1. OP did u find out how your btc was sent? Was it some sophisticated scam or you leaked your seed?

  2. I still don’t know how the scam might work. my seed was in a safe and they did not moved the $eth… the transaction fee was paid by an account with 900+ btc. Still scratching my head…

  3. have u interacted with NFTs? do you frequently sign any contracts? was it the whole BTC it was sent or only a portion of it?

  4. Yes, I do a lot of NFTs but from metamask and not connected to ledger, same computer. It was the whole BTC, single transaction for the max. I have visited many project pages, discord, converted to other coins, etc. I recognize I fall for minting one in the incorrect site early when exploring NFTs... but revoked smart contracts and disconnected from most of them.

  5. paypal. It's not a traditional exchange, you cannot move the bitcoin but managing a hardware wallet, over many years, also involves risk. If you are non-technical, paypal can be a good option... If you live in the US, any local exchange will be safer than those not with national offices.

  6. My situation has similarities to your experience. Most of the people reading this post are skeptical saying we leaked our seed, which is understandable as it the "easiest solution" to a complex problem. I used

  7. He seed was compromised. Yes. No way hacker waited 5 years to steal his Bitcoin

  8. i was staking several tokens for most of the past five years, repatriated btc in May and it was taken off on Aug 22nd. Maybe they focus on accounts over certain threshold? this event left me completely stunned…

  9. I did not. The interesting fact is that they left almost $10K in ETH, if you would have the key, why not take it all... Did the staking in

  10. I guess you do have to trust the fact that we are not somehow pulling them off of the device. Though, everything but our device's firmware is open source so you would be able to see if an app like Ledger Live was pulling the recovery phrase from the device.

  11. I am not confident and believe that in the past ledger might have a way to narrow down keys using the original firmware. I can confidently say that I purchased a device in Aug 2017, never digitally stored the keys and yet my bitcoin was moved to another account this Aug 2022. I was using chome extension before ledger live. Eth has left alone, so clearly some sort of automation. No one had access to the device and seed. I considered my software or hw were compromised but checksums match and ledger reports it as authentic. I’m speaking the truth, would be interested in finding someone serious that can look at the path the btc followed sitting in binance. I would recommend creating your own key, as disussed in one if the comments.

  12. This is not possible. I am sorry to hear that this happened to you, though, there is no way for anyone at Ledger to know what your recovery phrase is. Over those 5 years were there any points where someone would have seen your recovery phrase? Is there any chance you might have taken a picture for it or entered it on any other device than your Ledger?

  13. No, I did not take pictures or kept any other backup of my seed except a single piece of paper... If someone had the seed, would need to be a family member, but it's unlikely as the safe is always closed... If that scenario, why leave $10K ETH and only take only the bitcoin? Would appreciate if you look at this transaction and let me know if you find anything off that could lead me to understand what happened.

  14. yeah same... I accidently got malware, and it never crossed my mind my ledger would be drained... but next morning and everything's gone. I made sure to never write my recovery phrase on my computer or online. My ledger was plugged in during the theft.. maybe that was the problem...

  15. What malware? I never compromised my seed or device yet the funds were moved out

  16. did you ever find out how you were hacked?

  17. Yes If you are implementing security best practices such as discreet mode, paraphrase or 25th, have tested restoring your device, are confident your pc won’t have malware and understand the different types of addresses. Otherwise split across exchanges.

  18. the ledger pages have a checksum. keep a copy of every new EXE for reference on what version you were using for each transaction

  19. I have both and would recommend Razor, less targeted than Ledger. More natural way to use additional security features.

  20. Don’t move your crypto it unless you really understand how it. If you forget the details in a few years, you will also be screwed.

  21. Well, that’s the thing, by this theoretical hack, they wouldn’t be targeting Ledgers by looking them up on the blockchain. They would be having access to compromised seeds via somehow knowing for example the random generation of the seed having a flaw and being able to consistently get access to keys procedurally.

