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  1. You do realize that the kkk was created by democrats, and still run by democrats to this day.

  2. You do realize the southern strategy placed all the racists into the conservative party?

  3. You do realize that the southern strategy DIDNT do what you think it did. It changed the black southern demographic republican, it didn't cause a change in parties, and it didn't bring racists to the republican party.

  4. And there you have it. He said he was going to spend the rest of his life to ruining Trump, and now he just admitted to setting everything up and Trump didn't know or willingly have lunch with a (democrat) kkk leader.

  5. It seems a lot of heavy Trump candidates also caused many to vote for the opposition?

  6. No, polls have shown that independents would have voted AGAINST democrats, even if Trump candidates were running.

  7. This is mandated by Colorado election laws for any race with a <.5% difference. The candidates cannot get out of it.

  8. Guaranteed that it gets flipped. Some ballots will either magically be found (all for the democrat) or they will claim that some of her votes were counted twice.

  9. Honestly, with how well it worked for the Democrats last time we’d be stupid if we didn’t expect them to try it again this time

  10. And Republicans are too weak and lazy to fight BEFORE they can pull this crap.

  11. No, she doesn't see the connection between the violence and voting Democrat.

  12. Because they are too thick headed to understand that the violence is just one if the many consequences of their voting decisions.

  13. And Trump being brought back on Twitter, just DESTROYED the narrative that Trump planned or encouraged those events.

  14. It causes me literal pain knowing I am stuck on a dying planet with limited diminishing resources along side humans with no empathy or ability to critically think about what is happening in the world around them. It is also painful knowing that after roughly 5 or 6 thousand years of attempting to cultivate civilization we still rely on slave labor or jobs that are not much better than it or indentured servitude.

  15. The planet us not dying. They sold you a false bill of goods. There's only limitations of resources due to government corruption and environmental activism.

  16. The left supports protesting. They just don't support it when it is against them

  17. I'm tired of the admin coming out to claim what Biden said, is not what he said or meant.

  18. This is the most astroturfed sub on Reddit. Chud trolls both foreign and domestic come here to sling shit at Arizonans because AZ and the American South are the front lines for the ongoing effort to destroy American democracy. Reality means nothing to those stupid enough to swallow easily disprovable disinformation that falsely confirms their hateful biases. And too many Americans are a unique blend of stupid between their hate, persecution, victimhood, superiority and inferiority complexes compounded by their incurious malaise toward education and intellectualism.

  19. If you think Arizona is the forefront on destroying "American democracy," then why are Republicans NOT calling for or trying to changes congressional processes, so they can get what they want, done?

  20. He's not being sarcastic. He's one of our usual, over the top, right wing, Trump supporters.

  21. Yes, sue the people that certified an election that was again, full of errors, issues, and video evidence of illegal acts (ballot harvesting)

  22. How is allowing an American company to exploit resources in another country bad? Is it going to put honest hardworking American oil reserves out of work? Lmao.

  23. The PLAYERS need to STAY OUT OF POLITICS. They are there to play a damn game (where they cry and roll around), not to push political ideology.

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