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  1. I’m not entirely convinced he isn’t tanking it completely to claim a massive loss and somehow avoid paying taxes for years.

  2. It doesn't make any sense to spend $44 billion to buy something and then tank its value to avoid paying less than that amount in taxes.

  3. I mean, no, it doesn’t. But does it make sense to tank it for no reason?

  4. Well, there's the "some men just want to watch the world burn" angle. Another option is that he thinks the things he's doing are necessary over some different time horizon than what has elapsed so far, and he could still be right (or wrong) on that.

  5. Except people are saying that the valuation was more for the contents of the bag than the bag itself, so even that doesn't make sense.

  6. Famously, the response by the former USSR to legitimate criticism by the US was "And in your country, you lynch black people."

  7. To add to that, there's an entire Wikipedia article about it:

  8. This is the natural evolution of the "rational centrist unfettered by ideology".

  9. I think enlightened centrist is a poor label for the group he is describing. His ideas are good, but his choice of label muddied the argument I think.

  10. I do, too, but it'd already been a thing for at least a few years prior to him writing it:

  11. Imagine seeing this a month ago and having to explain it isn't a joke.

  12. I heard them talking about the following stat last week on Bill Simmons' podcast, and, since then, you guys still haven't won the 13th game!

  13. Not that I’m complaining about the Orange Bowl or Clemson, but I really need someone to explain to me how Alabama is the SEC’s #1 non-playoff team despite the Vols having the exact same record, a better win (LSU), and a head-2-head win over Bama.

  14. It might be as simple as there are more 'Bama fans than Tennessee fans in the vicinity of New Orleans.

  15. It's true -- some people are speculating that some of Alabama's NFL draft bound guys could sit out the game.

  16. ESPN's bullshit FPI still has Bama at #2 and #5 SOR (makes no sense). The SOR really makes no sense because who is the best team they've beaten now?

  17. It depends on the area of town you're in.

  18. Don’t float on your back. Take your pants off, tie the legs in a knot together real tight, and hold the waist open while you swing it over your head and down into the water. It’ll trap some air. Float on your pants.

  19. How difficult is it to take your pants off while in the water? I'm not a good swimmer, but I guess I could do it while floating on my back, but I'm not sure.

  20. FTXs total contributions to Emmer's campaign was $11.6k.

  21. It's a lot more than what most people would/could donate, and he's just one of the many FTX donated to.

  22. Give it a month, they'll go on a slump, and blazer fans will be literally burning the fucking Moda Center down and calling for a firing squad for the coaches and FO.

  23. You basically called it. The cherry on top might be a loss to the Knicks tonight? And then next week without Dame looks ripe for embarrassment in NY and LA, along with tank defiers Utah and Indiana.


  25. Who did you (naturally) assume I was talking about?

  26. The former president spread a lot of misinformation and lies regarding the pandemic, but I'm pretty sure he talked up the vaccine, making it about his presidency (Operation Warp Speed), even trying to push the development faster than what was scientifically sensible, such that he could take credit for a vaccine being released before the election.

  27. There were rumors/jokes that he would even be the starting 4 next to Bam. He DNPs his way through the season and doesn’t perform when he does. I feel for him, but i am also surprised in a game like today he doesn’t see the floor.

  28. Spoelstra read your post and took it personally.

  29. American culture seems to focus on taking it out on others rather than taking it out on yourself or better yet: getting mental help

  30. Expensive and dangerous. A therapist/psychiatrist can have you locked up indefinitely without charge. That's a pretty big incentive for some people not to hire them.

  31. Holy shit! (And she sounds like one!) Sorry this happened to you.

  32. Did they remove the episode from YouTube? What happened?

  33. Clips usually get added overnight, bit by bit.

  34. They had the monologue up for a bit, I got the notification but wanted to watch it later, then they made it private. Wonder why, no mention on Twitter.

  35. Looks like they fixed it (you probably already noticed this):

  36. He best not lay a finger on my Butterfinger.

  37. It's Celeb Jeopardy, they don't really care to be strict about the rules

  38. Speaking of, I just watched it and figured they'd go back and take away points from Simu for saying "Mindcraft" rather than "Minecraft", but they didn't.

  39. Except income tax is a thing, and he lives in CA so he’ll pay close to 1m in income tax.

  40. That's not how capital gains taxes work.

  41. But why have it in their name? Returning it so as to save face...

  42. Or, returning it because they are horrified by what their son did.

  43. Like you know. Sometimes scammers have their families in the loop, sometimes they don't.

  44. Colbert used this in the Late Show cold open this evening (not yet on YouTube).

  45. "Due to technical limitations and the way the protocol works it is currently not possible to exchange XMR for BTC. This functionality will likely be enabled by the next hard fork."

  46. It’s so bloody annoying!!!!

  47. I've resorted to using an old Roku streaming device just for the NBA app because of this issue on Android-based devices.

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