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  1. Hopefully at a gym not run by a terrible coach who put his 'best' lifter on tren two months in and proceeded to destroy him physically with macho bs training

  2. You will not have NO callouses if you file these down.

  3. Translation: intend to learn bad habits that a coach will just have to correct rather than starting off correctly to start.

  4. "I’m getting serious about it and want to start meal prepping and going mornings/evenings, every day."

  5. looks perfectly fine for a squat 12" above depth.

  6. Snatch practice before upper. Clean before lower.

  7. Knight check king. Pawn captures. Rook checks king. Queen blocks. Rook takes queen to mate

  8. Practice drop snatches. Bar on shoulders, slight dip, drive yourself down into the catch position and lock it out hard.

  9. Or.....just have someone cue you 'elbows up' and save the money energy and looking stupid doing it in public(?)

  10. No. If you want muscle do bodybuilding training.

  11. Learn how to do a proper clean. Because this isn't it.

  12. You are doing one single pull from the floor without hitting any proper positions.

  13. You jerk at the bar shooting your hips and get totally out of position from the get go. Fix your start

  14. Your nutritionist is an idiot and a bodypart split is dumb. Get back on basic training a few times per week and practice light Ol's before hand.

  15. IT was neither a clean nor jerk. It was a bent arm reverse curl off the floor to some sort of amalgamation of overhead stuff.

  16. Men who eat meat to eat other things....

  17. Yes, that is in fact how percentages work.

  18. You can do it all 2 days before. 2 days out move to a low residue diet. No fiber, no vegetables, you want dense sources of calories with low volume.

  19. One straight pull you hit no proper positions and for god's sake start with the bar from the top down. You're not a 6 year old Bulgarian, you can't learn cleans full movement from the floor.

  20. It could be neither and could just be a cueing/conceptualization issue.

  21. Monika Marach is a young (18 y.o.) and very cute Polish weightlifter. Last year she won the European Youth championship in the 64 weight class and also she is the current U-17 World Vice-Champion. This spring she had a very successful debut at the senior European Championship in Albania in the 71 weight category.

  22. Since when is 'cute' part of performance?

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