*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

I can't help but look.

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  1. I volunteer as someone who does home visits with a local rescue. We ask questions for good reason.

  2. When I worked at the Mall of America I'd remind parents that many unattended children get abducted from MOA and trafficked.

  3. I wanted to go but tickets were like $90 which was outside of my price range.

  4. Because it offended them..

  5. I have very distinct spaces for work vs personal space. This helps me compartmentalize. Some people refer to them as zones.

  6. I would voice my concerns at my last job that prided itself on 'authentic communication' only to have upper managememt tell me I was creating a hostile work environment.

  7. I was on an unpopular opinion post recently about a retail worker not liking when strangers called them by name. The men on the post couldn't understand why wearing a name tag could be uncomfortable. But lots of women said men would pick up their name and then be creepy or weird about it.

  8. I stopped giving my name out at work on phone calls because someone threated to come and kill me.

  9. I went to a speed friending event that most people treated as speed dating.

  10. I think Yellow might still be in jail and Purple might be touring with another band?

  11. My job has an events calendar posted so we know when days might be terrible. Luckily management does a pretty good job staffing accordingly.

  12. Yeah, idk WHY we don’t already have that..its such a simple solution that would go a long way

  13. I don't know if the Wool-Ease lots are still available, but if they are I would definitely love to buy them! I've been making hats to donate and this size skein is perfect.

  14. I'm interested in the Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I'm donating one skein scarves and would love to build up my stash!

  15. My boyfriends 2019 kia forte got jacked a little over a week ago, still no sign of it.

  16. I pressed the adjuster for a hard timeline on when they would consider it a loss if it isn't found and he himmed and hawed over dates, so I assume they are all trying to play the waiting game to see if these cars reappear to avoid paying out for them at value and then owning thousands of Kia's in a few months. I'm sorry you lost your sunglasses :(

  17. I go for Solid Gold's Fit & Fabulous because my pup needs to lose some weight. Before that it was Solid Gold's Barking at the Moon. It's not crazy cheap but you can feed less of a higher quality food.

  18. Huskies are double coated so an undercoat rake is a must. You want to make sure that you're brushing the undercoat so it doesn't mat. You should never shave a double coated dog unless they're matted so badly they can't be brushed out.

  19. I have a hard time riding because it makes me cum really quickly and I get all shakey and twitchy. It's like when you let the air out of a balloon or see the inflatable dancing man outside of car dealerships.

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