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  1. Frankly Musk should be kicked off Twitter for bullying and spreading misinformation.

  2. I think this is the best take. Usually things are far more nuanced then we think and it’s our arrogance and ignorance that prevents us from seeing the whole picture. Hence why people were SHOCKED when trump won in 2016 when the answers were simple but very nuanced. If our answers default to, “it’s because they’re stupid and evil”, then we’re the ones being stupid.

  3. People who are driven by anger and fear often make matters worse for themselves. They're blinded by emotion and brainwashed by Fox News and other right wing propaganda.

  4. People who think they are too smart to be fooled are the most vulnerable to con artists because once they believe a lie, their own intellect is used to refute any alternate evidence and preserve their "I am smart" ego and trust in the lie.

  5. If the user repeatedly tapped the "wrong" race, I'm wondering how well those touchscreens were calibrated... and if the screen real estate that translates into "Republican" is a larger band than the one that translates into "Democratic".

  6. Until some Texas voters comment here with their experience it's hard to speculate - the description of the problem is still pretty vague and hard for me to "see it in my mind" what was really happening.

  7. Republicans are Idiocracy in action.

  8. This post, and most of the replies at this point, are a "pick your battles" mine field. So forgive me just for a minute.

  9. It certainly did not start as a proxy war, and the west did not want it to become a proxy war - that's why there has been so much hesitation to send weapons and to give russia a chance to back off. Russia kept pushing and pushing and here we are now.

  10. While it is of concern, never underestimate the lobbying strength of the US military-industrial complex! There are a massive amount of jobs and profits tied to supplying Ukraine. They have a lot of production facilities in red states and their representatives will fall into line.

  11. There can be an argument that we need to spend billions more to prepare for China, and simultaneously hold back arms to Ukraine. It's not as if the military industrial complex relies on Ukraine. Do not underestimate how Republicans can be two faced, arguing for increased spending for arms but not using to help Democracies like Ukraine. Trump himself was never a friend of Ukraine and has always been a friend of Russia, and he is still the leader of the Republican party even though he's not president anymore.

  12. That would seriously impact US standing on the international stage.

  13. Politics have changed over the last century. For one thing the military industrial complex has a life of its own, melding economics and politics. I only hope that our next generation weapons are as effective as the ones we're deploying currently.

  14. I don't have a bidet but I really want one. The next best thing is power washing my anus with a good removable shower head that has a jet setting. It makes me feel powerful.

  15. The cheap $30.00 ones with thousands of reviews work great.

  16. Part of it may be social - the MAGA circles that they have as friends and financial benefactors. Whether it's insider trading information or whatever it may be, there are ways to reward and punish. Possibly even blackmail.

  17. The Conservative Party and the much spoken-of "membership" is not the party of Thatcher. Or Hague. Or even Cameron. It's now home to ex-UKIP'ers and Faragists. In a similar - but not identical - manner to how the US' GOP has been taken over by the insane, conspiracists, evangelicals, QAnons, etc., the Tory party has undergone a populist transformation. And in Boris Johnson you have the ultimate populist, UK-style.

  18. This is where media ownership and advertising have editorial influence.

  19. Oh, no doubt. Brexit - the run up, event, aftermath - is an absolute disaster on so many levels. Political, cultural, social, economic...it's the gift that will keep on giving for decades.

  20. The rise and fall of civilizations. Once a society becomes addicted to lies there's no recovery until we hit rock bottom and admit there's a problem. Have we reached that point yet? Take climate change where despite evidence all around us, certain parties act with impunity or greenwash. Who profits from this disinformation and denial?

  21. Like in the USA, Murdoch and other conservative propagandists will keep a significant portion of the population deluded. There will always be a scapegoat to misdirect anger towards, while the common citizen is bled dry, social safety nets and public health crumble.

  22. Hmmm. I am a republican and most of my friends and family are republicans. Not a single one of us like Putin or really even Russia. I wish that people would stop pushing this narrative.

  23. The people pushing the narrative are elected Republican officials, not the rank and file Republicans, but it doesn't help that people like Fox News's Tucker Carlson are Russian sympathizers.

  24. JFC. Yes. I don’t understand where we went from “Better dead than red.” to whatever the Fuck we are with the Republican Party. (I’m a democrat.)

  25. Step 1 on how this could happen is that someone would have to do something more than write yet-another-article talking about their disdain for Copilot.

  26. The problem isn't at the end-user side. The problem is when it scrapes code and then spits it out irrespective of licensing agreements. It's somewhat related to the AI image creation software that scrapes copyrighted works of art and then spits it back out.

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