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  1. How has Koei Tecmo not made a Dragon Ball game yet? Dragon Ball : Z Warriors? C'mon now, it's right there. Same with MHA. There's so much anime stuff that could use a Warriors game.

  2. DBZ characters don’t really have large sweeping attacks and don’t fight multiple opponents most of the time, it’s either cqc or large beams/flurries

  3. Koei Tecmo was able to make a game out of AOT, I think they can manage DB. Plus, I sure don’t remember Edelgard soloing armies with axe combos and yet 3 Hopes is a thing.

  4. Yeah but Edelgard fights actual armies even if the fights are depicted 1v1 in the main series. But yeah, it could be doable

  5. Weren't those more like ports as opposed to remasters?

  6. Yeah, they’re playable but not up to date on much of anything. Also Nintendo tried to use fomo tactics and limited distribution to drive up sales. We did get Paper Mario Origami and Mario 3DWorld Bowser’s Fury tho.

  7. I can help, I’ll send my battletag and PS id later

  8. not mentioning Frozen is a missed opportunity here as a Jack Frost. Guess you just had to , let it go

  9. Is it really that bad or should I try and go to my gamestop and ask for a copy?

  10. There is a cyber chair that allows for custom cyber arm and leg attachments. Pat could be a chair bound Doc Ock.

  11. OW1 shuts down late Monday, and OW2 starts at 12 Pacific on Tuesday

  12. Yup, OW1 will be completely consumed by OW2. You won’t be able to play the original anymore

  13. Why she has Catwoman’s goggles from the hit animated show The Batman?

  14. I've gotten the impression from various future-prediction videos that population decline is the greater issue for various countries - many more elderly than youth, fewer births than deaths, etc.

  15. How long have you've been sitting on that folder?

  16. Huh, I had forgotten about her... that explains some things.

  17. Just checked the rest of the artist’s page. I won’t lie there is talent but why choose to use it for that kinda stuff?? Like, if it’s not uncanny I’m pretty sure some of it is ilegal in some countries

  18. for some reason it seems like an actual possibility lmao

  19. They both pay homage to and are inspired by rubberhose cartoons so that may be the connection

  20. As a brazilian with japanese heritage named giovanni I'll one-up you with

  21. Our pizza isnt even that bad when you consider we've got eye fruit soda and nut candy

  22. Anyone in the XV fanbase that says the game should add SS4 needs a smack to the face. Saiyan players been eating good from the start. Let everyone else at least get a snack.

  23. Size doesn’t matter bro… size doesn’t… oh who am I kidding

  24. Reminder that Mulan has probably the highest kill count of all disney princesses

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