters everywhere because there literally are child molesters everywhere. Seriously, go be stupid somewhere else.

  10. They aren't a significant portion of the population. If you want me to be stupid somewhere else, try being smart anywhere... anywhere at all, or you know, fuck off.

  11. Educate yourself so you don't look like a fool.

  12. Sorry to sound misinformed but what is the tooltip?

  13. Probably means the magnifying glass.

  14. Mine has been doing that since before the update. I don't even try to watch ads unless I've recently done a force stop and cleared the cache.

  15. Oh man the closeup on Bubbles face was amazing.

  16. When he asks for the keys and J Roc hands him a screwdriver is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Genius from start to finish.

  17. What would AITA be without clickbait titles and stealthy edits? I just don't understand how there are so many people who fall for it.

  18. That's the only thing that makes sense. It'll save my sanity to think of it more like

  19. I just posted a vid for the pink bag but I doubt I'll make it that far.

  20. Well that's not concerning at all.

  21. As the world moves towards smaller and smaller electronics, it looks like OmniVision Technologies Inc may have just hit the ball out of the park with the world’s smallest medical camera. It's actually the size of a grain of sand. The tiny camera measures in at a whopping 0.65 x 0.65 x 1.158mm. The OmniVision OV6948 has also just entered the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest commercially available image sensor in the world. Although it outputs a 40,000-pixel image, the resolution of the camera isn’t anything to write home about. But, for medical professionals who require a closer look at the human body, these cameras are a godsend. WHAT CAN THE OMNIVISION CAMERA BE USED FOR?These cameras can be used in a variety of medical use cases such as helping with delicate surgery and even delivering a more precise diagnosis since doctors are able to get a better look at the problem. It even comes with a 120-degree FOV and an aperture of f/2.8. The camera also produces significantly less heat than its larger counterparts and can be implanted in the human body for a longer period of time. Specialised fields such as brain surgery, Haemotology, neurology etc will definitely benefit from the imagery that this camera produces.

  22. He actually went to them and all four of them insulted him. As well as a male cps worker came to get them and he got abused by them too.

  23. If you hate dogs would a person who has a lot of dogs be prudent to bring you in?

  24. I was thinking the same thing. I need to know if they're as soft as they look.

  25. Actually, it's technically 2250x4000. Even if it doesn't look like it lol.

  26. Isn't the reason for the minimum size is so the picture is clear?

  27. 3) Minimum picture size = 400 by 400 pixels

  28. I'll probably quit after I get the pink bad. It's just getting too tedious.

  29. I'm about there. I'm in first on my leaderboard. Hard to give that up.

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