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  1. Zoos all over the place with penguins. All it takes is a little determination. And criminal trespassing.

  2. My zoo lets people touch the penguins but the place where they live is so smelly I wouldn’t want to.

  3. What zoo do you speak of? The zoo in my city is one of the most depressing places you could ever go. But there are no penguins. No way in hell they would pay for an enclosure suitable. Zoos teeter between awesome and depressing.

  4. St. Louis zoo. It’s really nice and free admission too. The penguins are in an enclosure where it’s possible to touch them but the enclosure is very smelly I can’t imagine anyone wanting to touch these nasty things living in a wild-like environment but you could if you wanted Covid 23 before it was cool.

  5. Who wants to live longer if you're living like that? They both seem miserable.

  6. Think of how many total beds they’ll have to buy if they each live a long time in their little separate bedrooms.

  7. He wasn't worried about said "friend " when he gained all of that weight. We never even seen him try to call and talk to him either. That was a pathetic excuse for why he couldn't do the program.

  8. The friend was a drug dealer for sure

  9. Latest rumor from a few months ago is that Apple isn’t even started developing Max 2. 😢

  10. There’s even a mid cycle refresh rumored where they just change the colors and leave the chip the same. Can’t innovate anymore my ass. 😁


  12. Her ex fiancé’s ghost could have done it

  13. Daonte actually handled that fairly gracefully.

  14. Daonte is low key a good catch for someone

  15. I hear the best thing to do is feed dead bodies to pigs. You got to starve the pigs for a few days, then the sight of a chopped-up body will look like curry to a pisshead. You gotta shave the heads of your victims, and pull the teeth out for the sake of the piggies' digestion. You could do this afterwards, of course, but you don't want to go sievin' through pig shit, now do you? They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm. They will go through a body that weighs 200 pounds in about eight minutes. That means that a single pig can consume two pounds of uncooked flesh every minute. Hence the expression, "as greedy as a pig".

  16. Good content so cute now I want some

  17. I really have no science that any of this affects hearing other than my audiogram results changing around the same time. But I’ve been eating at least 1.5 cups of berries each day and running for 2 hours every night. Replaced most of my takeaway meals with eating grilled chicken breast and green beans or another vegetable. Taking 2-3 grams of high quality omega 3s per day. Hearing has gone from 19/18 to 15/14

  18. Have to be inside all day. But I do the running outside lol. I used to spend my downtime on Facebook but now it’s on Reddit.

  19. Go to forhims.com. Go through the process (free) and you'll be able to purchase their topical fin/min spray

  20. What is the cost of topical fin for them?

  21. Surprised they didn’t spray “lgbtq” on there too….lol

  22. The lgbtq gang wouldn’t let him in with such shit graffiti

  23. IMO they are really good? The pros 2nd gen are just better, it’s not like the maxes are bad.

  24. I really think the new pros are as good as it can get physically for that form factor. The H2 Maxes when they drop might actually render you deaf even with no music playing. I hate how that would probably make me pay $549 again 😢😢

  25. You could just sell your 1st gen maxes, since they’re over ear. That’s what I plan to do. You’d probably get around $250-300.

  26. The pros hurt my ears if left in for too long. It’s even causing a rash. I only used the maxes before but I have to see how long I can tolerate the Pros 2 before I get rid of my prized AirPods Max in the pretty blue

  27. I didn’t make myself perfectly clear, this is not about windy days but instead about directly head-on wind, that is typically there when you’re riding a bike I know this is a niche scenario

  28. Oh we could be talking about different things. I’ve never biked with them on but I run against the wind. They’re probably different issues with the wind. But for running with the wind the pros 2 really seem superior. I hope Apple can fix the issue for cyclists.

  29. It's *slightly* less of a cracking sound like in ANC mode, and more of a lower frequency wind noise, but neither is close to the first gen's wind handling performance.

  30. I have gone out on windy days and use this custom transparency profile and really don’t have this issue at all. The wind handling is very so slightly better for me generation over generation.

  31. You need to buy better fish oil. At least 1g of EPA per day is best (2g is ideal but expensive, a treat for the heart and mind) and anything more than trace DHA is just eating extra fat (not catastrophic but not “healthy”). I like the sports research triple strength because it’s high EPA, their labs are published online for each lot number and it’s always the fewest contaminants I’ve ever seen in commercial fish oil. They also claim to use small batches and an oxygen free supply chain to minimize peroxide byproducts. No idea if that works but I hope it does because the peroxides scare me. I always keep mine in the fridge to be safer too.

