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  1. Yep, just bruising! That cake looks very healthy.

  2. It’s quite literally weed to my understanding, it converts to delta 9 thc which is the same thing everyone else is smoking. Glad you found something that works for you, hope you were able to take advantage of the Black Friday sales

  3. I’ve read that only 70% converts to D9 THC. that being said, I can’t tell a difference and you can always smoke more. Love having access to this stuff. People don’t realize how rough we have it in prohibition states when they hate on THCA or Delta-8

  4. Im in KY also. Look into high thc-a hemp, its practically weed and legal. It allowed me to ditch my bm dealers.

  5. This is great advice. I was in a similar place and was able to buy really frosty bud grown locally. Can’t really tell a difference between true delta 9 bud

  6. You have to follow your personal passion. You will always regret it if you don’t. The world is changing quickly and now is a great time to start this path

  7. Crystal Fairy and the magical cactus is a fun watch

  8. I believe we don’t understand the full impact of micro content like YouTube on the attention spans of developing brains

  9. I’ve read conflicting reports on the potency of PC. I have a tea that was made with 1750 grams of fresh PC San Pedro cactus. Anyone have experience with this?

  10. Should be plenty for one person to be lit. Maby enough for 2 people to feel it. I used just under 1000 grams of PC (from different vendor) and it definitely was enough for me. Pretty cool experience without being overwhelmed

  11. There’s no guarantee, my buddy was stressed out about work and his entire trip revolves around it but he did feel better on the other side. I’ve very consistently had a great time on 1.5G. Just clean your house and your schedule beforehand!

  12. Thank you for the advice, lid stays on unless I mist the lid once a day. In a closet size sterile space and I scrub up before going in. Doing best to leave alone. Hoping for the best. One other question I have is on the importance of fanning, I’d prefer to try and grow without doing that. Is it essential?

  13. You really don’t need to mist the lid at this stage. I kept my tubs shut tight for a couple weeks until they were 75% colonized. Then I started misting and fanning several times a day.

  14. It seems similar to shrooms and lsd exercise enhancement. If I take a few puffs off the pen before running, I seem to run faster and farther without tiring as easily.

  15. Interesting. I just did a 10 mile run on about 130 mics which was certainly not a microdose but I’ve also had success with 30 mics. Do you get any visuals at your level of dosing?

  16. I have some that look like this. What comes next?

  17. Uncle Ben’s is a great place to start

  18. I'm about to start ape mushrooms any tips I've never grown I made my own mono tub and I'm doing coir vermiculite with coffe grinds

  19. Read the pinned post on the Uncle Ben’s subreddit twice. Take sterilization seriously and follow the guide to the letter and you will find success. 9 out of my first 10 bags fully colonized

  20. Is there a consensus on the best tek to start with?

  21. I’ve tried the berrys. We were chomping on lemons and having a great time. I still have some left and some cactus tea in the freezer…… you’ve given me a lot to think about

  22. If you are truly pinching pennies, my vote would be the og gravity bong. the tiniest pinch can send you to the moon!

  23. Agreed. Did this for years when living in scarcity

  24. Woah! I just made a brew with the exact same amount but I stopped reducing at about 1.5 cups of liquid. Yours is dark because of how concentrated it is. Haven’t drank mine yet but have been curious about dosage. I used PC San Pedro so I don’t know what to expect

  25. I ripped my pax on the comedown of a trip and it put me right back in but with a different flavor of trip. Felt like 2 peaks for the price of 1. Recommended

  26. I wish more people talked about the fresh weight of the cactus they’re cooking. Length and width doesn’t really give the full story.

  27. I did 2gs of Penis Envy, in tea. I read about how strong they are. It was correct. Lol

  28. 1.5 Gs of APE took me down to my nuts and bolts. Strong indeed

  29. I was actually gunna guess that. You live in a prohibition state? My CBD shop sells some primo local grown THCa strains

  30. They sell little silicone adapters for that if you wanna elevate it even further.

  31. I got one for my Pax! Very fun to hook it up when I’m feeling fancy. Plus the bong stays squeaky clean

  32. As a 16 year old I smoked menthols…until a VERY strong mushroom trip. While tripping I couldn’t stand the thought of menthols, gave away my pack and started smoking regular cigarettes.

  33. Why would 48% vote against ? Because ignorance

  34. Exactly that. Psychedelics are so unbelievably different than I thought even 5-6 years ago. Once you’ve done some research and/or had an experience it’s blatantly obvious that these things should never have been outlawed.

  35. I watched way of the psychonaut recently and it blew me away. There would be people “possessed by demons” during sessions. And he would calmly interrogate the persona much to its confusion until the situation resolved

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