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  1. I haven’t heard anything about the Marzocchi fork but I have a Manitou Circus Expert on my bike and I rode my friends bike which has a Rockshock Pike and I couldn’t tell any difference suspension wise. I think it mainly depends on how you tune whatever fork you have

  2. manitious are whack though cause you cant really foot jam them

  3. the one i recognize the most pictures is tavros so that one

  4. For me it’s the segments leaderboards and the heat map to plan new routes. You need premium to get those features

  5. https://www.strava.com/heatmap#16.00/-122.50412/37.89784/hot/ride

  6. Can you plan routes using the heat map, or do you only get to see the heat map itself? I’ve been paying since 2012, so I really can’t remember what’s free or not 😂 but I know for a fact that to be on segment leaderboards you have to pay. And that’s important for me

  7. i look at the heat map and then plan my routes in ridewithgps which is free.

  8. kim so cold, bitch I think I need a flu shot

  9. Gravel shoes will have fewer and stiffer rubber lugs to make hike a bike harder, less durable toe and heel caps, and less flex in the front for harder walking.

  10. for these two shoes all of those things seem the same

  11. If you have toe overlap it could be an issue (steep ht angle+big feet on flats). Otherwise it really isn't an issue

  12. i dont clip toes but my inside leg feels like it gets in the way of leaning the bike over

  13. Cowboy knees, super wide like you're riding a horse

  14. idk its on corners where like its cross cut in the hill or whatever so like if my move my knees more ill hit stuff

  15. Your eyes are as funky as the eyes of the characters from that show

  16. I failed calc 4 and got a D in Chem 2 and combinatorics. Failing isn’t bad. Calc 3 is a huge pre req though, if I recall you need calc 3 for statics and dynamics? Not an engineering major so idk. You’d only be 1 quarter behind. Nothing that can’t be made up

  17. ill hopefully have passed calc 3 by next qusrter since im not taking stats and dynamics yet anyways

  18. Not even close to enough information. Failing a GE vs an important major course is way different.

  19. Lol no. Population growth would not be as outrageous as it is if 1/5 of all people were gay. Try maybe 1/10 at best. Most polls end up lower and are then artificially inflated by the LGBT community under the pretense of people not wanting to be honest even though the polls are anonymous.

  20. Is it bad if I know the original…

  21. My experience is that in longer harder races (50+ milers) where I was playing the game to mitigate cramping, switching a lockout on and off a thousand times is one more area to worry about cramping in the thumb/hand. The brain got rid of all that. Now that I'm older and wiser I'd just leave it open though if I started to have an issue.

  22. i guess it depends how much you use the lockout and how strong your lockout is/how well your bike is without lockout

  23. No it isn’t— it’s eight days after the child was born.

  24. What kind of quantum microwave did you steal at NASA's secret headquarter?

  25. not sure but when i turn it on my bones get kind of melty

  26. i had a bit of a creaky bed last year but this one legit creaks every time i breathe

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