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  1. Switzerland, known for its banking industry. You think they wouldn’t bail it out if necessary?

  2. yes. true. they bailed out wall street in 09 and that was still, uhhh, pretty bad

  3. Whatever happened to Evergrande? Thought that was supposed to be the doom of tether and crypto.

  4. they suspended trading on evergrande in march. the Chinese hoysing market has collapsed and theyre getting their ducks in a row before they dump the bags on western banks.

  5. the used to be a guy in a sick old school vw van who went to the farmers market downtown on Wednesday and provided that service.. i havent been for a minute but im assuming he still does

  6. Unfortunately I believe he passed away this past year otherwise he would have been my go-to.

  7. This is just objectively the best possible outcome here, assuming Ukraine can push back enough to have peace on their terms and retain Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, unsure why this is being posted

  8. "sorry about all the war crimes. thanks for the land and water and not putting nato right next to us" booooooooooooo!

  9. But ya know? It’ll probably make the difference for someone. Not everyone can go from homelessness to renting an apartment, in fact most can’t.

  10. a dollar a day for a spot where the cops cant roust me? yes please

  11. I moved to Santa Cruz in the 90s (it was expensive then too). Realized early on I couldn't afford to stay there but it took me years to amass the funds to move out. Was like one of those dreams where you can only run in slow motion.

  12. i live here now. yeah, its ridiculous. ironically, im working at a homeless shelter looking at 100 of those tents as we speak.

  13. antifa is the paramilitary wing of the democrat party! hahahahahhaha hahahahaha!

  14. its funny because that's Billy's whole shtick. he yells and screams hilariously. no, the movie probably wont do well in the box office but itll be a booming streamer. ill see it. it looks hilarious.

  15. man, if i could only get the whole quote rather than those snippets

  16. nooooooooo it doesn't. my god. free market is a bitch when it doesn't go your way

  17. what anti trump calls for violence on this sub? you completely made that up.

  18. I did not randomly decide to make it up. At the time I read a post inferring it and related it to many I have seen the last few months. I then made this post.

  19. so... people called you names? hopefully you guys will toughen up.

  20. i mean, its not a real thing, so... obvious psyop is obvious.

  21. hahahah the 11 circuit. The most corrupt of the circuit courts. The one made up of self claimed "activist judges"

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