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  1. Bit rot is real, but FLAC files are probably just as susceptible to it

  2. something is seriously wrong with that ticketing system if it accepts any random cloned card twice, let alone if it accepts an RFID tag with nintendo formatted garbage data on it.

  3. IIRC someone once attacked the Oyster card system in the London Underground by replaying the same ticket over and over again until it crashed, but this was a really long time ago and I can’t remember enough of the specifics to Google it, and I’m currently a bit overstimulated and just want to lie in a dark room for hours

  4. Follow the instructions Kevin

  5. Heard them referred to as “railbikes” and “railbiking”. I’ve had YouTube videos of people doing this in USA and Canada too so it’s not just a Swedish thing

  6. Fact fiend plugged them recently as well which is sad cause Karl has been notoriously picky about sponsors historically even going as far to out shitty practices in a how not to do business series.

  7. Yeah that struck me as odd, because him and his team normally know better but they’ve also been up front about recent financial problems and needing to pivot. Hopefully this one gets resolved and they go back to their ways of actively slagging off shitty sponsors

  8. Many people in England already know this because there have been lots of companies selling this shit to us for ages. They put this shit in the back pages of tabloids alongside the “collectable” commemorative plates and ugly statues

  9. It’s milk. Milk appears yellow when frozen, it turns white again when you defrost it.

  10. Kinda burying the lede there. No mention of the lizard’s tail continuing to wiggle after getting torn off? That’s the highlight!

  11. It isn’t torn off, the lizard has a mechanism to deliberately drop it as a decoy, and grow a new one if they make it out

  12. I fail to understand why one would own a lawn mower without owning a lawn?

  13. HOA will forclose if they don’t perfectly mow the concrete

  14. In before someone jams an arduino into one and has a mapping for Mixxx and Traktor

  15. Yes, they have. If the UK want to join again, the EU has made it very clear that there will be no opt-outs, most notably regarding the adoption of the euro, or the Shengen area.

  16. Also reminds me of the experiment where they put stilts on ants, and they kept overshooting where they thought food was because apparently they count steps when navigating

  17. I remember when this happened. The folks who did it waited a few weeks so the station CCTV had been overwritten before they published the video, and TFL were steaming mad about it

  18. It’s a dry solder joint. Resolder that joint and you won’t need to hit the TV

  19. That ad drives me fucking spare

  20. Source for the newspaper article? (Asking so I can review it)

  21. Unfortunately not easy to search for as the UK press is printing an extraordinary number of hit pieces on trans people over the last few years, that and they all paywall.

  22. Honestly; this can all be solved by creating bathrooms properly.

  23. We have proper bathroom doors with no gaps in the UK, and that’s where Rowling lives and the kaffee klatsch of transphobes known as mumsnet have most of their userbase

  24. It's never explained how the replicator actually works, so it'd really depend on whatever weird science goo it's using to make the food and where that's sourced from.

  25. I think they are at some point explained as similar to the transporters, and can convert energy to matter.

  26. Probably worth pointing out that often if your car only has what appears to be a remote fob, there is often a physical key hidden inside somewhere in case you get locked out.

  27. He’s about as smart as one and it’s a funny word to say

  28. Does my leatherman having 2 blades on it count?

  29. Can you get a prion disease from drinking out of a skull cup? Make sure you ethically source your materials!

  30. Remember to coat the inside of your enemy skull chalice with food-safe epoxy resin before using it folks

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