1. My high-energy working breed puppy was 15 weeks old when I got her, and she slept for most of the first week…combination of adjusting to the new environment, and growing 1.5kg in that week!

  2. Thank you so much for the response! We went to the store and found some kibble and he ate all of it and has way more energy now! I’m keeping in mind it’s only his third day with us and he’s just a little baby, and needs a lot of sleep! Trying not to stress that he’s low energy for most of the day because that’s normal for such a young pup!

  3. I worked at Trader Joe’s and they deff accidentally hit the discount button and couldn’t remove the charge lolz

  4. Hey there I had the same issue with the same dose , current one week into 15mg from 10mg, if you want I can keep you posted !

  5. Ive been on Lexapro for about a year for OCD and anxiety, It worked like a charm at first but I notice it not working too well anymore! So I’m debating switching to Zoloft!

  6. This happens to me! This last period I had was horrible. It’s like I revert back to my pre-Lexapro days. Ugh so sorry! It will pass

  7. Yes I can relate. Last weekend I was extremely triggered by something on TV and it made me extremely anxious for the following 5 days. It wasn’t just a little anxiety, it was like the terrible anxious feelings I used to have before Lexapro, so it scared me that I was going back to how I was. I’m fine now, I try to remember it will pass, and I’ve made it through everything else that has happened before hand! You’ll be okay💓

  8. Me right now. Holy shit idk what to do. I feel like a zombie

  9. yes me too! and i also started my period so it could be that as well! have you talked to your doctor about your results ?

  10. I am also on my period so maybe that’s why lol. And no I haven’t talked to them yet!

  11. I had the same thing happen to me after about a year of it working well. Wasn’t depressed but could still sleep all day and didn’t really feel any emotions one way or another. Ended up switching meds to Prozac and now I feel more evened out - def talk to your doctor about this. It’s not all “changing your mindset,” sometimes it is the meds.

  12. How is Prozac for you? Do you notice any side effects you don’t like?

  13. Also feeling lethargic and like I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, partly due to the intense dreams I’ve been having since upping my dose. But even after getting up I still feel out of it and “underwater” almost until I’ve been up a few hours and had some caffeine. I’m really hoping that changing the time of day I take it might help.

  14. The dreams are so intense I hate it! That could be part of my problem too. I keep having scary vivid dreams and wake up so tired still

  15. I think you guys might need to try something else... Lexapro has been a godsend for me

  16. Season 10 is probably the best if you're looking for drama. Report back to us after you watch it lol

  17. I’m back! Just finished season 10. Here’s my consensus: Brandon is absolutely rude as hell and I do not like him at all. He is so unbelievably disrespectful to production and everyone around him. Taylor is also toxic. That was just a bad couple. Zach and Mindy… ya no. I knew from the first episode that it wasn’t gonna work. Katie and Derek… eh. They’re just bland. Katie seems kinda toxic as well and a jealous type. Michael and Meka. I feel so bad for Meka! Michael is just weird how he lies all the time, like wtf! Anyways. This season was interesting. I deff liked season 9 better!

  18. I gained about 10 lbs since I started Lexapro about 8 months ago. However, I’m no longer constantly in fight-or-flight mode, constant heart racing, and hunger from my body in over drive. So my body isn’t burning as much calories because I’m just not panicked or stressed anymore!

  19. Hi! I started having terrible, terrible intrusive thoughts randomly one day. I thought I was going crazy because I didn’t know what was happening! Lexapro has helped in the sense that when I do experience intrusive thoughts, I have learned how to brush them off and not panic so much about them. I saw major improvement after about 2 months. And now when I do get them I know they don’t mean anything. It’s almost like Lexapro has helped me see more clearly and just relax

  20. I want to know the same thing. I’m debating getting off of lexapro, as well.

  21. Oh yes! Get used to it, Atleast in my case they haven’t gone away 🥲

  22. Suddenly around week 5 or 6 I kind of had a moment like “wow maybe everything isn’t so bad. Maybe I don’t have to feel guilty or anxious for all my thoughts” and from then on I’ve been able to see and handle my thoughts way better and see them more clearly if that makes sense. I just feel like I’m not in a constant state of alarm all the time!

  23. I can start to get brain zaps after 36 hours without a dose. Lexapro withdrawal is not fun.

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