1. There is likely a ghost unless your child has heard or watched anything that would explain them saying that. I grew up seeing spirits and was discounted constantly, it really affected my self esteem and made me question myself. If he has no reason to say that, believe him. Tell him he can tell it to go away because it's HIS room. Tell him to be bossy lol

  2. "Likely" a Good freaking grief. This sub is ridiculous sometimes.

  3. Are you following me around? His son texted me and told me it was likely a ghost 👻

  4. Cats are able to see spirits, so it very well could be playing with someone, or something (dog or bigger animal that is able to flip the ball up).

  5. Based on what? How do you know that cats are able to see spirits? Did a cat tell you that? Or are you just making completely baseless assumptions based upon literally nothing?

  6. Depending on someone’s level of “vision/medium ability” some people can only see them as shadow people and others will see them as a visible spirits/people.

  7. No other witnesses because I was a kid and didn't know this person was a spirit yet... but my cousin Jessie was walking to school one morning when my bus drove by, he was wearing his usual (TML coat, long long hat, and scarf) and I knocked and waved.

  8. She may be reaching out to you because you have a soul connection from your past. I tend to have this happen also, or I run into the person randomly after YEARS of not seeing them, then they die a week later and come to me in a dream with a message for their loved ones.

  9. I want to mention too... that every single connection you have in life, holds meaning. No matter how big, or how small. And perhaps your short kiddy relationship was simply to connect you, because her life path held suicide in it, and her soul would need your help crossing later on in life (ie. Now).

  10. I like how they figure your preexisting meds, which likely JUST assist with your preexisting conditions, are enough to also cover additional pain from a broken hand/wrist. That's some $100k education type of thinking, right there.

  11. Oh, I bet Nan is so happy to see her family and friends that have already passed! I know it hurts, trust me.. I was extremely close to mine and ended up finding her deceased (12hrs in full rigor) when I was supposed to have lunch with her.

  12. Amazing story. Thank you for sharing this with me. I too spoke with mine about letting me know that she was still existing. I actually made her promise me. So I really want it happen like yesterday. I need it to happen. I am also not a religious person. So I get it. No Bible story fairytale is going to ease my grief and worry. I've asked her out loud, each night before I go to sleep to come see me. But it's only been 3 days. I'm really trying to be patient.

  13. Have you had visitation dreams before? I made mine promise me too! I'm sure she is planning to come show you she's OK!

  14. I would record the state of the apt prior to the entry for the inspection. I'd also insist on being present for it, if your mom is not comfortable being alone with the landlord while they complete it. I would not allow this landlord free access to my home without supervision.

  15. I'd also take advice given previously and record the actual inspection also, with landlord present.

  16. It's definitely not true when you're dealing with narcissism and etc.

  17. What are you saving her ass for? I think you know the answer is to report it. It's fraud and theft, and to add to the injury it's her employer. Guess she should have thought things out better because what happens in the dark, always comes to light.

  18. Do not contact her first. You honestly think someone like that ISN'T going to go into CYA mode?

  19. The dog was a 1 time thing. There were many other issues with that house though. Every single night I'd get up to use the washroom, I would open the door and some bloody male hand would grab me as it opened. I'd go to turn the light on and it wouldn't turn on. I'd freak the heck out and my mom would come and try and turn the light on without issue. She remembers it still today, as well as recalls me basically living in my closet at night because it was so bad for me.

  20. Aside from health benefits relating to immunity and inflammation?

  21. Idk but the dude may just have been eluding to the fact that it can do these things for us, opposed to using pharmaceuticals. I'm sure Sandler smokes weed, it honestly wouldn't shock me if he believes there are more natural ways to heal. Lol

  22. May or may not be the answer you want, but as a medium I can say the likelihood that your little dude is playing with those toys is rather high.

  23. I like the [email protected],believe it or not,its my wife that is sensitive. We have moved twice bc of other experiences she has neen through. I have yet to experience anything besides this.

  24. The fact that you're experiencing it for the first time in your life, has some element to it also. Typically, for non experiencers and/or non believers, it's after a major loss that they finally have an experience or connection. My brother was never a believer himself and I remember the last Xmas before my grandma died, he made that very clear to us while my grandma and I were sharing experiences related to my deceased father.

  25. She rarely did anything for me as a kid she won't do anything for me as an adult although she still claims that she does. "You only have your own apartment because I gave you permission" (she officially kicked me out at 17, but I've been floating with homelessness since 10) "you only have a job because of me" etc. Etc.

  26. Your mother sounds like she has narcissistic traits. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. You don't owe her anything for raising you.

  27. Does this happen to anyone else while in the washroom?

  28. I have had many visits post death, both before knowing the person died, and then after. My friend was also killed by her bf and she came in a dream a month and a bit later. She brought her deceased child with her (I didn't know she lost a baby years prior), whom only her sister knew about. Her sister had to explain to me why this child felt like she was the child of my friend.

  29. I didn't read the whole post at first, but just read the last bit now, and sounds like your friend is forgiving also. Its common after people have crossed. Your friend is at peace.

  30. The dead like to dance, dude. They're dead, not dead dead.

  31. Just contact the attorney listed on the letter. They're trying to milk your wife for $. If it gets messy THEN consider paying legal rep, but there's no need at this time.

  32. I've seen a ufo, so I do believe you when you say you saw a ghost car

  33. That also being said, I am a medium and in death you do have "things" like cars and etc that you wanted in life or had in life. Often spirits will show a house they have now, or a car they have now that they ALWAYS wanted but could not afford in life. Maybe the ghost Charger was actually a car that was involved in an accident? Have you googled anything for that area? If not it could just be that someone is on a joy ride in spirit.

  34. I've seen a ufo, so I do believe you when you say you saw a ghost car

  35. In the future if unable to submit, contact your professor ASAP. Do not give your work to someone else to submit, it looks like cheating/plagiarism. No one has any reason to believe the tutor didn't write the paper.

  36. I have had this happen with a resident at the LTC home I worked at, at the time. Found out they died earlier that same day, when I went to work the next day. I was SO confused why the resident didn't have her o2 tank lol and why the heck she was hugging me in a dream and saying goodbye.

  37. Also when I was in public school I was on my bus heading to school and saw my cousin walking towards the school. He was dressed in his winter clothes and etc, and I knocked and waved. Got to school to find out he was hit by a train the night prior. I was shook...

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