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  1. There's a thing called churning - people constantly hunt new cards for sign-up bonuses e.g., anticipating a big trip they open a CC with huge travel bonuses.

  2. Or cash out points at a lower but acceptable rate. I'm expecting close to $10k cash from Amex points in the near future.

  3. The only other way to be able to contribute to some retirement plan is if your employer allows after-tax contributions which may open up the mega backdoor Roth IRA.

  4. Finishing up the Amex SUB ladder. This will mean that I will get a total of 1 Personal Green SUB, 2 Personal Gold SUBs (1 regular SUB + 1 upgrade/NLL), and 3 Personal Plat SUBs (1 regular SUB + 2 upgrade/NLL).

  5. Some nice places to dress up (but isn't required):

  6. Depends on the type of DS job you want. Many Data Scientist positions pay well because they're research positions. There's extreme competition at the entry-level right now. There's a post just earlier this week about someone with a relevant Bachelor's + multiple published research papers + competitive internship experience who didn't get even get close to getting an entry-level job.

  7. Finally done with this round of job searching, and have made the

  8. Congrats! I'm also looking to move jobs and having that 1+ YOE helps so much with the job search.

  9. Dang insulation really makes all the difference, huh. I’m in an apartment that’s apparently well built. With windows closed, it’s still 71-73 inside. We still have it set to cool, actually.

  10. Yup, amazing insulation makes a huge difference. Last winter it was 68 without the heater when it was well below freezing outside. I have no idea how they make windows like that these days but it's amazing.

  11. https://www.tax.virginia.gov/rebate

  12. Same. I got almost 6 months for free from credit card offers/bonuses so that's helped drive the average price down.

  13. Now I’m curious, everyone here is saying credit repair companies are scams. So what do they actually do once someone pays them?

  14. One thing is that they try and dispute negative marks. This is someone you can do yourself for free. For those with no negative marks or anything non-disputable these companies do nothing

  15. Does applying business card lead to hard enquiry in credit report?

  16. In general, yes. If you have other recent Amex cards, not always. I've had 8+ Amex cards and only the first was a inqury.

  17. I don't know, it seems reasonable even with high interest rates for DINKs earning 300k+. The typical rule-of-thumb is 3x-4x gross which would put a couple earning 300k at ~900k lower-end and a couple earning 400k at ~1.6MM higher-end.

  18. I'm in a similar boat and my past raises were about 10% each. Next one is coming up Q1 2023 so we'll see if it's any different.

  19. I would bet that most people on the subreddit aren't DS/DE/MLE. As for getting a job, you can think of it in terms of probability. Did you go to a good school for DS? Did you get good connections within school? Did you get internships? These are things that you can control, to some extent, and you can't control things like the future job market.

  20. North Italia is a higher end cheesecake factory (owned by same company).

  21. Mid- or back-office quant like risk quant are pretty chill.

  22. I finished an on campus MSDS program at University of Virginia. The program focused on applied learning, meaning project work, as opposed to non-stop lectures. The staff was great, and professions really cared. That was over five years ago, I’ve been working as a data engineer since.

  23. One caveat is that the tuition almost doubled when it went from the DSI to School of Data Science. Of course, there are way more connections you can make now and the new school will probably be ready around 2024

  24. Wow I'm surprised to see options on Zillow for rentals around $1.4-1.5k. They are 300-500 sqft studios... but still....

  25. I'd also double check on the apartment's website to make sure those prices are still valid. Some listings at that price point looked like basement rentals from SFH listed as studio apartment. Some also said the living space is shared between 4 people. I think out of those choices, Falls Church will probably be the best.

  26. For me, it's a good excuse to get a $1.50 hot dog from Costco

  27. The Costco I go to is the one near FFX County Gov Center (near Wegmans). Since it's on the road to Costco I just recycle it there. Of course, other people aren't as lucky to have one in a convenient location.

  28. 16k is the max reporting limit. 24 million is the lifetime exclusion for married couples. If you've reached over 24 million dollars gifted then you start paying taxes.

  29. Big question is how private does your partner want it to be, and also if you are going to try to get a picture of it happening. If you don’t want gawkers, maybe the pond to the back right (directions from the perspective of entering). Or the bench and rocks between the main pond area and the Korean area.

  30. Sterling used to have fries. But like all the others, pandemic took them out.

  31. I went last week and they had them.

  32. Holy shite that’s a high number. Is this where rates are right now?

  33. 5.x is amazing. We are at 6.x average and rising.

  34. Burke is the opposite of club/bar. It's a quiet place in the woods to sleep lol. Fairfax City or maybe some stuff in Springfield. Otherwise you gotta go to Alexandria/Arlington or a few spots in Woodbridge. Or Reston/Herndon.

  35. The last time I saw Burke get all excited for something was when Chick-fil-A moved in.

  36. Luckily, my rent renewal for this Winter was the same price paid last year. I heard there were significant increases for people who renewed in the Summer.

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