  22. I am one of those experienced in crypto and with a good background in security that cannot explain what went wrong or “ my mistake”. My btc was moved to a new account and from there taken to another with over 23,000 bitcoin… maybe we cannot see the scale because only a few use this channel. I applaud the post, it would be interesting also de discuss what will happen if a new attack is confirmed, based on specific devices and firmware, not on academic concepts. This is where my btc was sent:

  23. Did you ever figure out what happened? What support did you get from ledger? Did you do any scans on your pc or anything that revealed any trojans or something? Did you use the 25th word ‘passphrase’ function?

  24. Still being investigated, I did not had the 25th word, from now on will use all additional countermeasures

  25. keep a record of app updates and versions… copy of all firmware you download, make sure checkum matches. be paranoid.

  26. do not send crypto until after you force the device to reset with a wrong pin… after creating account always use the 25th word, ideally distribute across two or more ledgers with different addresses and if possible use a clean laptop dedicated to crypto investments. Be paranoid…

  27. Another fake account peddling another fake loss story. Somebody really wants to hurt confidence in Ledger, or in hardware wallets more generally. I wonder what their game is?

  28. Most of these stories are not fake, these are no game. If you are not interested in helping understand what went wrong just skip to the next post.

  29. You should try to use a dedicated laptop only for managing crypto… if you care about your security. Never use a phone.

  30. What if you’d like to actually send or receive crypto on the go?

  31. I would rather use something similar to a card and hold a smaller amount there…

  32. Today I had the same issue... I had coins in my ledger since April.... Didn't send or receive any coins since then. I don't have my keys or pin anywhere.... I didn't share my keys... Last week everything was fine.... Today I looked so I can send coins I have to my ledger... Today all my coins are gone!!! I'm not an idiots.. I didn't click on any links. I don't have any social media accounts.. I didn't get any emails... Nothing... The way you guys are responding to this guy asking for help is pitifully harsh... If this happened to him and I... Don't you think it might be a bigger issue then someone getting access to our keys or pin??? I'm so pissed... Thousands gone poof just like that!!!

  33. Have you been able to understand what went wrong? While I made the mistake of purchasing the ledger nano s from ebay back in 2017. However, I created my keys, never stored them digitally, no one had access to the device. I have a rev 5 PCB and there are no other modifications in the device. The firmware was updated several times - at least once in Aug 2018 and recently in early 2022. The ledger device is recognized as authentic both from the live software check as well from the python code in ledgers website. The software checksums are legit! To date, I still don't know how it was done... ETH was untouched, I moved it to another wallet. Only tokens I have is Livepeer. In the past I had GSENetwork, Tronix, VIU and XENON. The only smart contracts I have signed on ETH are on another wallet... The ledger was NOT connected to my metamask. I use the iOS ledger app and exported my desktop accounts... Ledger research team is investigating...

  34. Ledgers have been know to be intercepted and or resold with malware. If you didn't buy direct or in person. You could have been infected from the start.

  35. Yes. I think this is a possible explanation. My device was properly sealed and it had no pin or wallet created. I used no other software than

  36. fyi that was the original ledger domain 4 years ago

  37. There’s so many things wrong with this comment that are misleading I’m confused at the upvotes.

  38. no, my device was sealed and seed not generated. Yes, there are less stores in Amazon. The original model S will stop receiving firmware updates, is old. The S plus is a better option. There is so much malware around that you should transact from a dedicated laptop, not used to explore web3

  39. The problem is, there is literally no other way that your Bitcoin was taken from you except through a negligent act or omission on your part. These things are extremely high security no one has ever cracked them before in the history of their existence. The nano S in this present moment is not old since it still receives the latest firmware. It is nothing to do with the device.

  40. I understand. It’s easy to point out at negligence… but honestly my device was either tampered, its generating different seeds when reset as expected. I updated the firmware in 2018, might have been an issue there. Or there might be new malware or approaches to reduce the brute force attack. The longer the device us in market, used by more people, becomes a target…

  41. I want to thank everyone that tried to help ! I got in contact with the ledger support and hopefully they’ll be able to find the reason the ledger got hacked . For everyone else attacking and/or saying negative things, make fun all you want but know that one day this could happen to you as well and I hope you’ll be able to find people that were more helpful than you were.

  42. what was the issue? I lost my bitcoin and never shared or capture in any camera the seed. Based on all the conversations i believe my ledger might have been conpromised, while it was reported as genuine and live ledger checsuma are also good…

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