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  1. There are some great options online with more variety (a few really talented archaeologists who make jewellery and/or chocolate based on original artifacts), but if you want in person, the shop at the National Museum (the archaeology one) may be your best bet. Dublinia has surprisingly little in the way of that kind of merch.

  2. State Line used to carry them…this was a good decade ago, so worth checking first.

  3. Keep an eye out for O’Hara’s there - they’re one of the few smaller Irish breweries that distributes in North America, very nice stouts.

  4. Ireland here, that’s barely more than a pint…hardly a session!

  5. Drumcondra Medical is great, never any problem getting appointments.

  6. We are much closer to the city centre and near the turn to Fairview via Clonliffe Road, but there’s rarely meaningful noise from Croke Park, so it’s great for us - super central, but also an easy walk it to Drumcondra, Fairview, Phibsborough or the city centre.

  7. The history of Carlsberg and their role in brewing is fascinating - Father/son falling out & opening separate breweries, Emil Hansen being the first to isolate yeast in their lab in 1883, the Carlsberg Foundation still doing a ton of stuff to support the arts & scientific research all over Denmark…and their Jacobsen beers are, for the most part, quite good.

  8. The Ghost Trail - no ‘spooky’ footage per se, just reading viewer stories and exploring places across the UK & sharing the folklore.

  9. Troegs or Victory if you want to tour a big, modern brewery with interesting taproom-only beers; Forest & Main if you want really tasty beers in a unique setting, but it won't be like a 'brewery tour' by any means.

  10. I’m on the East Coast and Troegs Hopback Amber Ale was fantastic, but I haven’t seen in retail for a couple years, unfortunately. Only at the Brewery in Hershey Pa.

  11. Ditto their Dead Reckoning Porter, which is/was my fave autumnal beer when we lived in PA - brewery-only nowadays, I hear.

  12. Degree subject matters a lot less than your actual skillset & experience. My degrees are in archaeology & other related fields, have worked in tech most of my career. Being able to write and speak well can get you a lot further in the long run, even in this space.

  13. Oh, and don't sleep on All Bar Chicken or Mad Egg. Various locations.

  14. Fyrebird in Ranelagh has Nashville-style fried chicken and really good tater tots.

  15. Look for the English Mild ales. Unfortunately, chances are you'll only be able to find these either imported from the UK or elsewhere, or made from a local brewery (and likely a one-off rather than a mainstay core beer). But they hit on every single point you're looking for. Fantastic beers they are.

  16. Yards Brawler is a mild and available year-round, my fave beer anywhere in the US. Philly is just a short hop (sorry not sorry) away!

  17. Better off with one of the White Hag pints in T1 - they have at least always been fresh when I've been waiting for a flight. Not a Guinness-type experience (though I think they may have a tap as well), but quality seems generally good.

  18. Many of the American/Canadian food sites have it online, e.g. Bodega Foods, Lala Foods, etc.

  19. Most of the Bram Stoker Festival events are fully booked by now, but you may luck out; worth checking their website. Lots of pubs doing Halloween events, too.

  20. Not sure if it’s open on Mondays, but The Old Spot has excellent food, lovely people there. I always like Piper’s Corner for music.

  21. Decent women's-fit shirts are always appreciated.

  22. Dublin here, so it can be annoying that many pubs *only* serve Diageo or Heineken beers when there are great local alternatives, but the Guinness Quality Team does an amazing job of making sure people keep their tap lines clean, which isn't always guaranteed elsewhere.

  23. Big fan of Forest & Main and Machine House in Seattle; somewhat ironic that we had no trouble finding cask ale living in Philly & Seattle, but it’s incredibly rare here in Ireland. Hoping to have one semi-regular single cask option here in Dublin soon, but otherwise, it (mostly) requires a flight to the neighbouring island or a trip to the very small number of places in Belfast.

  24. Thomas Crofton Croker collected/re-wrote traditional folk tales for ‘Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland’ in the 1820s, though he was very much an antiquarian and part of the establishment, so not an outcast, but this particular book shows up as a source for many other folk and fairy tale collections.

  25. Only a few short weeks until The Underdog is back, but now at The Legal Eagle…long overdue return.

  26. The Backpage in Phibsboro its absolutely amazing and they have a pizzeria aswell that has good food!

  27. And a short walk to The Bald Eagle, which is always good fun, and has local craft beer options.

  28. Never got a gift as a not-living-in-America member, despite having the bike…still on track for about 22K minutes again!

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