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  1. I mean... maybe if it were steve and blue... but who cares about Josh and Magenta?

  2. I thought his name was Joe 😭😭😭 guess I picked my path

  3. To answer your question. Yes. Yes it is. If you worked for the night of the living dead, you would be condescending, too. (Sorry that came off condescending, I didn’t mean for it to be.. it’s just, the unfortunate truth.)

  4. Hope everyone has a good week. I got some exciting news to be announcing here in the next few weeks pertaining to a new project I am working. I can't say much yet...but I'll just say I've been talking to everyone's favorite director about a few really cool ideas I have. Stay tuned!

  5. What a great interview! She truly lives up to her pseudonym Officer Mom 😭. We need more Jill Marshall’s in this world.

  6. The beans make the whole cake lol. Not a shabby cake at all!

  7. Happy Saturday, everyone! Ready for another great night together? 💜 How's everyone enjoying the first weekend of autumn??

  8. I am loving this weather. It was a brutal jersey summer.

  9. I’m screaming. They did such an awesome job, I wouldn’t be mad.

  10. I thought it was going to be a blue cake in the shape of the letter E. 🙃

  11. Same lol. Between the minimalistic gray aesthetic everyone seems to gloat about, and growing up in a cluttered, dirty smoke infested home, I can’t seem to get things “right” in photos and my home decor.

  12. Me too. I’m hella inferior compared to the users in this sub. Lol

  13. I literally just cut off my “best friend” of nearly 20 years last week. Best decision I made. She’s not well, and doesn’t do anything to help herself. I turned into her therapist and I simply couldn’t deal with her spiraling and toxic behaviors anymore. I attempted thoughtful communication with her, explaining how I felt and she still didn’t get it. Leading her to saying something extremely out of touch about my personal life. Blocked on mobile and social media. Haven’t looked back since. It feels like a boulder is off my shoulders, knowing I don’t have to deal with her unpredictable, unhealthy behaviors, both in person or over the phone. No need to worry about if she’s going to get too drunk and act like a child in public. No need worry about her social anxiety sitting at a table with others at my baby shower next month. All while not thinking about me, once.

  14. Holy hell what is in the water in Paterson? And do these people ever sleep?

  15. I think op got the doors VHS straight out of my mommas closet.

  16. Pokémon pikachu party. Jackass Up in smoke Labyrinth.

  17. She just said “we have been working on breathing exercises, too,” so either it didn’t click or she was keeping it very professional.

  18. LOL maybe breathing exercises for blowing up balloons?

  19. This video makes me envy the life of a golden. How do I exchange lives?

  20. I’m sure this is mostly politics but I can see now why the officers morale may be low.

  21. Ding ding ding… paterson is really friggin sad. I grew up in the town over and more familiar with paterson (and passaic) to my liking. My husband is LE for the county so while we moved away, we still live the craziness. It’s just sad.

  22. I don't blame the cop who's doing his job enforcing laws he has no control over.

  23. Right? Lol they’re literally sitting and chilling. Fuck that neighbor. Karen needs to go complain on the local fb page instead. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars

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