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  1. Look into colostrum for GI disorders. I had this filmy stuff too for a bit.


  3. Blood ON the stool could be indicative of fissure in the lower intestine or rectum? Do you have hemorrhoids?

  4. Colostrum, Bioperine, Curcumin, prebiotic foods(fruits&veggies) and probiotics like yogurt...kimchi and kombucha may help solidify your stool and strengthen your digestion.

  5. I guess I'm the only Baked Beans and Apple Sauce'r so far. 😵

  6. Scary and unsettling, not so much. Different? Yeah. Although I don't spend too much time in the mirror, a glance and I'm on my way.

  7. Can reduce cancer is a big difference from cure cancer. If this reliably cured cancer every single time people would do it instead of chemo. The fact is that it doesn’t.




  11. We're all connected. How? We come from an original ancestor...together we are one...experientially separate. I work food and this is and has been the norm forever...everyone shows up at once without fail. A good amount of people order the same thing and in the moment it's puzzling.

  12. Atomic dog, mans best friend and Cujo...different breeds. Different movies. Although... the effect happens.

  13. Only Thursday, and I slept through most of it...had disorienting ringing in the ears as well. Took several naps even after feeling refreshed...woke up Friday chipper as can be.

  14. Weed is just way too strong now period...take a hit or two and set the piece down. I've found edibles are more tolerable at reasonable doses.

  15. For myself, it was Fruit growing up. Yet, it's been Froot for almost a decade now...I've been waiting to see 'Fruit' for a long time...lucky you!

  16. Yes, I was VERY irritable yesterday and had ringing in both ears...gone today..was sleepy and took several naps..not normal for myself...totally fine now.

  17. They recently turned the LHC back on. Wonder if there really is something to it, along with Quantum Computing...?

  18. Not always, Dolly having no braces makes no sense whatsoever. Moonraker clearly smiles in front of the camera for a reason.

  19. 2 years late here. Beauty and the Beast they are now. They both were metal mouths before.

  20. Yep, when they 1st came out I remember Double Stuft Oreos. Then...Double

  21. Freemasonic bullshit New World Order...

  22. Pandemic, LGBTQ+ rights, Canadas bullshit, Ukraine and Russia, Inflation, business failures, cancel culture....take your pick...

  23. I'm getting vague dead vibes...but also not. Feels high man.

  24. I'm a believer in this Mandela Effect but I am highly suspicious of this particular photo which I have seen multiple times now.

  25. It's likely edited, just an example to show what most probably remember. I was one of the ones that always wondered "is it pronounced Steen or Stein?" Stain???

  26. Didn't realize dick van dyke was also alive and kicking.... I also remember him dying some time ago. I wonder if some of these celebritiey deaths the people really did die, and they are using clones to further confuse the masses.

  27. Clones are possible, but map changes?

  28. It is rather strange that they have been beating the drum about this movie for months without ever showing the guy, and then they air the movie and... right on cue. Whole thing is spooky if nothing else.

  29. Like when Michael Jackson died around the time his movie "This Is It" was released.

  30. For 1 day, for myself...she had a devilishly sinister smile...

  31. It's Hadron now, you're still good, friend. I always knew it as Haldron. I had to focus so hard to make sure I pronounced the "L" every time I read or spoke the word. So weird.

  32. This is like the word dilemma for myself.

  33. I feel like I've heard dilemma pronounced your way, with the "n", but I don't recall any other spelling than the current one.

  34. The N was 'silent', pronounced the same. It gets intricate...language is strange.

  35. I wonder if our constant usage of LED screens and light have changed our perception in the last decade.

  36. There is a color changing situation going on. I noticed this with the General Lee car. It was orange and the flag on top was red. Recently it looks like the car matches the color of the car.

  37. We started using LED for everything in the last decade. I think it's changing the way we perceive light, a reprogramming of sorts.

  38. It might be an internal wish to avoid the shitstorm right at our doorstep...where we all blame eachother for the world being so trash, when it's really everyones fault even though fingers will be pointed.

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