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  1. if we're lucky we may even get an autograph from Tim Burton himself!

  2. we'd have to break Johnny Depp out of Burtons basement first though. I've been planning this breakout for the past decade.

  3. I imagine it's because Krobus wants to stay hidden. You got his trust, and that's how he accepted to live with you, but if anyone else could also just live with you two, then it would kinda defeat the purpose of the fact that he used to live in the sewers to avoid the villagers.

  4. I agree with this, but I imagine outta all the villagers Em, Abby, and Sebby (maybe even Sam) would be the most accepting of our demon friend. Hell, I even think it'd be awesome if we could get EVERYONE comfortable with him, and he could join the village in a sense. And still be our shadowy roomie

  5. Yeah, I think my boy Sammy would love to be roommates with Krobus, he’s probably jealous that he can’t be his friend lmao

  6. I think Krobus just just has low self esteem, and more people would be into him than he believes. The other demons aren't into him, but the psychotic apes would be cool with him

  7. Imma basic bitch, and I'm sure people have listed this shit already, but...

  8. Man, i was joking, read your comment without the word spite, its funny lol, to clarify, i didn't say you used it wrong, I meant the inclusion of the word for the purpose of the joke.

  9. Ah, that's what you were getting at. I have had people "correct" me over dumber.

  10. Bruh. I don't understand some people on here, I don't like people who "correct" un ironically. I personally never correct anyone on reddit anyways, most of the time, most people I know with reddit originally had different languages as their first and English as a 2nd/3rd or can't be bothered with proper grammar. Eitherway, doesn't bother me.

  11. If boom loli comes to rescue me, does she bring the rest of the gang?

  12. I don't even sort. I just have specific chests, and dump stuff in em.

  13. I know you can room with krobus, but I always thought it'd be cool to somehow make room for krobus and the dwarf on your farm... hell it'd be awesome to have like a fairy hutch. I WANNA COLLECT ALL THE MAGIC CREATURES!!

  14. I know you can get a jumnio house to help you collect on harvest days !

  15. I got dems. Love juminos, but I do really want the fairy now... I got weirdly excited for that.

  16. Don't have an answer there, unfortunately. All I know is it's a purple den. Lol

  17. Super high? Mine doesn't leave my garage, unless I'm changing out the water

  18. Might just be my messed up sense of humor, but I'd be hiding that thing in so many closets in hopes of scaring the shit outta people 😆

  19. They're those super wooly Scottish cows, the sprites don't do em justice

  20. I kinda know why she stole it. All the original times I saw yjis comic back in 2015-16 n shit it's the guy leaving, but it looks like someone changed it up to the woman's leaving... and she stole his scarf 😆 I like to imagine she just ripped it off him and left like a dick.

  21. You mold the form out of clay, and stick it in your rune enchanted kiln.

  22. Kinda... I never get paranoid about people being outside when I'm high, but I do like to sit at the window and people watch like a giant cat.

  23. Alternative, teach the cat to roll. You can pet it while it gets you high.

  24. Ah God damnit, I need to get a dog again 😫 such a good lil old man 😁

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