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  1. And people spamming the sub with titles like "crypto is dead" etc

  2. They are brain dead, dont mind them 😂

  3. Awesome news for Algorand, it gets finally the attention it deserves.

  4. After some time, u starting to ignore what you lose. So only patience is lefts here.

  5. Hi, we are banks, this is our fake bitcoin it's like bitcoin, but u can use it where we want not you.

  6. Did I say the green color is the best color so far?

  7. Still, people don't invest in utility.

  8. Oh, my favorite crystal ball analysis.

  9. Nice tool for the crypto universe, thx to him.

  10. Bitget listed our Moons, i trust them !

  11. Seems Putin needed some crypto, and got it.

  12. Prolly some shitty NFT collection started "flash sale" on Opensea

  13. Seems swift blockings suffer him. Otherwise, he wouldn't support blockchain.

  14. All politicians should send back what they got as a "GIFT".

  15. -5m says:

    People long Solana?

  16. Even the Solana foundation is shorting it right now.

  17. “Good night everyone, and thanks for your money!”

  18. Next bull run they come back with SafeFi name

  19. Would be nice to buy Ledger stocks once they go public to support their wallet production. And if I read right its soon.

  20. Politicians lost their reputations after that a lot.

  21. Scammers get kicked out of the crypto universe, and new ones join.

  22. Algorand needs to get more attention, so undervalued…

  23. Less than 7% on exchanges, but coinbase, apparently, holds 2 million btc, which is over 10%?

  24. They already lost many amount of it, 2 days ago i posted about it

  25. This is good news for crypto in general. People are starting to take care of their own crypto and not letting them stay at the exchanges.

  26. Soon on news: Dogecoin jumps again because Elon changes tweeting to barking.

  27. and I'm continuing my transparency about holding my crypto on my ledger.

  28. No exchange is your friend. But it's good to know an exchange is good or not for the little time you'd have to use it

  29. Agree don't trust them more than your seed phrase. But still nice to know their transparency

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