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  1. why worry about V1 tokes…. its like its been discontinued…. if you havent recvd V2s yet,… just ho get them… probably cost you $5 to have a peace of mind… If I knew ya, I’d pay it for ya

  2. Does yours show as a huge amount of money? Or the correct amount? I can see mine but they are showing as billions of pounds worth haha

  3. no, from what i understand you are seeing V1 tokens bot V2 tokens

  4. That’s right. I’m seeing the amount of v1 tokens I had at the price of the v2 tokens. Only on ledger though. If you check your wallet address on etherscan it’s all good. Or connect your ledger to uniswap you can see the c2 tokens and price.

  5. followup… The V2 contract updated on Ledger,… now I see my V2 tokens.

  6. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  7. telcoin went from a small project to a massive one in that time frame. at this point they have enhanced the seriousness of communication and are not going to release until its ready to go for many reasons which have been stated many times.

  8. XRP is trying to solve 2017 problems in which Telcoin has already done.

  9. Sold ALL a while ago.The fundamentals seems solid but I’m well invested in other projects that are constantly innovating with transparency and apparent growth on so many levels. I’m deep in the crypto rabbit hole and Tel simply didn’t make the cut.

  10. TEL will give you such HIGH GAINS, it won’t matter to be honest. Just use KUCOIN

  11. You’ll be getting it soon,… just be patient.

  12. Jesus Christ dude. It's up 5450% for the year right now.. it's one of the best performing assets. You're condemning the project because you bought late.

  13. Basically! A lot of ppl are mad because they came to the party LATE LATE! …. but not realizing the party is just beginning. They are “insta” people, want things now. They’ll see…. just mite them out and carry on.

  14. Will be Fully Viable this coming Monday August 23rd………

  15. Dogecoin has no purpose other than to hold until a bunch of ppl buy into it and then you sell. Its 💩!

  16. BE PATIENT! TEL/USDC holding above 5M … 5-7 more days, it will be viable….so maybe by mid to late Sept. V3 goes online in the U.S.. Then maybe,…. maybe Tel 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  17. When you figure out how to stake it let me know. You can reach me here


  19. Didn’t realise you could stake TEL 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’d love some help on this as well, thanks 😊


  21. I was literally about to, but I had to wait a day for Coinbase to let me transfer the full amount.

  22. coinbase allows $1000 worth btc daily cashapp $2000 daily but $5000 weekly $1000 daily, I think fyi to know

  23. buy bitcion on cashapp, bitcoin is available instantly.. transfer your bitcoin to whatever exchange you’re purchasing it from...i buy/ store mine on kucoin, since doesn’t support trx(tron) sign up direct to kucoin or invite link below. good luck!

  24. Are you a US citizen? If so, they dont provide support for US citizens anymore. They didn’t comply w/ the US rules or policies in regards to crypto about a yr ir 2 ago. We had some many days to transfer our assets to exchanges that held the same crypto, that did abide by the US crypto policies. Like Binance, they didn’t comply neither, so what they was create a whole new exchange called this is in compliance w/ the US, in competition with coinbase & Gemini &

  25. Those instructions are for adding the token manually to a MEW from a computer/laptop but no instructions to add the token manually on an ios device.

  26. The MEWconnect app will not show custom tokens, only default tokens and ETH. Custom tokens are saved locally with your browser for your security, and not 'synced' to the app. You will need to access the web interface with MEWconnect to view custom tokens and make transactions.

  27. I think this one is real buddy. You may want to listen to your relatives this time.

  28. I had trouble a few hours ago, .4 Eth. I’m waiting to hear back from them. I wanted CPC & BTO but my funds never showed up. 1st time that has ever happened, very unpleasant feeling. But I’ll try on telegram also to see if I can get it resolved, Thanks.

  29. I had no problem once I went on telegram. Ps good choice I was also getting cpc

  30. Cool thanks... like minds, huh! I went ahead & bought it from Tidex.

  31. I just sent .4 ETH to my ETH wallet on Bibox from Gemini, it never arrived. I did send them a message, explaining the transaction...guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens. Any other suggestions?

  32. The BAT on binance is Basic Attention Token. Not BATCoin....

  33. Ohhhh, gotcha! I was thinking bat and coin was ran together unintentionally, my bad. 1st time hearing of batcoin.

  34. If you lose money, it's your own fault.

  35. Get this for a F' up: I held 300,000 XVG for ages and it did nothing. meanwhile the BTC ($2000) I used to buy it did 4x. A few weeks ago I lost faith in XVG sold up and jumped ship back to BTC. That $2K of XVG is now worth $45K. fml.

  36. FUCK!... I’m feeling your sickness!

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