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  1. Don’t understand the comparison. Shib is functional, FTT and FTX are not. Shib has moved with the market, FTX and FTT are a ponzi.

  2. Apparently he walked off every single injury.

  3. Parsiq is a sleeper. Will be huge in 4-5 years

  4. Actually Porsche did really drop some NFTs and it was heavily discussed on Reddit. I don’t think this is a scam post, but definitely not relevant to Shiba. Even if this is commentary on a real NFT drop, it’s suspect because of the recent income of some very worrisome posts about some bull… “Treats airdrops”.

  5. I'm buying now and up to 1.50 but enjoying these low prices definitely put more money in at $0.70 just because I have money now and only had a grand at $0.35

  6. I’m really concerned about If that goes down, then Shiba will be on flash sale and so will Bone. While that maybe an excellent chance to get Bone probably around .30 it means it will take a while to bounce back.

  7. That's a great ammount. I'm at 30k looking for 50k for the next bullrun. I'm hoping for $500/bone if we get our circulating supply under 100 million.

  8. Do you really think $500? I thought anywhere between 50-100 in next two years at best.

  9. I don’t quite understand it. He was a billionaire. Every time I see some hot influencer, she is entangled with some sort of sugar daddy, who is probably not even close to what Sam’s net worth was.

  10. Kyoto doesn’t seem to be on this map. I heard that the allies decided to not bomb the city due to its sacred history and meaning. Not sure if it’s true though.

  11. This is not something to celebrate over, binance could rug pull SHIB like they did to

  12. Is the only one rug pulling FTX actually FTX? They ran a Ponzi scheme. Binance took a look and politely said “No, thanks!”. Unless Shiba turns out to be a huge scam, they won’t offload their possession.

  13. So I heard fried might get indicted. Binance might have pulled out if they discovered some fraud on ftx books.

  14. Yea, isn’t Fixing your balance sheet enough for prosecution? I know there was much more illegal misbehavior beyond that, but false pretends of financial statements should be a start for indictment.

  15. After each winter comes spring and then summer. 2024 might be a great summer.

  16. I thought “knocker-ups” were hired for something else.

  17. Do you need money now? Or in 6 months? If the answer is “no” then Hodl.

  18. Awesome reference from a movie way underrated. Sam is a peacock.

  19. BTC to $12,000? I remember there were quite a lot of people saying we will hit that this year. Of course, neither speculated the macro shitstorm but they might be right overall.

  20. Solana might be over. Friedman was a huge investor and proponent. That, plus the consistent outages, and Matic just leading the charge now. I’m glad I never invested in Sol. Big promise and hype only.

  21. Google “FTX and Binance”. That explains the current massive drop.

  22. This is called catching a falling knife. Crypto is going to tank further this week. Yes, it’s a great chance to buy in now, but tomorrow might be even greater. All I’m saying is, if you are buying and holding, don’t get emotional if the price might go further than the dip you bought. Everything under a buck is a blessing.

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