1. CoinJournal is (1) garbage, (2) not part of the Cosmos community.

  2. Tried to read the wallpaper but i dont understand anything. So will there be a max supply etc?

  3. Man you must have been just grinning to have been the one that got to drop this zinger. :)

  4. Not happy that current inflation will quadruple initially to bootstrap cosmos hub treasury. I understand the need for it and that it will be beneficial over the long run but still don't like the idea of 10mos of increased supply.

  5. Yeah, I hope this doesn't tank the price too much. But imagine the incredible FOMO for people who want to get in and stack as much ATOM as possible while the inflation is high before it drops to nearly 0% forever.

  6. Granted I read the white paper very quickly and will read it again later. I didn't see where they mentioned how much of the extra 50-60m or so(would need to do the math) supply ends up in the treasury. In the entire scheme of things it's a pretty small amount considering how low the inflation will be afterwards but it is a quick ⅙ increase.

  7. The rap was very cringe and out of place.

  8. I couldn't watch more than 20 seconds of it. Skipped past.

  9. The use of Pepe the frog, while childish from the buttoned-up standpoint of mainstream business, is widespread in crypto spaces, is not white supremacist and is wholly in keeping with the irreverent disruptive ambitions of an ecosystem (and a lead developer) that aims, ultimately, to outcompete legacy systems of government, economic expression and human organization.

  10. Stop making multiple comments complaining about this (FYI, it isn't true) and DYOR.

  11. Loved that paper conceptualizing Cosmos Hub as a port city when I first read it. It changed how I thought about sovereign L0 and L1 blockchains in a multi-chain future.

  12. As a much less savvy person, this wording lends to seeing the objective ahead and has sparked more interest in diving into ATOM for much more than price action.

  13. Excellent. The more people who get invested (and not only financially invested) in new models and systems of human organization, competitors to failing nation-states, the end of territorial boundaries as a constraint on governance, and all that jazz, the better.

  14. Bearish on Rebus. If I get anything, selling immediately

  15. If you qualified for the Rebus airdrop, you should be able to claim 60% of it now.

  16. Well, it seems to be one of the best projects being built right now on Cosmos, but I don't know about lambo money... unless you got a pretty hefty airdrop.

  17. I surpassed 3,250 NOM today, I'm still staking and compounding, and there's another airdrop coming. I should hit my near-term target of 4,000 in a month or two, even without another drop. As someone who got a decent-sized airdrop originally, I seriously doubt that even that much NOM will be Lambo money any time soon (or ever), but a man can dream.

  18. Holy shit, how? I've been restaking every day since my drop and I think I'm at.. 25?

  19. Hopefully it will be available on Osmosis soon and you can grab some more.

  20. Based on 1003. Liquid proof of stake is the real mvp of this tech.

  21. You're right about the compound interest. The problem is that bakers often take way longer to pay out rewards than they should. They should pay out every ~3 days, but many of the bakers to which I've delegated routinely take 5–7 days, sometimes longer. I'm guessing that they intentionally hold onto delegates' rewards longer than they should in order to pump up their own future baking rewards while lowering the amount they have to distribute. With a large enough pot of XTZ, holding onto rewards for even one extra baking cycle could make a real difference to that baker. Pretty scummy, if so.

  22. Well I’m from the U.K. (which only taxes citizens when they’re a resident) and work in Dubai (no income tax at all). Really not too exciting, but I’m very happy not to have to worry about tax!

  23. You lucky dog. Uncle Sam wouldn't give a shit whether I worked in Dubai or Dubuque. The IRS always has its hands in our pockets.

  24. I'm holding over 28,000 RAW. Anything that adds more utility and value to the token sounds good to me.

  25. e-Money's stablecoins are 100% backed by fiat deposits and government bonds which are audited by E&Y quarterly to ascertain Proof of Funds. As far as I'm concerned, they are the only ones to have stablecoins fully backed by fiat while being government compliant, at least it counts for something.

  26. All the Stablecoins issued by e-money (EEUR, EDKK, ENOK, ESEK & ECHF) are interest-bearing and undergo quarterly audits by big 4 Ernst & Young.

  27. Interesting! Thanks for the info. I don't mess with stablecoins much, but I think I see the appeal here. How does NGM itself accrue value?

  28. Just stop typing it wrong and the bot goes away. It's not that hard. Say it with me: "The Federal Reserve." The Fed. It's not an acronym.

  29. I have some Juno staking rewards pending, and not enough Juno as gas.

  30. No, I mean that if you had staking rewards pending in ATOM or some other coin, and for some reason you didn't have OSMO (not everyone in the Cosmos holds it), but you did have a little free JUNO in your wallet, then you could swap JUNO on Junoswap for a small amount of ATOM or whatever other coin you need in order to pay the gas fee to claim staking rewards in that other coin.

  31. I see what you mean, you can swap juno to anything and transfer through IBC.

  32. If you're staking JUNO, your staking rewards accrue minute by minute. You don't have to wait for the daily epoch to get new coins.

  33. Stack more. Get to 100 OSMO, 100 JUNO, 100 ATOM and then add more.

  34. What this guy said, OP. Since you don't have the funds to buy more, you'll have to aim to reach these totals by compounding your staking rewards, which unfortunately will take a while (especially for ATOM). If you can find the funds to invest some more, that will make it a lot more feasible.

  35. Hopefully the price doubles so that my daily rewards stay the same :-)

  36. In Cosmos, you don't search for airdrops. The airdrops search for you.

  37. Has anyone claimed the airdrop? was it worth anything? I'd happily claim free money and sell isntantly but yeah, not gonna invest.

  38. I don't think you can sell anywhere yet. It will probably be added to Junoswap at some point.

  39. Tbh I'm fine with it being a rug pull, because I don't plan to put any of my own money into it.

  40. Yeah, this one definitely came out of left field for me. I was around in the early to mid-2010s when 3D printing and other then-new technologies started to have an impact on fashion, and I saw some of it firsthand.

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