  32. And I’ll be downvoted for this part, but therapy and learning adult coping mechanisms (we’re never taught them but everyone needs them) are better than any plant extract for anxiety/depression and any mental disorder more serious should be seen by a psychiatrist or therapist before you hit up Amazon or GNC. You want to save your liver enzymes for the things that actually extend your healthy life, like EPA fish oil which everyone reading should be taking unless your diet’s fat is 50+% fat from fish.

  33. Frozen is fine, just pulpier. Can make your mouth sore if you have too much. I ate almost a whole one once and haven't touched it since.

  34. I bought some frozen pineapple chunks last week and somehow I liked it better than fresh pineapple. It was so much sweeter and easier on my mouth. Something really changes about the pineapple when you freeze it so I wanted to make sure it didn’t destroy the helpful stuff. They’re like candy after being frozen.

  35. It’s just a speaker. No reason why it couldn’t play full songs if you were able to access it with software.

  36. Redo the profile it shouldn’t sound worse.

  37. Is BHB comparable to the likes of adderall,ritalin in terms of stimulation? Also are the effects consistent or it'll build tolerance overtime? I'm planning to purchase pure C8 and combine it with fasting and low carb/keto, hoping it'll provides energy and mental sharpness and peak cognitive function.

  38. No it’s very subtle. The kind of mood lift that could occur in a natural day without substances.

  39. Aren’t they older than “ out of college “?!

  40. I wish I could convince everyone I know, but I think taking/not taking supplements is a personal gamble and there’s no way to convince someone to do it if they’re predisposed not to. You’re making me wonder if I haven’t tried hard enough though. I know we have a lot of evidence on our side, and I hope to live a long, strong life by combining multiple things (each theoretically adding years to my life), but I must admit that there are studies that have reversed the common wisdom on some supplements, and studies where people who take multivitamins die younger (perhaps people taking multivitamins are making up for a terrible diet, but still).

  41. I am against “multivitamins” in general. I believe in looking at one’s diet and blood work to determine how supplements mights help them. I personally only supplement Omega 3, Vitamin D (weekly), vitamin K2 (I want to keep my teeth until I die anything else weirds me out) and magnesium (I find this helpful for muscle soreness because my posture is annoying, I’m trying to fix it). I also try to make sure I’m eating berries and I consider fish oil in this category too. Less is more when it comes to supplements. But from reading it seems obvious that most people eating a normal western diet should be supplementing several nutrients to make up for some of the damage caused by ultra processed foods. I think EPA really speaks for itself. I can’t imagine someone taking 2 grams of EPA a day for a month and denying its obvious health benefits. This is just meant to be part of a human diet. We really need it.

  42. A word of caution. Choline can cause depression in sensitive individuals. If, however, you are at the other end of the spectrum (i.e., stressed, overactive, manic) it can be beneficial; its a natural downer.

  43. Yes it’s very important to cycle this. And it builds up beyond its duration of effect. I try to only take this for 3 weeks at a time as I increase running and nutrition to help rebuild the brain and confidence.

  44. I've gone down the choline rabbit hole tonight and I can't figure out if I have too much of it or if I'm so severely depleted of it..

  45. I think most people have two little unless you literally ate eggs every day. But if you think you have too much Benadryl at the normal dose should cure you instantly.

  46. Every one of the shitty posts on that sub is asking if their air pods are fake. Like Bruh if you have to buy them on fb market place then yeah they are fake no shit.

  47. Those are supposed to be moderated to a megathread

  48. Do you have a source for 50% replacement rate?

  49. That’s a good point and I don’t really have a source. I only know from being a multi year subscriber to

  50. “Ever growing thyroid has given one of their planets a novel ring system“

  51. They’re there literally for eternity and what is supposed to motivate her to take care of this when she hasn’t already?

  52. Maybe after a few millennia in the afterlife he might change?

  53. Meri was probably the hottest when they were all in their primes. She knows the spiritual Kody will go back to her young sexy soul when they have their own planet together and Robyn’s ever-growing thyroid has given one of their planets a novel ring system. The few decades of ostracization on earth is nothing compared to an eternity as Kody’s first wife in The Kingdom.

  54. Haha I don’t think JK Rowling read that far into Reddit when writing this Bitcoin storyline. This has happened to me a few times but I usually catch it instantly. I’m dyslexic so I’m always edited comments on the first few minutes after making them 🙊. But I was watching a tv show and didn’t catch that this one was totally in the wrong place.

  55. My Reddit app has an issue where it posts my comments in the threads I was in a few seconds ago. So sorry. Lol

  56. I always thought this was a made up drink. Interesting. Will be on the lookout.

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