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I needed this today

  1. i don't see a 22 black corvette there.. I'm waiting for that one.

  2. Yeah i definitely will get an extended warranty. I was just wondering if there are better options out there besides the one that was offered to me.

  3. I would check Audi Care directly to see if eligible.. if you can avoid 3rd party I would. Audis are great last forever and styling is timeless enjoy!

  4. I will definitely give them a try. You would even avoid the top recommended third party ones like endurance, carshield, And FD warranty?

  5. I'm not educated enough on those, maybe someone else could advise. Sorry.

  6. Wow impressive, good for you! Yeah I use to solo rave a lot, it's fun

  7. Very true but jauz use to play earlier back in the day, it's nice learning about and hearing up and coming djs. I wish I could make 5 to 5 ha.

  8. We were on the bus and I overheard some people saying ufo they prob saw same thing.

  9. I'm not premier but their was premier people on our standard shuttle that missed times to edc, so i think you just get access on those too. Ask to double check but seems only fair you get both schedules paying more.

  10. I walked by the merch a couple times and it was absolutely insane, I literally cannot imagine waiting in that line

  11. Same... skip the sweatshirt and go stay warm in the crowd

  12. Agreed arrive early, leave early, and all will be fine. I'm bringing my jacket tonight, we left around midnight last night but still had a lot of fun.

  13. Left at 12am cold was unbearable, took 30m to get back to strip. But there was traffic lines for miles back to interstate to get in still at that hour.

  14. Did they cancel the fireworks? For night 1? I hated that in 2019 :(

  15. Yeah we all feel you man haha. Total vibe killer. Tomorrow and Sunday should be much better 👍

  16. Boris was so worth any hassle I had during any other part of the night.

  17. Yeah Nora was 💤 fest went on to Acraze which set was great

  18. Had a horrible experience so far this year. The amount of people that were aggressively shoving people of their way with no consideration at all. As a female who is on the smaller end, in addition to being pretty short, large men were throwing me out of their way, seeming to be that I was a easy target. In no way shape or form do I feel that I deserve special treatment, but there is only so much that I can handle.

  19. The one thing I prefer edc over ultra is the people attending, but perhaps that miami mindset has transferred over. My gf is on the smaller side didn't have too much issue but we were part of the early crowd and left around 2am. The uber and parking was very poorly marked took us 40m to get a ride back, next time may wait to 3am for shuttle back.

  20. Add wind dusk and cold for more pain ha the crowds kept us warm!

  21. Yes all the stage upgrades were well done. I think the one near circuit grounds was the same too (the tunnel archway one)

  22. Confirming. Go to the insomniac app, click “explore” for edc, then click “experience” then click “cash exchange” :)

  23. Are you able to load online before lime other festivals or well have to go onsite and wait in line 🤔

  24. I was wondering about this too, my last one was 2019 edc and they took cash, not sure about last year's and I haven't seen any Intructions how to load money on bracelet.

  25. I always stay right until 5:30am each day which is when the last set ends. By the time you even make it to the shuttle area it’ll be 6am or later.

  26. I remember the 2019 weather chilly, looks completely opposite this weeekend!

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