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  1. I love it. Sometimes it plays well in the scene. In Hadestown, Afra was pouring water and Jessie bumped in to her and she spilled the water all over the stage. They both went 😮 at each other, laughed, then cleaned up the spill. Would never have knows the spill wasn’t part of the scene and they played it well.

  2. 👏👌👌👏👌👏👌this is something I didn’t know I needed until now

  3. “Your powers are quaint, you must be popular with the children.” One of my favorite lines from Infinty War lol

  4. I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it

  5. I had no issues with it. The only bad cgi was when Wanda destroyed the Ultron bots on the security video.

  6. We ended up seeing beetle juice and loved it!

  7. You need to tell your director that when you first got the script she didn't say anything about no highlighting but when you reviewed the material you highlighted. Tell her she should have been more clear from day one about this rule and that it shouldn't change it months later.

  8. I agree with this but just for future reference almost all professional scripts will be “pencil only”. I just assume they all are now unless I’m told differently.

  9. OP posted about getting in a high school show so I’m assuming its for that and not a professional show.

  10. Your right I mean compared to people with super powers like Thor they are weaker

  11. Right. You can say Thor is stronger. He’s not human. You would need to compare the categories. Comparing a human to an enhanced person isn’t an equal comparison

  12. What age did you start at? Our breeder gave us this absolutely horrific packet of how impact can injure growing pups, and I am absolutely anxious.

  13. Don't want to scare you but my Aussie just tore her 2nd CCL and meniscus last weekend. Last year when the first knee went, she was running after a groundhog. This year, she was tossing a pine cone around not even running and it went. I know there's so many injuries to worry about but you can't predict when they'll happen. Thats how I got about it now. I can't worry about when she'll get injured. Just worry after.

  14. this! lol, it's like one day their brains connect "air time high catch = a laughing, happy human" 🥺

  15. Exactly!! And we figured out that you cant just wing it and they'll catch. Small steps. Short throws. They need to figure out it goes up, it comes down, and i need to be in this spot to catch! Once they get that, then slowly start going a little further and further each time. They'll get it but its not going to happen overnight

  16. You have an issue with how someone sounds?! Really?! Gonna get downvoted for this but I'm so tired of this movie getting picked apart. Yes there's problems with it but goodness people do you need to attack every single aspect of it?

  17. Nope. If she got out the mirror trap thingy, BB would only harm her temporarily. Probably send the echo waves back into his mouth and make him choke

  18. Then that’s too much effort if she can pop his head by just thinking about it.

  19. Not sure about TKTS but the website shuts down sales about a half hour before the show. So you could either buy same day if her flight arrives on time or purchase at the box office right before curtain.

  20. That makes me wish I'd seen Afra in the role. It's a character every performer can put their own stamp on. I'd be interested in seeing every version!

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